Balanced diet – find out which foods are high in fiber and nutrients

Are you hunting for a healthier, more balanced diet? Do you want to look and feel better? Well then you might want to add more fiber into your current regimen. Along with a tolerable fluid intake, foods high in fiber move quickly and easily throughout your digestive system; these help it function correctly too. A high fiber diet will additionally keep you away from other health conditions, including diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

How many times you’ve heard people tell you to eat more fiber? But do you have any idea why fiber is so important to the human body? Dietary fiber in particular, can be found in all sorts of fruits and vegetables, legumes and whole grains. These help keep your weight under control, while also reducing the risk of heart disease and taking good care of your skin. Choosing tasty foods that are also high in fiber is not that difficult. Here are some healthy treats you cannot miss out on.


Whole grains

Processed or refined foods have low fiber content. That’s why you should focus your attention on whole grains. Search for whole grain cereal and consume them at breakfast. Ditch Corn Flakes because they’re packed with chemicals and sugar. Those won’t give you enough energy the day, not to mention that they have an insane amount of calories too. If you don’t like the taste of whole grain cereal you could add some coconut milk and blueberries to the mix.

Moving on, you should replace pasta, bread and white rice with brown rice and whole grain bread. The variety of healthier choices in this sector is endless. If you love baking at home, you might also want to replace white flour with whole grain flour. Use unprocessed wheat bran and crushed bran cereal when baking muffins, cookies or cake. For some more nutrients, add flaxseeds. These are tiny brown seeds with an incredibly high amount of fiber.

Fruits and vegetables high in fiber

Many fruits and vegetables are high in fiber. You just have to know which ones to include in your diet more often. Raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and strawberries should be on your breakfast plate daily. Include them in your yogurt or cereal and enjoy. Better yet, add coconut water and a banana, and make a healthy smoothie. A balanced diet is all about cutting back on sweets. Replace candy and ice cream with fruits. Apples, bananas, pear are great choices at the end of a delicious meal. To make your treat a bit more delicious, also include frozen yogurt and two tablespoons of honey.


Lentils & beans

Lentils are hero foods in any kitchen. They don’t take a lot of time to cook, and are extremely versatile. Unlike other legumes, lentils have substantial amounts of fiber. They’re a great source of cholesterol lowering fiber, and they have a particular benefit in dealing with blood-sugar disorders. Furthermore, lentils provide great amounts of minerals, protein and vitamins. A cup of cooked lentils doesn’t have more than 230 calories though, which means they’re excellent for people trying to maintain a balanced diet. As for other types of beans that are rich in fiber, we should also mention black beans and lima beans.


Berries are wonder foods due to their antioxidant power. However we must also mention that berries are high in fiber too. They happen to provide ideal fiber/calorie proportions. Considering that berries have tiny seeds, their content of fiber is usually higher than that of other fruits. Whether they’re fresh, frozen or dried, berries should definitely be included into the regime of someone aiming for a balanced diet.

Sweet peas

Peas, whether they’re dried or fresh, are an excellent source of dietary fiber. As a matter of fact, experts in the food niche have been focusing on the health benefits of peas for quite some time now. The fiber contained in peas is a functional food ingredient. To get the most amounts, add peas to stews, soups, salads, side dishes, dips and casseroles.

Focus on the greens

Leafy green vegetables are rich in vitamins, beta carotene and minerals, although everyone knows that already. But did you know that they’re also high in fiber? There are over 1,000 plant species out there with such nutritional characteristics. Consume these greens in raw form; toss them in salads and add more taste by including lemon, olive oil, and herbs. The flavor will be rich and the amount of fiber will make sure your body functions properly.


Nuts & seeds

Add more nuts and seeds to your current diet, and enjoy the benefits. Did you know than 1 ounce of nuts & seeds provide an ideal contribution to the daily fiber recommendation? On top of that, you’ll also enjoy healthy protein and fats. Sprinkle nuts and seeds over your daily cereal, or add them in your lunch salad. At the end of a busy day you’ll still have some energy left for pleasurable activities, such as jogging for example.


Also known as “superfoods”, avocados are packed with healthy fats, vitamins, and fiber. They get their buttery, rich texture and nutty, mild flavor from an incredibly high fat content, the healthy mono-saturated kind. Avocadoes provide insane levels of essential nutrients, and are a great source of fiber too. Consume them in raw form and add them to salads, breakfast eggs, or smoothies.

People who choose to include in their diet foods that are rich in fiber have better chances of looking lean and healthy, and won’t end up struggling with diabetes or heart disease. They will also feel more energized and rejuvenated. To maintain this feeling, people should also consider taking dopamine supplements; their moods will be instantly increased. However, in spite of the great benefits of fiber, a lot of people don’t pay attention to high-fiber diets. The amount required by the body depends on your daily caloric intake. Generally speaking, adult men and women should include between 25 and 40 grams of fiber per day. It is equally important to drink plenty of water in order to stimulate the digestive system and help it function properly.

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