Tummy Fat Bothering You? Eat Proper Foods to Get Rid of it

The relationship with food and human being is pretty simple because just like an engine requires coal to go on, human beings crave for food for continuing lives. For you wellbeing and satiating appetite, the role of food is beyond any measures. However, not everyone is aware of the fact that every food is no good for health and some of the food products can grow tummy fat which is not demanded by anyone.

Why do You Consume Food?

The reason behind eating is simple – we are hungry, we eat. But the hunger is caused due to the need of energy for making the body functional.

  • With the consumption of food, one can get a wide range of minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, fat, protein, fibre and all other essential things for keeping up the health.
  • Tissues and organs complete our body and the foods fulfil the needs of the body to work and the nutrients collected from the food are responsible for the purpose.
  • The purpose of eating is medicinal as it can strengthen your body and mind. On the contrary, many people consume chips or cakes without undergoing the pangs of hunger but only out of sheer boredom.
  • Working as a stimulant, there are comfort foods which calm your nerves down or make you feel less stressed.
  • Hunger is not the only answer to why people eat because emotions and moods play a significant role in deciding what an individual craves to eat.

The way the dishes are represented influence the eating habit because everyone wants to go for the chocolate cupcake over the kale salad. However, many people have the misconception that foods are just foods and end up eating junk that fails to nourish their health. Even if one seeks the well-presented dishes without checking the calorie or fat amount, the foods can lead to several conditions including the growth of tummy fat or obesity.

What is Tummy fat?

Everyone has little tummy fat but the excessive fat around of abdomen can indicate that you have been consuming wrong food. If you think the tummy fat does not do harm, you are wrong because it makes nasty substance creating problems for the metabolic actions.

Excessive consumption of fat or carbs can lead to abdominal fat which eventually results in overweight or obesity. The complications that arise due to obesity include type 2 diabetes, dementia, heart diseases, metabolic syndrome, colon cancer and breast cancer. You can always work out to shed some abdominal fat but embrace a healthy diet removing all the bad foods from the meal plan today.

Which Foods must be Avoided?

All the food recipes that see in the social media feeds or television are not great for your health. Furthermore, many of those which you consume on a daily basis is giving you this tummy fat for which your favourite jeans do not fit anymore. In order to minimise all the risks and complications and get your health on the right track, know all about those food products with high fat and calories.

Diet Soda

In the advertisements, it is shown that the diet soda has zero calories representing as the perfect drink; however, in reality, it is not. Being fat from healthy, it is loaded with chemicals and artificial sweeteners which result in unwanted tummy fat.

  • Even there is no calorie, the drink makes you crave for more sugar due to the presence of artificial sweeteners. Since the body does not get to fulfil its sugar consumption, an individual can choose to eat more sugary food.
  • You gain weight if you are all for drinking it on a regular basis. Tummy fat will be the least complication which you may face because there is a high chance of developing obesity.

As an alternative solution to the diet cola, you can choose drink white tea, fresh juice, water or milk. You can lemon or cucumber to the water for making it into a flavoured drink. If the diet soda is consumed due to lowering the caffeine intake, it is better to choose tea as tea has a low level of caffeine in it.

Processed Meat

Red meat is known to be one of the menacing sources of tummy fat and it is important to know that sausage has around 500 calories and a slice of fried-bacon has 50 calories. Apart from the huge consumption of unnecessary carbs and fat in your body, you will be including a large amount of sodium putting on the glut of water weight. Therefore, all the excess fat will be added to your tummy fat which can lead to the deterioration of health.

New York Strip, rib-eye, cold cuts, hotdogs and T-bone are the fattiest cuts that lead to the addition of rich fat in the diet. If an individual continues to consume such fatty portions of the cow, the waist circumference is likely to grow resulting in excess tummy fat. Instead of choosing the red meat steaks, lay low with the help of chicken or fish which is enriched with lean protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

Frozen Pizza

According to the report of American Heart Association, frozen pizza and tummy fat are interlinked since trans-fat is present in frozen pizza. The waist line is seen to be wider of people who consumed frozen pizza than the ones who did not binge eating food products with trans-fatty acids.

Many of the countries indicated that trans fat has to be out from the food market soon. Only the foods with 0.5 gm of trans fat per serving will get the green signal.

It is healthier to consume bruschetta than frozen or normal pizza. In bruschetta, you can get the flavours of tomatoes keeping while staying fit.

Potato Chips

Potato chips are probably your favourite go-to-snack but you should know that it is filled with high calories and harmful fat. The fried foods are made with hydrogenated oils containing trans fat only.

Also, the potato chips contain a high level of crusted salt and spices that cause bloating around the abdominal area. Moreover, if one consumes potato chips on a daily basis, there is a high risk of gaining approximately two pounds of flab.

Trans fat increases the level of cholesterol in the body and high level of cholesterol leads to heart diseases and overweight. Instead of opting for fried potato chips, you can go for baked chips that are low-fat. The high amount of calories will always cost you tummy fat, so beware of the calorie count.


It may be quite shocking because you switch o margarine think that butter contains a huge amount of calorie. Trans-fat is widely found in margarine and now snacks, pastries and cakes are loaded with it. Even the instant microwave popcorn you buy for movie night, the sauce is filled with margarine.


Cereals are not exactly bad for health for huge consumption can do no good for your health. Exceeding the recommended size can lead to books and flaunting your favourite dress can become little difficult.

This is why, it is important to take a measuring cup before pouring down the cereals into your bowl. Moreover, for avoiding the sugar rush, opting for almond milk is wise.

So What should You Eat?

As many of the food products the huge amount of calories or trans-fat, they are not healthy to consume. Confused you might be, here are few of the healthiest foods mentioned for keeping up standard body weight and regular body functions.

Coconut Oil

Staying away from coconut oil is highly recommended as fat is the main villain giving rise to the fatty area around your tummy. However, there is no negative effect of coconut oil in increasing blood lipid level. The reduction of lipid level from blood can result in the promotion of books and good health.

The presence of books-fighting components of this type of oil originates from the medium chain triglycerides that enhance the metabolic rate. Henceforth, the fatty components of coconut oil cannot develop tummy fat.


If you take a bagel breakfast and egg breakfast, you will be gaining the same calorie amount. But what makes the difference? The study has found out that the individuals taking the egg breakfast is likely to lose 65% more weight than the consumption of bagel breakfast.

In addition to the context, 34% waist circumference will be reduced to minimal referring to the fact that egg breakfast can lead to the loss of tummy fat quickly. In addition to the context, the eggs are enriched with protein and your hunger pangs can be kept at bay.

Fermented Foods

Tempeh, sauerkraut and miso have probiotics which are good bacteria regulating gut function and improving immunity. Additionally, the probiotics can get rid of the bloated belly which increases the high risk of various complicated diseases.

Skyr and unsweetened normal Greek yogurt are good examples of probiotics foods and choosing any of them can assure you to get more than 5 strains of bacterial cultures in every six-ounce serving.

Sea Vegetables

Not so mainstream food but if you start eating wakame, hijiki, nori, kombu and arame, you can keep up a sound health. Omega-3 fatty acids are abundantly found in salmon and other fishes but seaweed or sea vegetables also carry omega-3 fatty acids that can fight against inflammation.

As the sea vegetables can reduce the risk of inflammation, it can also offer you a flat tummy. However, you should keep in mind that the seaweed snacks that are available in store are high in sodium. Therefore, you should go through the back label of the product before buying it.

Beans and Lentils

Pulses which are dry and edible seeds of lentils, peas, chickpeas and beans should be consumed for reducing tummy fat. One can get plant-based protein and protein from the beans and lentils. Moreover, they are filled with properties of Vitamin B and minerals.

Not only are the pulses good for decreasing the circumference of the waistline, they can keep up the health of muscles and nervous system.


Fructose is found to develop abdominal fat or central obesity; hence, foods containing fructose must be avoided. However, if fructose found in whole foods including fruits cannot be harmful since they are not doing any bad for your health. Frozen or fresh raspberries are filled with fructose which can maintain the insulin level while decreasing circumference around the waistline.


Nuts may be high in calories but they are significantly great for tummy fat loss. For maintaining and losing weight, nuts can help you on a large scale. In addition to the context, the calorie amount found in nuts promotes satiety so that you do not feel hungry after having them.

Increasing metabolic rate, the chances of bloating is reduced to minimal and wearing the fabulous cocktail dress does not become a matter of worry anymore.


Another not-so-popular food is farro which can be included in the superfood group due to the huge amount of fibre and whole grain properties. Farro can be used in salads and soups and in return, one can maintain proper digestion. In addition to the context, managing books becomes easier than ever.


If you are consuming something, you should check the nutrients that can benefit your health. Avocado can regulate glucose level in cells minimising your cravings for food. You can take mashed avocado and avocado salad topping with cherry tomatoes, lemon juice and basil.

In a nutshell, consume jicama, onions, leafy greens, kiwi and other products filled with vitamins and minerals but you should make sure beforehand that you are not allergic to it. Many people can be allergic to nuts or eggs and consumption of those can lead to disastrous consequences. 

As most of the snacks are loaded with harmful fats and carbs, it has become quite difficult for people to choose the right food. However, paying heed to people’s health concern, many of the snacks companies produce healthy snacks. However, eating good food is not enough if there is no inclusion of exercise in the daily routine. If you like to know more about, not to lose weight during fitness break , visit HealthAnnotation.com

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