Power Chest Workout

How to Do Power Chest Workout for Men

Have you ever tried an exercise that works your entire chest? If you are a man in pursuit of a powerful chest, there are smarter ways to boost your size by committing to specialized routine specially designed to help you achieve your fitness goals. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are and these are tested routines that can add up your size. Remember always to start with some warm ups to set your heart rate a little higher and lower the risk of injury. Here is how you can perform power chest workout if you are a man:

Power Chest Workout

1.Entire Chest Mass

If your goal is to increase the size of your chest, are some considerations you should make, including:

  • Start exercising using heavy movements that target several joints.
  • Workout your muscles from various angles.
  • Aim for higher amounts of overall volume including sets, repetitions and number of exercises.

In this workout, your goal should be to follow reverse-pyramid protocol, which gives you the opportunity to perform many total sets. It begins with the dumbbell bench press instead of the barbell, as dumbbells are harder to control. The challenge in dumbbell helps you attain a wider range of motion. You might realize that by simply making this change, it might trigger some additional growth.


  • Go for weights that help you reach muscle failure by the listed target repetition.
  • Use lighter weights if you are performing higher reps per set after you are done with the first one or two sets.
  • Try a few forced reps on the heaviest set of every workout if you have a spotter. If you are alone, try your best to train as close to muscle failure as possible and perform a drop set on your last set of every workout.


2. Improved Chest Definition

Working with lighter weights for high repetition is ideal but not the best approach to getting an improved chest definition. Your main focus at this point should be the number of calories you burn during and after exercising. This exercise targets several joints through reduced rest periods, super sets and high volume to burn fat and improve muscle formation.


  • Select a weight that gives you the opportunity to reach the target reps.
  • Start with relatively heavier weights as it is very vital to keeping metabolism at its peak when dieting.
  • Try to keep rest periods shorter and maintain a higher heart rate.


3. Machines for Beginners

If you are a beginner, you should familiarize yourself with movement patterns and repeat them until you become a pro. Don’t start by lifting heavy weights. This exercise uses special equipment that gradually introduce you to weight training. Once you master the movements, you can start working with weights in order to challenge your coordination as you build your muscles.


  • Use a weight that will allow you almost to reach your muscle failure.
  • Use pyramid-style to perform the first two movements. Increase weight after the first set even if it means performing fewer reps.

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4. Upper-Chest Emphasis

To improve the muscles on your upper chest, try the incline bench movement at least twice. But you must change the way you do it. In one set, you should ensure the angle of incline bench is much steeper when working with barbells than the low incline performed with dumbbells. These target your upper chest muscles using slightly different stimuli. Remember also to exercise with other angles as well. Once you are done with multi-joint movements, go back into a single joint exercise that targets the muscles on your upper chest.


  • Go for a weight that allows you reach your target reps.
  • Use reverse-pyramid approach that lightens up the weight for slightly higher reps per set.
  • Try different bench angle for the incline cable.
  • Try a few forced reps if you have a partner/trainer on your heaviest set of every exercise starting from the second set. If alone, train until when you are about to reach your muscle failure.


5. Lower-Chest Exercises

Just like the upper chest exercise, the lower chest workouts target, the lower regions of your chest using different decline angles. You should perform a greater number of movements that also hit your upper chest as well. At the end of each set, perform supersets involving several joint dips and cable crossovers.


  • Select a weight that helps you attain your targeted reps.
  • Follow reverse pyramid by lightening your weight and increasing reps.
  • Try a few forced reps on your heaviest set if you have a partner. If alone, train until when you are about to reach muscle failure.


6. Pre-Exhaust the Chest

You might find your triceps sore after performing hard chest workouts. Try to minimize their involvement when performing a variation of cable crossover. Perform single-joint move that doesn’t involve the triceps. Once your chest is fatigued, try performing multi-joint moves with your triceps. When training using this style, you will overcome chest growth plateaus.



These are some of the best chest workouts for men. It is ideal to use a weight that allows you to reach your target reps per set without reaching muscle failure. Get started today if you want a unique chest emphasis!




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