Lose Weight Effectively With The 500 Calorie HCG Diet

Weight has always been an issue for women across the globe. However in recent times people are seen to put on an abnormal amount of weight, which is leading a galaxy of ailments. This physical condition is known as obesity.

Obesity is common in both men and women and even in children. The condition often contributes to the injurious eating habits and undisciplined lifestyle of the modern times. To get fit for such a condition weight loss is a necessary step.

Traditional weight loss regimes


There has been continuous research on how weight can be lost in a healthy and painless way. The traditional ways of dieting and exercise have seen some results. The customary ways of aggressive methods of unhealthy dieting or rigorous workout sessions were not providing the desired results.

A lot of people tried out medicines or weight burning chemicals that resulted in little success but increased the bodily complexities. There people were getting more frustrated.

An effective weight loss solution


According to researches, HCG hormones (human Chorionic Gonadotropin) a primary hormone that is present in a woman’s body during pregnancy can be effectively used in fatty people and act as a fat burner. He advocated the usage of HCG hormone in low dosage with a low-calorie diet, and this produced positive results.

A dietary regime using the HCG drug in a very low dose is known as the 500 calorie HCG diet. This diet has been revolutionary and has helped millions of people with an obese condition.

The Many Benefits of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone

While there have been many researches done on how to lose weight effectively, the use of HCG with low-calorie diet has seen some effective results in people suffering from extreme weight conditions and is the topic of discussion around the world.

Unlike the popular belief, HCG no chemically derived medicines. It is a naturally derived primary hormone found in the human body. The hormone is secreted large quantities in the female body during pregnancy.

According to experiments the hormone when used in a controlled fashion act as a fat burner and is said to produce positive results in millions around the world. Therefore, lead to a lot of inquisitiveness and the hormone.

As told earlier HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a protein based hormone found in the female boy during pregnancy. The prime reason of the secretion of the hormone is to stop extra production of fat in the mother’s body and helps in the nourishment of the fetus to its proper development.

Functions of the HCG hormone

Researchers have found of this miracle hormone to perform many functions in the human body. The hormone blocks all immune situations on the foreign placental cells caused by the mother’s body. It assists the development of the uterine as well as the fetal.

During pregnancy, it facilitates the growth of organ fetus, sends signals to the endometrium and helps the development of the baby’s umbilical cord. Therefore helps in the total development of the fetus to a baby.

In males HCG is found in the sperms. Though its role in the sperms is still being researched upon but it is it might help in the fertility issues. The HCG hormones are also found in brain and are identified as a cause of vomiting and nausea in the female body during pregnancy.

The different usages of HCG for treatments

Doctors were always well aware of the presence of the hormone in the human body. A lot of experiments and researches have been conducted on the hormone for remedial reasons. In the last decade or so the hormone has seen used to treat different physical conditions in human.

This miracle hormone is being used effectively in infertility treatments in the female body. It is also used in treatments that increase the sperm count in a male. A lot of progress has been achieved with the use of this hormone in the process to cause ovulation.

The biggest breakthrough

The biggest breakthrough of the HCG hormone in today’s world has been its role in the weight loss process. Reaches show that the hormone is a natural fat burner and helps in the blocking of fats in the human body and curb appetite.

Researches show that with HCG is inserted in low dosage in the human body it can act as a fat burning agent. However, the medicine should be used with a low calorie diet plan for desired result. Such low-calorie HCG diets are easily available over the internet.

HCG hormones should be used with the consultation of a physician. The dosage and treatment span should also be approved by a physician. The dosage depends on the amount of fat reduced.

The 500 calorie HCG diet

The diet is highly effective but has gone through some modifications as per the need of an individual. Also, the HCG usage in the diet is determined by the amount of weight that an individual need for weight loss in a patient.

For breakfast have tea or coffee without sugar. However, sugaring agents can be used but no actual sugar. Milk if required only two tablespoons is permitted in one day.

For lunch 100 grams of chicken breast or any other kind of meat or fish which is cleaned of all the visible fats, should be boiled in water without any use of oil. The fish or meat can be grilled too if that suits better.

One slice of a break along with vegetables like beet greens, cucumber, red radish, tomatoes, chicory, spinach, celery, cabbage, onion and card should be taken. Include a fruit from the selection of apple, oranges, some grapes or strawberries in the diet.

Repeat the same lunch menu in dinner. This diet is a total 500 grams of calorie that is enough with the usage of HCG drops or injections that results in weight loss. The HCG usage and the span for the dietary regime will be determined by an HCG expert or physician.

If under any other medication, take prior permission from the doctor. Also, discuss with the doctor if suffering from other medical conditions. However, general cosmetics like power or lipstick can be used if needed. Keep in mind the FDA caution while using any diet supplement.

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