How to Get Bigger Hips Naturally: Tips for Toned Butts

Getting bigger hips seems to be a challenge; especially, when you are clueless about what exercises to follow and when. Only with continuous dedication and persistence, you achieve good rear which can correct your body language and posture further. Of course, there are many factors are related to the achievement of big pelvis area but it is important to keep in mind that nothing is impossible with an effective workout session.

Introduction to Hips

The hip is known to be a combination of socket joint and ball which aids in moving the upper leg to back and front side while running, walking or exercising. It is certified to be the enormous weight-bearing joint in the human body and strong muscles and ligaments surround the joint.

Hip bone, on the other hand, comprises of four things which are, namely, acetabulum, pubis, ilium and ischium. If you do not have an active hip, you will face problem in changing place and poor joint mobility can be rectified with the help of workouts like squats, presses or dead lifts.

Why should Women have Big Buttocks?

Genetics play an important role in shaping your butts because it has the capability to dictate where the fat should store. However, if you are too conscious about how bigger hips might look behind you, you should know that the big buttocks have certain sets of significance among human lives.

Enhancing Beauty

First of all, embrace the fact everyone is breaking her neck to look good and bigger hips can actually make you more attractive, biologically proven. The fuller buttocks can intensify the appearance of the backbone and curved spine can relieve you from the pressure on the spine during pregnancy. Additionally, the hindquarters can offer mobility to go from one place to another.

Reducing Strains

One of the significant benefits of having big pelvis area is that the lower back remains protected. The buttocks can become so weak that it cannot move legs for walking or mobilizing and in this way, the risk of strains around knees, hips, or back is maximized.

Uncomplicated Pregnancy

It is possible that the fuller hips can balance the weight of baby during pregnancy reducing the tremendous strain on your spinal area. In addition to the context, the buttocks are capable of storing omega-3 fatty acid and your body can utilize the special omega-3 fatty acids while making breast milk. Moreover, the nervous system, eye development and brain of the kid stay in mint condition with this type of fat.

No Pain while Climbing Staircase

While climbing up the stairs, you need an orchestrated factor which includes your muscles below the waistline. Gluteus maximus is the big muscle that helps in the process and people with big hips have an easier way to climb the steps than that of the people with the flat and weak rear.

Furthermore, the bigger your hips are, the better your health is to deal with issues related to cholesterol. Women who have bigger hips along with smaller waistline can have a high level of good cholesterol which is HDL. Needless to say, the bigger hips can reduce the risks of chronic illness in a significant way.

How to have Bigger Hips by Following  Diet?

If you have been thinking why your hips are not any bigger, you might think of changing your diet plan then. Diet is one of one of the important factors to follow for having bigger hips alongside following a proper diet.

Super Foods

People think that only way to increase the size of the butts is to take butt enhancement pills and the foods cannot help people in any way. The consumption of natural super food is proven to focus on offering your bigger hips and not bigger arms or legs. Moreover, people often develop the misconception that carbohydrates and fats must be avoided at any cost for achieving a beautiful physique.

It is advisable to consume natural super foods as they are enriched with minerals and vitamins along with antioxidant properties. These all components help in bettering digestive system while improving the capability of proteins.

  • Sweet potatoes, tomatoes, quinoa, oatmeal and berries make sure that the foods can burn the harmful fats from the body.
  • Leafy green vegetables are rich in protein and can improve the shape of your buttocks significantly. Lean meat and leafy green vegetables sure can ensure you to give bigger hips.


The role of protein is important in the human body because proteins contain a little amount of saturated fat. For regulating muscle growth, protein intake can show effective results increasing the size of your buttocks.

  • Lean red meat
  • Salmon, Tuna and tilapia
  • Eggs
  • Chicken and turkey
  • Beans or legumes
  • Whey protein shakes

Exercises to Have Bigger Hips

If you want to enhance your hip area, nothing can beat the effectiveness of workout sessions. Only by following few effective exercises, you can see positive outcomes within a few weeks. Instead of paying a huge amount for the gym memberships, you can focus on exercising at home.

The workouts make sure that the muscle buildup is regulated at its highest level even when the excess fat from buttocks is reduced while lifting, tightening and toning the area.


For improving the lower body area, there is no better way than doing squats. Not only do your hips get bigger but also the effect is seen on your legs and glutes. There are various types of squats that you can do for achieving your goal within a month.

Jump Squat

The variety of the jump squat is significant as it can build muscles while strengthening your lower body portion. You can burn around 50-70 calories with this type of squat and keep up balance and mobility. Moreover, along with a rear portion of your body, your entire body is tone improving metabolism.

  • You start doing squats normally but when you hit the bottom.
  • After this step, you need to start jumping as high as you can.
  • Then you need to build power in your buttocks and legs.

You can make use of your arms without changing the basic features of the posture.

Barbell Squat 


Barbell squat is not for beginners and only the experts should stick to it. Moreover, it is not quite possible for everyone to do it at home. Hence, one is not left with the chance of practicing at home.

  • The gym enthusiast can hold the barbell behind the neck or in front of her,
  • It starts with a regular squat but the reason for including more weight on your body makes it an advanced workout.
  • One may require professional training from the trainer before initiating it.


Performing squats with barbell include resistance into a regular squat exercise while boosting up your hip muscles. The workout can strengthen the thighs and hamstring muscle while promising you bigger hips.

Goblet Squat

64534504 – athletic woman performing a functional exercise with kettlebell.
How to Get Bigger Hips Naturally: Tips for Toned Butts 2

This variation of squat requires you to hold weight before your chest while performing a normal squat. Your trainer may recommend you to use a heavy dumbbell or kettlebell to increase the challenge for you. In addition to the context, it is to note that the additional weight enhances the power of this workout strengthening your hips muscles to the core.

  • You should be careful about not tilting your torso forward and keep tightening your core with a dumbbell.
  • The knees must be collapsed inward while doing the squat so that you do not end up injuring yourself.

The goblet squats are great substitutes if the back squats cause the problem to your back and hurt.



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Mistakes to Avoid while Doing Squats

As you are determined to get bigger hips, you are bending to do squats every day knowing that only it can be fruitful in the end. However, before continuing squats, you should know that there are few things that you have been doing them wrong and rectify them at the earliest stage.

  • If you forget to add more protein to your diet, you may not face proper outcome. Studies show that 80% of what you eat refers to the growth of body muscle.
  • The 30-day squats challenge that you see on social media or websites might not be helpful if you do not rest for one day. Instead of following a consecutive workout plan for 30 days, you can take rest in between days for saving yourself from muscle damage.
  • It is important for you to pay attention to how you are doing squats because most of the people do not do squats keeping their spine straight. Moreover, knees should not pass the toes.
  • For toning, air squats are great for every beginner but if you keep doing air squats for months, there might not be any positive outcome. You should add weight or resistance to your challenge to spice things up and see effective results within few days.

Side Lunge with Dumbbells

The lunge exercises focus on enhancing the body shape line and improving your motions. Transverse, frontal and sagittal are three types of motion that one’s body focuses on while mobilizing. This particular variation of lunge can enhance the frontal plane while offering you bigger hips simultaneously.


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  • At first, you need to stand straight keeping your feet together in a place. Now you have to take light to medium-weighted dumbbells in every hand.
  • Working with your right foot, you need to step out on your right side.
  • Now you can bend your knees further and push your hindquarters back.
  • All while, it is important to keep gazing forward.
  • Come back to the initial pose while pushing off with the right foot. In the meantime, you need to move your weight to the left leg and take the standing position.

In order to get an effective outcome, you should keep repeating this for twelve times completing three sets.

Hip Raises

Hip raises are one of the examples of a bridge that enhances hip portion while being productive for glutes.

  • At first, you need to lie on the floor keeping your back straight.
  • In the meantime, you should bend knees at a ninety-degree angle keeping feet o the ground.
  • Do not forget to breathe while making pushes through the heels.
  • You can now lift hips up and squeeze straight line till your knees.
  • Take a break for one to two seconds and come to the back to the initial posture.

If you can do fifteen reps for three sets, you can see effective results very quickly.

Donkey Kick

It is one of the easiest exercises for bigger hips which can promise you to give bigger hips within few weeks. Toning, strengthening and shaping your hips,

  • Use your two hands and two legs for getting down.
  • Place your hands under the shoulders and keep your knees under the hip.
  • Then bend your knees while lowering the leg.
  • Repeat the set before switching legs.

Do not forget to keep your core muscles tight as they aid in toning and strengthening hips. Additionally, a set of fire hydrants can be effective for increasing the outcome of donkey kicks. If you are done with these exercises, you can ask your trainer whether you are ready to try other exercises such as step-ups, supermans, quadruped hip extension and glute bridge.

Quadruped hip extension can increase the hip muscles and is proven to be good for hamstrings. Additionally, with a help of 15-inch high box, you can initiate your step-ups.

Everyone is interested in having a curvy toned body yet the struggle can be real if you do not where to focus. A trainer can always make things easier for you and know whether bicycle crunches or squats can give you the best outcome.

There might be over fifty hip exercises but it is your duty to find out the one which suits your body type. It is highly important for everyone to follow a nutritious diet while maintaining a workout plan in order to get effective outcome within few days. Apart from following a strict exercise plan, one may go out of swimming, Pilates, bike riding, jogging, cardio, step aerobics, sled dragging and running hills to strengthen the muscles of the lower body.

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