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Dailyfitnesstips4u has now been opened for Write For Us Guest Posting after many request from our fellow readers. We used to get many request from Guest author about there willingness to contribute for our site. So we have decided to make this blog a community blog where everyone can share there views using high quality guest article. So below are our guidelines which every Guest author must follow:-

Why you should publish articles on our website

Our website is one of the top website in the health industry with stats as below:

  • Page Rank : 2   (Google Toolbar Page rank has been removed by google)
  • Daily Average visits : 1000+
  • Daily Average Page Views: 1200+
  • Monthly page views: 30000+
  • Domain Authority = 34
  • Page Authority = 41
  • Trust Flow =10
  • Citation Flow =31

Guidelines for Guest author

  • Minimum Word Count: Due to panda, we are accepting details article ,so we think for any detailed quality article ,Word count should be atleast 1000+ . So article should have word count of 1000+ or more.
  • Article Topic : Article topics is a great concern for us, as we have seen , people used to submit same topic again and again. So before submitting any topic , please make sure similar article is present in the blog or not. Alternatively you can Contact Us Here , and we will provide you topic to write. Product or service related article will not be accepted.

Currently Accepting Guest Post for Below categories :

  • Fitness
  • Weight Loss
  • Exercise
  • About Author Bio: – You are allowed to use 1 link below post as author bio. Due to recent penguin update , we are allowing link branding which we think is safe for both for your website and ours. You can Contact Us Here   for more info on this.
  • No-irrelevant Links:– Due to recent penguin update,  irrelevant link will not be allowed in our site. Link should be our site related or topic related.
  • Credit : If any image or any idea, you have used is someone else work, please give credit for it.
  • Screenshot + Video : Every article is incomplete , if there is no image , so please add relevant image or video so that  your article is complete
  • No Affiliate link :  Yes we know everyone wants to make some money but affiliate link will only harm our website , so please avoid adding affiliate link in your article.
  • Copyright : We appreciate everyone’s work , so if any guest post that you have submitted is found to be some one else work. we will immediately delete your profile and all the article from our blog. So please do not copy others people article.
  • Comment : Try to answers comment if published for your article, this will make your article get more exposure.

Dailyfitnesstips4u.com is a community blog, so please do not violate any of our guidelines , because this will lead to an instant ban without any prior notice.

If you have any questions or query about Guest posting. Feel free to get in touch with me

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