Swim to Lose Weight: 5 Secrets to Burn Calories in Pools

Under the scorching heat of the sun, swimming looks like a fun activity which can give you relieve and keep your health fit. The water activity is popular across the globe and the inexpensiveness of it made it even popular. Whether there is a public or private pool, anyone can enjoy some alone time while taking an effective method of staying healthy.

Why is Swimming so Popular?

The wide range of answers to this question can only lighten up your mood because you ever hardly thought that there might be a water activity to enjoy without paying a penny. However, some of the club pools require memberships; the public pools are generally open to all at free of cost. In addition to the context, the importance of swimming has fueled the popularity of the activity in a positive way.

For Recreational Purpose

One of the popular recreational activities of all time is swimming which can act as a low-impact exercise to the body making you relaxed and calm. In the end, you feel good about yourself when you notice that you have managed to lose some weight by following water activity. Even swimming competition is a great example of water sport which helps in child development at the early childhood stage.

Health Benefits

People have included swimming in their workout list because it is a great way to shed fat and get a beach body within few weeks. As this workout keeps hand and legs in motion continuously, it is great for making every part of the body active.

  • Swimming helps in improving resistance power of the muscles and tissues.
  • Your heart rate remains normal; furthermore, your cardiovascular fitness is regulated in a positive way.
  • Swimming has the capability of toning your entire body muscles and strengthening them as well.
  • It further can burn calories at a rapid speed.
  • Making your body flexible, relieving you from stress, keeping up good blood flow and lowering the risks of a heart
  • You can keep up a healthy weight while having healthy lungs.

There is no doubt that this water sport keeps your entire body healthy and fit. From your heart to legs, every organ and muscles of the body are strengthened with this easy workout.

Swim to Get Trim

The studies have found that the lap swimming can beneficial for everyone as it can help you lose around 476 calories in every hour. However, if you opt for swimming regularly, it is important for you to check on your diet which contributes to increasing the rate of calories in your body. The water activity can even aid in lower back and knees pain management and the energy-burning sport can be great for anyone regardless of age or gender.

Of course, you should not take for granted that every person loses 476 calories because everyone has a different body type. Several factors are related to the energy-burning way like the body weight. There is certain difficulty linked to the calculation of metabolism and the variety of weight plays a major role.

  • A person weighing 205 pounds can lose 931 calories after swimming the freestyle stroke for an hour and 651 calories can be burnt if one swims at a slow pace.
  • If you weigh 180 pounds, you can burn 817 calories for swimming following the freestyle and 572 calories for swimming slowly.
  • Weighing 155 pounds, a person can do freestyle for an hour to lose 817 calories. In addition to which, the person can also end up burning 572 calories after swimming slowly.
  • For burning around 600 calories, a 130-pound man can do freestyle for an hour and 413 calories can be reduced after swimming at a slow speed.

Even though freestyle is considered to be highly effective, one can go with backstroke which burns a huge amount of energy. If you are an expert swimmer, the butterfly can show positive outcome in reducing a generous amount of calories. Even butterfly is proven to be the most effective helping people to get rid of more than 1000 calories within an hour.

Swimming Tips for Burning Calories Faster

Gradually, the importance of swimming is dawning on you and you are realizing how taking a dip into the nearest pool can save you from the critical diseases. There are certain ways that you can follow for swimming faster and in a more effective way.

Gear Up

In order to keep your heart rate healthy, it is important to stop and check the pulse after doing 10 to 15 laps. Count your pulse for 6 seconds and try to stay within 80% of the maximum heart rate. Additionally, for continuous swimming, you can manage to leave 680 calories behind per hour (however, this measure is only based on a woman weighing 150 pounds).

Go for Sprint

As swimming is one of the easiest ways of burning calories at a rapid fast speed, it is essential that you take full advantage of the exercise. At first, you should do 1 length and then go for 1 length at a fast speed. Try to accelerate your speed and go for 2 lengths easy and then 2 lengths faster.

In this way, you can split your swimming exercise into 6 categories keeping a fast lap at the last stage.

Use Pieces of Equipment

For making the activity more fun, you can add hand paddles, kickboard, foam buoy or swim fins. Generally, you can find these objects in the swimming center but if there is no, you can find them at any local sports commodity store. In addition to the context, you will have toned leg and arm muscles while burning pool of calories.

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Take Less Rest

You should not spend much time in leisurely floating on the water. Moreover, always avoid occupying more than 10% of your water exercise time in taking rest and the pause time between the laps should not last more than ten seconds.

Mix Things Up

You can try ladder after breaking up the laps. Additionally, you can swim for 15-30 seconds following this part and take rest in between every lap.

Things to Keep in Mind for Burning Energy

For burning calories in a right way, you should follow certain practices and keep yourself productive throughout the session. Like the process of burning energy is thoroughly dependent on duration, frequency and distance or speed.

  • You can go for backstroke which can show positive effects on you instead of only sticking to several laps. Backstroke is easy to do and can be done with efficiency for a long
  • Building up regularly is one of the results of the initial stage of swimming and there are risks of getting injured once you start doing the exercise too much.
  • In the beginning, you should only swim for 10-30 minutes and do it for up to three weeks. In every week, increase the duration by adding 5 minutes.
  • Taking a break is important but too much of it can derogate the condition for you.

Follow Freestyle

When you are doing a freestyle stroke, you have to maintain your body in a straight way. In the meantime, you should keep track of your time breaths while doing strokes and tilt the head in sideways for breathing. Try to change raising hands overhead and keep one on the water while raising the other side on the outer side.

There are various benefits of adding freestyle stroke or crawl into your routine including,

  • As it moves your entire body, it can act as an aerobic workout while burning a huge amount of calories.
  • When you face resistance from water, you notice your arms and muscles to get stronger.
  • For your legs, you gain the power of kicking swiftly and going forward.
  • One person weighing 155 pounds can reduce 596 calories while following a plan of mixing butterfly with breaststroke.
  • From your core muscles to chest, each part of the body muscle is made stronger.
  • The style even tones your back muscles so that you do not problems in your old age.

Many of the healthcare organizations have referred to the fact that one can get rid of 225 calories in every hour if the person weighs 150 pounds and can swim 25 yards in every minute, in addition to the context, when you are swimming fifty yards in every minute, you can end up burning around 500 calories. 650 calories can only be burnt if you can do 50 yards in every minute while weighing 200 pounds. Moreover, a person weighing 155 pounds can get rid of 744 calories following the 1-hour session.

Do Butterfly Stroke

Butterfly strokes are generally considered by the advanced swimmers where one has to raise both hands overhead and push down into the water with the arms for propelling the body to move further. Additionally, you need to move legs like a dolphin in motion and go straight while kicking them down.

  • If you opt for butterfly strokes, you can tighten the core muscles of your body and enhance abdominal strength.
  • Your upper body becomes strong and you end up having lost a plethora of calories.
  • Through this workout, you can improve torso and make it flexible to do more exercises.

It is seen that a person weighing 155 can lose 409 calories which is a huge amount to lose in an hour. Moreover, a person who weighs 125 pounds can get rid of 330 calories from his body. However, for the purpose of losing calories, you should not go hard on your back, shoulders or neck and end up straining them.

The butterfly is considered to be the quickest way to reduce calories and if one person can do backstroke along with butterfly can even reduce energy in an efficient way.

Lose Energy with Breaststroke

When you are performing breaststroke, you need to move the legs in frog kick style and use the knees while bending them. In the meantime, you have to kick your lower body and move hands in 1 stroke. This step has to be done in a breast level and make sure that your head is out of the water for breathing.

When you are doing this stroke, your head is naturally out of the water and in this way; you can reduce the risks of shoulder pain. Additionally, there is no such risk of straining your spine and lower back while doing the exercise.

  • One can burn 300 to 400 calories while doing breaststroke within a half an However, of course, the amount of calories varies from person to person.
  • If you are focusing on keeping your leg muscles strong, you should do it. From lower legs to hamstring, the stroke can improve strengths of leg muscles.
  • You can even work further on your triceps and chest muscles while toning the upper portion of the back.

If you wish to maintain a healthy body weight, you can do breaststroke for 60 minutes to reduce 125 calories. However, many of the studies suggest that doing breaststroke is the fastest way to burn calories.

Follow a Proper Diet

If you follow an unhealthy lifestyle and go for swims on a daily basis, there might be no positive effect for you after all. The primary goal is to lose weight and burn energy; however, the dearth of calories in your diet can be fatal. When a person likes to go for dips in the morning, it is better to consume some nutritious food.

People who swim after an overnight fast can suffer from depletion and end up feeling not good in the pool. Green vegetables, avocado, pumpkin, nuts and cashew, sweets potatoes, chicken, fish and beans are great managing your intake of calories in your diet.

Even if you are not a professional swimmer, it is important to follow diet understanding the training sessions, muscle mass and weight. You should remember that everyone has a different body type and this calls for different ways to burn calories. While the needs being different from each other, people should take help from the swim coaches for reducing the calories quickly.

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