3 Incredible Natural Fat Loss Drink Formulas

Do you indulge more on your favourite snacks, neglecting physical activities and eating all the wrong foods? Is this sound like you? If yes, then you are most likely overweight right now.

Okay, these behaviours are just some of the biggest factors why we are sluggish, unenergetic and not in our best to perform physically and emotionally throughout the day.

Good for us, we have nature as our best ally. Yes, the following weight loss drinks are purely 100% natural and organic-based herbs. This means that you are going to create the safest and most efficient fat loss formula for your weight loss program.

Below are three of the best weight loss drink formulas that you can add to your daily diet, for effective detox, healthy body and best of all, for rapid fat loss.

Honey Lemon Water


There are no secret to this. A combination of honey and lemon is one of the best kept secret in weight loss, no, in fat loss rather!

Lemon is packed with vitamin C, which can significantly support your workout program. A recent research about lemon suggests that it can burn at least 30% more fat during exercise.

Not only that, lemons can supply you with potent antioxidants which can help slow down aging and fights against cardiovascular diseases and certain cancers. Antioxidants can strengthen your immune system from various free radicals.

Lemon contains a lot of fibre, which also works wonders for your digestive system that triggers faster fat breakdown from your meal. This helps prevent fat accumulation on your belly area.

A healthy digestive system that has enough fiber can also keep you to feel fuller, for longer. This keeps your food cravings at bay.

Adding a honey and warm water can give you an instant energy boost, which you can use to prolong your workouts.


Half lemon (juice extract), a teaspoon of honey and 8oz warm water.


Put the lemon juice extract to an 8oz glass of warm water, then add a teaspoon of honey. Mix thoroughly before drinking.

Remember not to take coffee or any caffeinated products within an hour of taking this juice drink.

Detox Tea

detox tea

For this, I recommend three herbs that will totally improve your digestion. As you know, better digestion, means a healthy and fit body.

But this doesn’t just mean detox and cleansing, this formula is also meant to fortify your system against harmful diseases.

You need three known digestive herbs for this tea formula – fennel seeds, cumin seeds and coriander seeds.

Cumin seeds meanwhile is a scientifically proven herb for aiding digestive problems. This herb is an excellent source of iron, which is an essential mineral for energy production and metabolism.

Plus, cumin help stimulate the secretion of pancreatic enzymes, compounds that are necessary for proper digestion and nutrient distribution.

Next is fennel seed. Fennel is another herb extract that is known to help improve digestion. It is used to treat intestinal gas, bloating, loss of appetite, and heart burn. It is also beneficial for other health conditions such as cholera, visual disorders, bronchitis, coughs and many others.

Lastly, coriander seeds is used for digestion problems including upset stomach, loss of appetite, hernia, nausea, diarrhea, bowel spasms and intestinal gas. Coriander may also help lower your blood sugar levels and help kill some parasites.


1/3 teaspoons of cumin, fennel and coriander seeds, and a pot of hot water.


Place a teaspoon of mix herbs into your hot water and let it boil for five to six minutes. Then let it cool and drink.

You may also drink chamomile tea together with this digestive tea to maximize your detoxification process.

Chamomile is a known herb that features tons of health benefits. Its properties include antispasmodic properties, which helps calms your intestines and stomach, and helps relaxe your muscles.

Chamomile helps treat indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, stomach cramps and many other digestive disorders. This chamomile formula is just an option. You can use the detox tea blend above without chamomile tea.

Belly Flattening Night Drink


Got problematic belly appearance? If yes, then this drink formula is definitely for you! This weight loss drink is designed to target that hard to burn belly fat so that you can achieve flat belly in no time!

Though I call it a “night drink”, this mixture can also be taken anytime of the day.

The mixture contains a cucumber, parsley leaves, skinned ginger and lemon juice extract.

First off, parsley is known to have vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It has anti-inflammatory properties and help strengthens your immune system.

Parsley tea (leaves) is known to help relax stiff muscles while supporting healthy digestion.

Cucumber is a silent belly fat burner, aside of course for being a complete health enhancing food. It is known to help improve cardiovascular health, bone health, diabetes, cancer, hydration and strengthens your immune system.

Ginger on the other hand, is known for years as an effective remedy in alleviating symptoms of gastrointestinal distress. Ginger is also known as a herbal medicine, which is widely used in both Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicines.


One cucumber, a lot of parsley leaves, half a teaspoon of skinned ginger, squeezed lemon juice extract, and water.


Make a mixture of all the said ingredients using a juicer. Mix with cold or warm water as desired, then drink.


There you have it! Three amazing weight loss formulas that you can take during your weight loss program. All of these ingredients are safe and are known to provide powerful health benefits.

These drinks can also be a perfect addition to your cleansing or detox program, as well to your dieting regimen. You can also take this as your regular workout drinks to energize your body naturally!

These drinks can be a great addition to your diet and exercise routine, as well if you are taking dietary supplements. These weight loss drinks might be the keys to your weight loss success.

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