Author: Abhishikta Datta

Weight loss surgery – Types, Cost, Risks, Recovery

Weight loss Surgery is becoming very common in the USA. Most of the overweight people are going for weight loss surgery. These surgeries are of different types and they are risk-oriented as well. Go through the write-up to understand the different types of weight loss operation, their cost, risk, and […]

Low Calorie Foods can Help you Lose Weight Fast

There are various foods that can help one lose weight gain and obesity which affects health and has many negative results on the body. Certain cancers, high blood pressure, heart diseases, type 2 diabetes are some of the results of weight gain and obesity. However, now you can easily free […]

Post-cholecystectomy Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Post-cholecystectomy syndrome or PCS is an accumulation of heterogeneous symptoms among the patients who have opted for cholecystectomy. It is a rare condition and generally, 40% or 5 patients are affected by it. However, with proper diagnosis and treatment, a person can get back normal biliary tract function and speedy […]


Obstipation – Causes, Picture, Symptoms and Treatment

Constipation defines the laborious or irregular evacuation of excrement. Obstipation is the exposition of the same problem, constipation. However, obstipation refers to the severe degree of constipation leading to the complete loss of passing gas and feces. What is Obstipation? Implied as obstructive constipation, obstipation is the inability to open […]


Spinning: A Great Way To Lose Excess Fat And Get In Shape

Also known as indoor cycling, spinning exercise is one of the simplest workouts aiding in burning unnecessary calories. One can jump, stand, sprint and climb for staying fit. With its increasing popularity, there are different innovative styles of indoor cycling for losing weight rapidly. Know all about Spinning Spinning is […]