Ballet Weight Loss Routine: Say Goodbye to Excess Body Fat

You have avoided sugary drinks, chewed your food slowly, forgot about processed and fried foods and even drunk water before meals. However, no way has shown the fruitful result in your diet loss routine. Before putting way too much stress on yourself for losing weight rapidly, follow a productive ballet weight loss program to get a result within a few weeks.

Why Ballet Weight Loss Routine is Good

Dancing is one of the most popular forms of physical exercise and it is proven to minimize anxiety and improve psychological health. Ballet is a dance form which is a pure result of human body movement and a person’s craftsmanship. There are various types of ballet including plot-less ballet and story ballet.

Classical ballet is associated with the ethereal trait and graceful movements which can build lean muscles for a person. Bulky muscles and overweight are the matters of concern that keep you wide awake at night and ballet eliminates these problems from your life. Not only can you build strong muscles but you can also improve your posture by making it more graceful.

With the dives and swoops in ballet, your whole body moves and you can get rid of excess fat in your belly, thighs and thighs quickly. You can learn more about your anatomy and notice the strong and weak points for moving in a better way.

Doing something different than others, you can approach a healthy diet, effective workout routine and regular practice to bid goodbye to the hanging belly or excess pounds. Overweight or obesity has taken the form of the epidemic now and with easy ballet challenge, embrace your toned body every day.


Keep Up Your Ballet Weight Loss Practices

Ballet is one of the unique dance forms exercised by men and women. However, people who are not acquainted with the dance form find it unusual to make it a part of their daily routine. In order to keep your spirit high, it is essential to follow certain tips to lose weight through ballet.

Maintain Regularity

Any weight loss program requires consistency and ballet weight loss is no different from it. Instead of going hard on yourself once a week, keep practicing a little per day. In this way, you can also improve your ballet skills.

Get Inspired

Ballet is a one-stop solution for maintaining fitness and improving your psychological health. Here, you can better your endurance, concentration, agility, balance, tone, strength and coordination with every note of the melody.

You can watch the performance of well-recognized performances of the renowned ballet companies and take inspiration from there. By improving your skills, you can make engage your body in an efficient way and transform yourself into a professional ballerina. Moreover, with each movement, you can lose weight easily.

famous ballerina

Be Easy on Yourself

Keeping it simple, start your ballet practices in a progressive manner. When your body starts developing the ability to try advanced moves, your confidence level goes high. Since a low confidence level has been associated with rapid weight gain, ballet weight loss routine will be extensively advantageous while moving your body in a new direction.

You are likely to be more satisfied with life and short exercise segments can tone your body on a daily basis. Even if you cannot give 100% one day, there is no chance to feel guilty. Lack of motivation on a day can easily be compensated through the daily routine.

Increasing Core Strength

Ballet is a significant example of expanding your core strength and improving posture. Researchers have linked that a ballerina develops adequate ability to move around and flatten their tummy. The core is being more engaged in enhancing muscle memory.

In this way, excess fat or visceral fat is not a matter of worry for people dealing with obesity. Ballet weight loss is a good exercise to embrace good habits and focus on being more patient with your own body. As dancing is the key to gain happiness, take ballet lessons more seriously for naturally maintaining good postures and a healthy body.

Ballerina Workouts for Getting a Toned Body

Many movies have popularized the dance form to mass people and it goes without saying, how inspired people become after catching up with those movies. The fitness craze through ballet weight loss is a perfect weapon to shed extra pounds only within a few days. However, for tailoring your body to get accustomed to the ballet movements, you should keep in mind workout routines along with wholesome nutrition.

Follow Ballet Weight Loss Workout Routines

In order to stay strong fit, slim and strong without putting on extra weight, the workout started with dumbbells weighing no more than five pounds. The heavy dumbbells are likely to develop bulky muscles that may not be required in ballet dancing. Minimum 35 minutes on cardio along with ballet practice can accelerate the speed of losing weight.

On the discussion of nutrition, the renowned ballerinas advise that fried foods cannot do any good in your weight loss program. It is essential to binge on dark green veggies and protein for losing weight organically. Besides fried foods, you should also stay away from pasta and rice because they are the other primary reasons for becoming overweight.

By slowing down the daily intake of calories, you can easily progress in ballet weight loss. Your body including stomach may take some time to be habituated with the new change in diet.

Ballet weight loss program can only be successful if one follows certain exercises to get rid of excess pounds in the body. The workout moves are great for developing lean muscle which enhances the range of motion, flexibility and balance. However, removal of hanging belly fat can start home with various workouts.

Arabesque Attitude

This one starts with standing tall in your feet and placing the hand on the back. You can take a chair and life your chest for extending one leg behind the hip for keeping up the arabesque position. It is advisable to consider left leg with a right hand and keep the palm facing below throughout the exercise.

Raise your left leg and bend the knee of the same leg for taking the attitude position. Keep the knee higher than the foot.

In the meantime, take the left arm above head and keep the elbow bent in a half circle. The palm should be facing down. Widen the leg back out for taking arabesque form and then you can complete 1 rep.

This workout is primarily for oblique, hips and glutes and 20 reps on every side will be a great boost to the ballet weight loss program.

Rear Fly & Arabesque Lift

Targeted to reduce the additional fat in the upper back, abs, hips, thighs and glutes, you need to start this workout by grabbing a dumbbell in one hand.

Stand tall and take the dumbbell in your left hand while making sure that the feet remain in parallel position. Keep the right leg behind and the toes must point to the floor. Also, you have to keep bending one knee and try to hinge from hips.

In the meantime, the abs must be tightened and you should keep the back flat while reaching the left arm out in the direction of the floor. Extend the left arm and lift the right leg behind the hip. Make sure that your leg and arm are lowered and in this way, you can finish 1 rep.

20 reps of this workout on every side will provide you with the fruitful result within a few weeks.

Keep Your Back Moving

At first, lie on back on a yoga mat and keep the knees bent. The feet must be flat and then keep your feet apart as wide as you can. Rest the arms on the floor beside you.

Keep pressing rib cage into the floor and then squeeze glutes. The torso must be in a tilt position before raising the seat a few inches off the ground. Then lower your back and go back to the beginning position.

Repeat the move for three minutes and maintain your speed as a medium for getting a good result.

Lift Your Leg

Keep the feet apart and life your chest. In the meantime, your abdominal area must be drawn inside. Lift your arms and then bend the elbows.

Now the right knee should be bent and the leg must be lifted to the height of hip. Your arms need to stay beside your waist and then go back to the starting position.

Switch your sides and complete one rep. Without taking a break, you need to do 20 times and the exercise can give you the feel of marching at a fast speed.

Ballet Weight Loss Diet

For maintaining a slender figure, it is essential to follow a dancer routine which keeps up people’s energy without letting them put on weight. The workout regime must be followed thoroughly while consuming the right foods.


The ballerinas advise you to avoid the bowl of sugary cereals because it is one of the common ways of gaining weight. With the bowl of cereal, the blood sugar level can only go high and you tend to feel hungrier than ever.

A bagel with fruit juice and butter cannot be a good idea either because this food style also adds fat and carbs in your body. Less protein leads to continuous hunger pangs and overeating. The breakfast must have adequate protein along with fiber but snack bars are still a frowning choice.

You have to focus on protein along with fiber because this duo can improve your metabolism while improving the brain cell functions. Yogurt with honey and berries and fresh eggs with whole grain toast can be chosen for making a power packed breakfast. You can stir-fry the leftover chicken and vegetable salad for giving you a good amount of energy boost.

For replacing the store-bought granola bar craving with something nutritious, you can prepare a homemade granola bar. Matcha tea latte or almond milk is a healthy choice that can keep your energized throughout the day while following ballet weight loss program.


A ballerina’s lunch cannot be complete without a bowl of wholesome salad as it gives you adequate antioxidants and protein. Tofu, hard-boiled eggs, grilled fish or chicken and black beans are other good choices for a rich protein source. Homemade tomato salad dressing can be delicious while mixing tofu, veggie and quinoa.

Stay away from processed sugar or flour because they will never help in your struggle with ballet weight loss program. Whole-grain tortilla filled with lettuce, turkey, tomato and avocado are go-to-food before practice.


When you are famished after long hours of ballet practice, you need a sumptuous inner. As bloating may be a problem due to heavy consumption during lunch, it is better to eat light in the afternoon. The dinner must include plenty of sources of protein including tofu, lentil, pork tenderloin, chicken and fish.

Carrots, broccoli and peppers as anti-oxidant sources and whole wheat pasta, brown rice and quinoa as whole grains can nourish your soul to the core. The anti-oxidants have the power to limit soreness after practice. You can also add hummus and nuts in dinner before going to bed.

For a sweet tooth ballerina, homemade ice-cream, black bean brownies or banana chocolate chip can be favorable. During the day, green tea is ideal for fulfilling the need of anti-oxidant. But do not forget to snack during practice breaks because a weak body can never lose weight in an effective way.


Modern research studies have explained that extensive ballet workouts are ill-suited for many women as they strive to cope with demanding and stressful positions. There is a potential risk of injuring yourself if a strict routine is followed by a person trying to lose weight only. Resistance exercise, cardio exercise and stretches are important to follow while maintaining a wholesome diet plan.






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