How to Reduce Belly Fat Fast : 10 Best ways to Lose Belly Fat

Have you been facing trouble to fit into your favorite top? Because with the course of time, you have developed fat around your abdomen that the top sure does not cover. To boost your confidence level up, you must know categories of belly fat and how to treat the condition.

 What is Belly Fat?

Many of you are familiar with the term ‘visceral fat’ which denotes the stomach fat or belly fat. This type of fat is studied as a harmful form of fat and it has a connection with metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Often, the huge development of abdomen area can refer to the risks of specific cancers.

Even people who seem to be relatively slim may suffer from the high amount of body fat; especially, in the middle section of the body. However, those dealing with obesity or overweight should understand that the stomach fat differs from that of the fat spread across the body. Cutting back on sugar or limiting consumption of processed food can help you minimize the further problems regarding abdomen fat.

Variation of Belly Fat

The problem of stomach fat takes place when the cells get larger and the number of cells increases resulting in overweight. Modern and traditional medical science has shed light on the matter as being the root cause of several complex health problems that include chronic inflammation, diabetes and hypertension. Following are the types of belly fat,

  • Visceral abdominal fat
  • Low belly fat
  • Punctured tire belly fat
  • Bloated belly due to indigestion
  • Subcutaneous fat beneath the skin

Visceral Abdominal Fat

Known to be intra-abdominal fat, the visceral fat is generally observed between the middle section of body and organ. Generally, this kind of fat seems to increase the risks of diabetes and heart diseases that can take ugly turns. Following are the health conditions that one may undergo due to this particular fat,

  • Obesity
  • Sleep disorders
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Cancer
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Dementia
  • Depression

The function of the fat cells is not restricted in only storing calories and can ever provoke psychological problems. Moreover, the functional ability of the body can be jeopardized leading to adverse impact on the human body. Increased inflammation, problems in losing weight, strokes, mood swings and risks of diabetes – these are the rudimentary problems that can arise.

Low Belly Fat

You are trying best to cope with the rat race of life and this might be one of the causes resulting in lower belly fat. Minor digestive issues and desk-bound jobs can result in this type of stomach fat. Additionally, if you notice a significant increase in circumference around the waist, lower belly fat can be one of the symptoms.

For noticing effective result within few weeks or days, one should embrace digestive herbs and opt for moderate exercises.

Punctured Tire Belly Fat

This type of stomach fat also develops due to immobility and consumption of sweet treats. In addition to the context, unbalanced diet can lead to obesity and show severe signs of the bulge around the waist. The name derives from the sagging tire which takes place due to the bulge around the belly button.

In order to get rid of this problem, you should focus on adding foods with essential mineral and vitamins on your plate. Moreover, white meat and eggs can be of great help to everyone dealing with such type of belly fat.

Bloated Belly due to Indigestion

The temporary growth of circumference of waist and the feeling full is not directly related to bloated belly fat but these might work as the signs. One of the reasons behind such fat is the additional gas production. In addition to the context, problems with the movement of the muscles located in the digestive system can cause this condition as well.

Distension and bloating can go on following a cyclic pattern and the belly fat becomes more visible than usual after the meals or if there has been a long gap between the meals.

Subcutaneous Fat

There is a thin line between the visceral fat and subcutaneous fat because is jiggly fat which only appears beneath the skin. Generally, observed to be harmless, this type of fat can act as a shield against few diseases.

When you sit around for a long time or do not go for aerobic exercise or undergo diabetic condition, subcutaneous fat can do a lot of harm to your body. Genetic factors and poor lifestyle factors lead to the development of subcutaneous fat that can cause problems to those who wish to fit into small clothes.

The risks related to subcutaneous fat cannot be discarded completely; however, this type of belly fat is not as dangerous as the visceral fat.

Lower Your Visceral Fat

The adverse effects of visceral fat can only increase with the time if you do not choose any proper treatment method.

The easiest way to reduce visceral fat is to get rid of the energy instead of consuming it.

Embrace Low-Carb Diet

Trans fat is the enemy of your health as it results in visceral belly fat. You can cut down all the dishes that contain trans fat. Moreover, it is best to include low-carb diet which can be effectual in reducing this type of belly fat.

  • One may follow a ketogenic diet that is a variation of a low-carb diet to get rid of this type of belly fat. For reducing the urge of carb intake, the ketogenic diet plays an important role. Moreover, ketosis may take place with the pure metabolic condition.
  • Studies indicate that the people who had taken ketogenic diet ended up losing visceral fat more than the people who went with a low-fat In addition to the context, the obese people on ketogenic diet took 300 calories each day.

Focus on Protein

There is no doubt that protein plays an essentially important role in weight management and by developing lean muscle tissues and growing the number of calories which one can burn at the time of digestion.

  • Beans, tofu and various soy products and lentils are essential when you concentrate on plant-based protein.
  • If you include animal protein on your plate, you need to focus on game meats, poultry, beef, cheese and eggs.
  • In order to add lean protein in the diet, you should only concentrate on 30-40 calories in every ounce and three gm of fat in every ounce.
  • Protein can increase metabolism as it comprises the high level of thermic effect which helps in burning, digesting and metabolizing the food particles.
  • Instead of gulping down a huge bowl of chicken, it is better to add a small amount of lean protein to your meals and snacks. In this way, one can even control his hunger in a better way

One of the significant reasons for choosing protein is that protein has the capability of decreasing hunger pangs or food craving. Even if you are a vegan, the plant-based protein can efficiently control appetite and maintain your weight efficiently.

Aerobic Exercise

There is no doubt that aerobic exercise plays an essential role in getting rid of visceral fat and people doing this type of exercise can lose 2.5 square inches of stomach fat within eight months. The most fruitful exercise is the resistance training which is capable of helping people lose weight significantly. However,  the resistance training may take time to show positive results on people who deal with obesity.

If you start running or brisk walking twice or thrice in every week, you are bound to receive the significant result within few days.

Go Easy on Sugar

The sugar intake is bound to show adverse effects resulting in visceral fat. If one takes added sugar, the person will not be able to get minerals or vitamins from it. Moreover, gaining weight from the added sugar is inevitable.

The huge amount of fructose can transform into fat when it is supposed to be metabolized by the liver. This very factor leads to the storage of visceral fat. By consuming more fruits, meats, fresh vegetables and fish, you can change the habit of taking added sugar.

Cut Down Your Alcohol Consumption

Binge drinking is proven to show negative effects on your health and this is why you should only take a small amount of alcohol occasionally. One can think of drinking red wine because it shows health benefits and limits the growth of belly fat.

People who drink alcohol suffers from visceral fat along with a continuous increase in girth within a small amount of time.

 How do You Lose Punctured Tire Belly Fat?

When you reach the point in life where you need to stretch your neck to see beyond your tummy to get knowledge of your bathroom scale, then you should realize that your body is in great danger. Losing belly fat is not an easy task but if you keep focusing on consuming a proper diet and exercising frequently, the problem of belly fat can go away.

Exercise Frequently


One of the benefits of working out for punctured belly fat is that you are given the opportunity of various exercises. You can go for cardio workout session which includes biking, running, walking, jumping, step aerobics, swimming or rope. With strength training session you can enjoy age-old weightlifting exercises or body-weight exercises.

  • The cardio exercise aims at your heart rate zone but it works effectively in your belly fat management. By walking around thirty minutes daily, you can initiate the cardio exercise. Furthermore, for advanced gym enthusiasts, HIIT workout or 90 minutes of cardio can help to minimize the effects of punctured tire belly fat on a large scale.
  • Strength-training for 1-3 non-consecutive days is effective and you can lift weight to keep your muscle tissues lean. In this way, you can increase metabolism and lose more fat from your entire body even.
  • Utilize a food calculator to fix your calorie intake, carry a food log for noting your consumption habit down, focus on portion sizes of food and take guidance from the professionals or determining a meal plan. In addition to the context, you should think of dealing with stress and keep anxiety at bay.

Prepare your exercise including variations of strength-training to drive away monotonousness from your everyday workout regime.

Reducing Bloated Belly Fat

The holiday is approaching nearer and you are afraid that you might have to suffer from bloated belly fat caused due to indigestion? Without worrying, keep certain things in mind to avoid the negative circumstances of this type of belly fat.

Do not Overindulge Yourself on Salt

One should be careful about the amount of salt that might be present in the food because salt is proven to retain water from your body. You can go for the low-sodium food that is not processed. Additionally, it is best to inquire the amount of salt dipping sauce or salad dressing contains and consume accordingly.

Better to Add Foods Containing Potassium

Potassium can enhance the capability of the kidney to discharge sodium which can help you with belly fat management. Mangoes, nuts, bananas, spinach, tomatoes, melons and papayas are rich in potassium and fruit juice can help to burn calories faster.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Drinking water is one of the basics that everyone should follow even he/she does not suffer from the effects of any kind of belly fat. The carbonated beverage or sodas can never take the place of plain water as water is capable of maintaining your digestive tract limiting the risks of constipation.

Henceforth, the fundamental factor of keeping up your body weight or belly fat is to follow a proper nutritious meal and minimize the chances of binge-eating. Simple exercises can help you with a healthy life where there is no presence of unnecessary fat. Eating a small amount of food in every two hours is also effective for those who deal with belly fat and overweight.

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