8 Easy Workouts to Get Rid of Hanging Belly

Hanging belly is generally caused by the excessive fat stored in the abdominal section which can be symptoms of several critical health conditions including type 2 diabetes, cancer and heart diseases. One of the prime reasons behind the awkward abdominal fat is poor diet, irregularity in hormone level and genetic factors. However, you should not let stress take over your pot belly because there are hundreds of exercises which can positively minimise the condition.

Know Why You are Developing Hanging Belly

Belly fat is not a normal health condition because it increases health problems and risks on a large scale. The reason behind the development of visceral fat may differ from person to person but the risk is always prevalent harming one’s physical and psychological state.

Sugary Treats and Beverages

Muffins or frozen yoghurt may be sold to you as health foods but the amount of sugar found in these products can deteriorate your health. Most of the time it is seen that people who drink liquid calories like soda and cola and consume candies and cake suffer from obesity which leads to type 2 diabetes.

Trans Fat

This type of fat is known to be the healthiest fat in the world as it is made of unsaturated fat and hydrogen. Generally, found in crackers, baking mix or packaged food, the food products cause hanging belly.


Not only the poor food habit can increase the chances of your potbelly but menopause becomes a reason due to the dramatic drop in oestrogen level in women health.


Few of the studies have found that red wine minimises the risks of heart attacks; however, not every alcoholic drink is good for your health. Liver diseases and inflammation are common results of drinking too much alcohol. Additionally, the term ‘beer belly’ has entered people’s lives due to this problem.

Leisurely Lifestyle

Nowadays, people are more inclined to stay indoors and play virtual games rather than enjoying the lush green environment by walking or running. The leisure activities have restricted body movement which later leads to abdominal

Do You Need to Exercise for Reducing Belly Fat?

One of the easiest ways of living a healthy life is to keep exercising because the risks of developing diseases are minimized on a large scale. There are various types of exercises that one can do for reducing belly fat and aerobic exercises which include swimming, running or walking are seen to be effective in getting rid of hanging belly.

Exercising is not the only thing you should keep in mind because weight maintenance is another important thing. You essentially need to follow a proper diet and keep exercising so the blood sugar level is maintained. Additionally, you do not suffer metabolic abnormalities that are prime causes of obesity.

What Kind of Exercises can Reduce Your Beer-Gut?

Decades of research studies have scientifically proven that if one follows a regular exercise routine, he/she is likely to get flatten stomach within a few days. As the stomach fat can lead to even mental pressure which gives birth to insecurities, every person is perturbed by this excess fat.

Relieving you from your fat woes, there are varieties of exercise that you can do on a daily basis.


You should not underestimate the power of plain old exercising method which is walking. Without walking, you are not likely to move but walking for 8,000-10,000 steps in a day can actually save you from the dark consequences of hanging belly.

If you are a newbie and encouraged to follow a strict physical exercise routine, it is better to start with walking.

  • One of the well-known cardiovascular activities is brisk walking that has the potential to increase heart rate and make your breathing normal.
  • You should get comfortable walking shoes and elderly people with arthritis might take advice from the medical professionals about buying a proper pair of shoes. Wearing flat shoes can be effective as they do not leave a major adverse effect on the knees.
  • It is highly recommended to walk for thirty minutes every day to get rid of belly fat.

If a person weighs 155 pounds, he/she can do a brisk walk for thirty minutes while walking at 3.5 mph. In this way, he is supposed to burn around 134 calories.


As it is always better to hit the basic level and dodge the difficult level later, after walking, running can be highly effective. Only by targeting fat of abdominal section, you cannot burn fat belly fat because the reduction of hanging belly requires reduction of entire body fat. Dependent on energy expenditure, running can burn your stomach fat.

  • You can run with high knees for a minute in your living room which will focus on your abdominal section and legs simultaneously.
  • If one uses trade miller, he/she can set the pace to0 mph. By placing feet on plyo box behind the treadmill, the person can take a plank position. Keep your hand on belt; the person with a hanging belly can start walking with maintaining torso in a straight line for a minute.

Apart from hitting the goal of 10,000 steps, you need to do cardio exercise for thirty minutes. You can keep doing cardio switching in between hiking, swimming, dancing or cycling.

Hipless Crunch

In order to reduce fat of the upper body and hip, this type of crunch can be helpful to a great extent.

  • You need to lie on back to life and bend the legs gradually keeping your feet relaxed.
  • Then you have to cross your arms over chest and place the hands on shoulders.
  • By contracting muscles of the abdominal area, gradually lift your head, shoulder and upper section of the back.
  • Now you need to lower your body without touching your head to the floor.
  • While doing this position, always remember to exhale while lifting and inhale while lowering.

If you find this position harder at the first time you can practice by placing calves on a chair and keep stretching arms down at the sides of the chair. Or, if you want to hit the hard level, you can stretch legs up in a straight direction.

While doing this doing this particular exercise, you should always remember not to pull chin down, especially, towards the chin. Keep your focus on abs at the time of working out. However, you must not jerk or pull up with shoulders, necks or head.

V Crunch

Keeping your lower and upper body active to maximise the engagement of muscle fibres around the midsection, V crunch is effective for all.

  • At first, you need to keep balance on the tailbone, bending legs.
  • Then you have to bend arms at both sides and keep your feet off the floor.
  • In the meantime, you need to ensure that your back remains straight while lifting chest.
  • You can lean back to and then keep extending legs and arms.
  • In the last stage, you have to pull back yourself to initiate the position.

If you want to make the entire exercise easier, you can start grasping both sides of the thighs with your hands. For making the position difficult, you can hold four to five dumbbell in every hand.

You should always keep your gaze straight and maintain a parallel distance of chin with the flood. Additionally, you should not remain your legs or arms up and keep doing the exercise even if your neck or back starts hurting.

Twist Crunch

If you wish to modify your crunch exercise list, you can add twist crunch to it.

  • You need to lie down on the floor keeping your hands behind your head.
  • Then you have to bend knees to do crunches further while keeping feet on the floor.
  • Lift the upper section of the torso to perform the crunches. However, for this particular type of crunch, you need to only lift right shoulder while keeping the left part of the torso on the ground.
  • The right shoulder needs to be towards the left which you should keep in mind.
  • Keep repeating it for ten minutes alternating while lifting left shoulder towards the direction of right.

Side Plank

One of the popular exercises that have become popular for all the people who earnestly wish to get rid of the hanging belly. This type of plank is better to be done after doing crunches in order to make sure fatigue and firm abs.

  • At first, you have to lie on elbow under shoulder keeping feet stacked and your left hand on your hip section.
  • Then you can contract abs for lifting kegs and hip off the floor.
  • You can do three sets before going back to the left side and repeating the entire position. It is advisable to do the crunches for nineteen on every side.

By bending legs and keeping balance on bottom knee and side section of lower area of leg, you can make the entire exercise easier. In addition to the context, you should not sink into your shoulder while pressing elbow on the floor and lifting torso simultaneously.

You need to stop the exercise when you fail to keep your body in line and your shoulder, back or neck starts hurting. Moreover, if your hip initiates sagging towards floor, you can stop performing the exercise.

Rolling Plank

For training abdomen, back and hip muscles to the core, you need to include rolling plank in your everyday exercise regime.

  • The first step involves you to place yourself on floor with knees. Additionally, you need to rest elbows on the floor simultaneously.
  • You need to maintain a parallel length for neck and spine and keep looking forward.
  • By lifting knees and keeping inhaling and exhaling normally, you can remain in the plank position for thirty seconds.
  • You need to support your body with the right leg and right elbow. The elbow must be in a perpendicular position with the shoulder.
  • It is necessary to keep the right leg under left leg and hold on to the same position for thirty seconds.
  • Only after getting comfortable in that position, you can you can try it for two minutes straight.

For making the exercise more effective, you need to lift legs up and bring them back to the previous place. Reverse plank, rocking plank and knee plank are other variations of the same type plank.

Rolling plank can be difficult and strenuous exercise because you need to hold breath for a certain period. Many of times, it is seen that people start feeling dizziness and if you get nauseous while doing it, you should stop doing rolling plank at that very moment.

Lunge Twist

This one can be challenging but it sure engages your muscles and reduces excess fat quickly. Not only for burning abdominal fat, the workout keeps up blood flow to the muscles at a time.

  • You need to stand at first keeping the feet apart and hold a ball before you using elbows. Then you have to bend around 90 degrees and step forward to take the lunge position.
  • You must not twist the knee and keep knee over the left foot.
  • Twist your upper body to left and reach the left side having arms stretched.
  • Maintaining a controlled movement during this workout is recommended.
  • One can continue to do it for around ten steps and then complete two rounds.

Apart from these exercises, your trainer can advise you to do the vertical leg crunch, bicycle exercise, stomach vacuum, yoga and other workouts to shed every ounce of excess fat of your hanging belly.

There is no doubt that exercise works better than a medication and this is why the doctors advise people to work out on a regular basis instead of only sticking to medicine. People seem to develop resistance to the medication and exercise is scientifically proven to reduce hanging belly swiftly. Not only do you get rid of excess fat but you also get to balance blood flow and keep active other body parts that help you function well in everyday life.

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