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Best Foods to Eat : Nutritious Food Types For Weight Loss

One of the sources on earth that aids in your living is the elements obtained from nutritious food. Needless to say, food products have a vital role to play in everyone’s life; however, gluttony might be considered being a sin that has a major effect on everyone’s life as people suffer from several physical conditions including obesity, cardiovascular disease or type 2 diabetes due to it. Harsh reality should not restrict you from consuming your foods as again nutritious food types can only save you from weight gain and its severe effects.

What is the Point of Consuming Food?

You get hungry and gobble up the edible products that you find near you or anything that suits your taste buds. However, the science of eating edibles is much more than that because nutrition found in the food products is what makes or breaks your entire health. As your body is a power station, it requires fuel which you acquire from meals.
Generally, the meals that you take are filled with nutrients that include minerals, fat, carbohydrates, protein, fiber and water building your tissues and helping the organs to function perfectly.

In a simplified manner, it can be accepted that our body runs on nutritious food supplies. Carbohydrates, protein and fat considered being prime components of the nutritious food products that convert into energy in human body.

In order to develop skin, muscle, bone, blood and other tissues, nutriments play a major role. Muscle cells require energy to function for movement and the main source is originally rooted in foods.

Nutritious food types are the basic human right acting as the significant source of nourishment.Apart from providing nourishment to the human body, it nourishes the soul as people are seen to get mental relief through eating.

Why do you Need to Take a Balanced Diet?

It is an established fact that edibles are essentially required for the human beings in order to grow mentally and physically. Your daily bread does not only act as a physical growth stimulus but also it helps you mature mentally. This is why if you are interested in staying healthy, you should maintain a balanced diet that comprises of the five nutrients.

You should know that there are several complicated consequences of consuming a balanced diet. If your diet lacks protein, you will not grow physically and if there is lack of carbohydrates or fat in the diet, you are bound to feel tired.

Consumption of nutritious food types containing a huge amount of carbohydrates or protein is not a good option as it might be doing more harm to the person that is beyond to his/her imagination. For an instance, if one consumes a huge amount of saturated fat, he/she is susceptible to undergo the physical condition, namely, obesity.

As overweight or over-consumption is a grave issue, malnutrition can be a headache for people, too. When you do not get enough of the five nutrients (fat, protein, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrate), risk factors of suffering from a multitude of diseases are increased. You will not get enough energy to execute a task, have a weak immune system and suffer from a state of chronic hunger where the meaning of living will get lost.

Consequences of Overweight

Overweight has become one of the most common problems in the world and obesity has become epidemic in certain western countries. With the ever growing number of obese people in the society, significant physical conditions have been witnessed by the medical professionals as the side-effects.

  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • High blood pressure.
  • Coronary heart disease.
  • Stroke.
  • Problems in physical functioning.
  • Kidney cancer, gallbladder cancer, liver cancer or endometrial cancer

The consequences of obesity triggers the multitude of physical conditions and now it can be said that the rate of human mortality has been increasing. Recent studies conducted by WHO refer to the fact that one in three is affected by overweight. However, you must not fret as this critical condition is, in fact, preventable.

Nutritious Food Ingredients for Maintaining Weight

It is necessary to develop healthy and food habits from the earliest age and you should choose the nutritious food products that are enriched with all the food types. Milk and eggs are considered being the ideal foods; however, one should not only rely on them.


Containing pectin that is a good source of slow digestion, apple can be good for including in the nutritional diet. Leaving you with the feeling of fullness, you can actually get Vitamin C, fibre and antioxidants from apple. Moreover, you should not avoid eating apple skin as it has a huge amount of nutritional benefit.


What if you are told that you can get Vitamin C, magnesium, monounsaturated fat, potassium, Vitamin E and folate from one food ingredient? Avocados have all these stated nutritional values that can provide huge nutritional benefits.

From reducing the risk of specific cancers to improving heart health, the avocados are proven to be good. In addition to the context, if one consumes avocados on a regular basis, he/she does not have chances of increasing waist fat.


One of the fishes that are high in healthy fats, quality protein and other significant nutritious components are known to be salmon. It is already known that the seafood has a good amount of iodine in them. Additionally, salmon can increase the rate of metabolism that will help your body function properly.

Another essential component that salmon has which is omega-3 fatty acids that can minimize inflammation eliminating chances of obesity.


Widely found in Middle East, North Africa and the Indian subcontinent, almonds are rich sources of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat that has the capability of reducing cholesterol maintaining your regular body weight. Additionally, for the people fighting with obesity, almonds can help as they are low in calories along with plenty of Vitamin E and fiber.

You can eat them whenever you want or sprinkle them onto vegetable curries or salads.


Eggs along with meat have been demonised; however, new studies shed light on the fact that whole eggs are not bad after all. They do not have high risks that can cause heart attacks or can affect blood sugar levels. Even if you are looking for shedding some weight, eggs can offer great nutritional benefits.

With low calories, healthy fats and protein, eggs are good for health. People with the issue of overweight have added eggs in their breakfast and notice that their appetite has been reduced significantly.


Grapefruits are known to have the element that has the capability of lowering insulin leading to weight loss. In addition to the context, you can lose a significant amount of pound in each week if you take the fruit before your meal. The fruits contain 90% of the water that can decrease your appetite on a large scale.

Greek Yogurt

Reducing your appetite, Greek yogurt is one of the effective nutritious edibles that have creamy and thick texture filled with protein. It is enriched with protein that gives you a sense of fullness that usually comes from the acids produces at the time of fermentation.

Boiled Potatoes

Potatoes have the characteristics of making any food tastier and better. Keeping this in mind, you should know that they are even good for weight loss and overall health, too. Providing high amount of potassium and various nutrients, potatoes are good for controlling blood pressure levels.

Lean Meats

White or red meat is usually discarded from the list of nutritious food; however, it is proven that red meat being unprocessed does not hold any risks of diabetes or heart conditions. It is found that it can be effective in your weight loss as it is packed with protein. Additionally, for a low-carb diet, lean beef and chicken breast are seen to be extensively appropriate.

Food Products that You should Always Avoid

As you can see that there are nutritious food ingredients that can help you maintain your regular weight, there are other food products that you definitely need to cut off from the diet if you do not want to fall prey of obesity again.

White Bread

Extremely fine flour is used to make white bread and this kind of bread has the capacity to increase blood sugar level. Not to mention, this kind of bread is loaded with sugar that is capable of increasing glycemic index. People who consume white bread on a daily basis have 40% higher chances of gaining weight rapidly that can lead to obesity eventually.


You might not imagine your life without pizza but you should know that pizza is regarded as a fast food that contains a high amount of calories and fine flour along with processed meat that barely has any nutritious elements in it. Usually, pizza found in the commercial markets or food chains, use too much of sugar to make it tasty.

Frozen Meal

You are always running out of time and you do not get enough time to cook meals either. You end up visiting supermarkets that sell frozen meals that contain a huge amount of sodium and preservatives. After consuming the meals, you may think you are full but you intake an astonishing amount of calories that do harm more than you could imagine.


Smoothies are known to be great for health; however, you need to keep in mind that these health drinks are only designed to look healthy containing a high amount of calories. Apart from, calories, the amount of fat and carbohydrates is higher as the smoothies generally use ingredients including ice cream, full-fat milk, butter, peanut, fruits and juice.

Diet Soda

One of the falsely projected products in the market is the diet soda that contains zero nutritional value; yet, a higher amount of sugar. In addition to the context, artificial sweeteners used in the drink can increase your weight and leave you with a strong craving for sugary treats.

Sugary Treats

The more you like to go on binge-eating over candy bars, the fatter you are likely to get. It is seen that an average candy bar generally has 200-300 calories that are enough to increase your weight only if you intake it on a daily basis. Additionally, they are always loaded with refined flour, oil and sugar that does not have any nutritional value for your health.

How to Maintain a Weight

It often becomes difficult to follow a balanced diet as there are many gastronomic distractions around you and it is always too hard to resist yourself. Before committing the sin of gluttony, you must follow a diet that has proper nutritional value and can limit the chances of gaining weight.

Drink Water instead of Sugary Drink

You may think that the juices containing added sugar or smoothies are healthier than water but the alternative of water is yet to be discovered. Some of the studies recommend drinking water as it has the chance of reducing the risk of Type 2 Diabetes to some extent. Not only the sodas, the fruit juices contain higher amount calories than can be threatening for your health.

For maintaining a healthy diet, you should drink 4-ounces of water every day.

Do not Leave the Veggies

It is found that salads play an important role in every living person’s life and they can benefit you if you consume them first. Certain vegetables are enriched with protein, vitamins and minerals that can keep up your body functions well.

Keep Eating Small Snacks

One of the prime reasons for gaining weight is that you do consume food after long intervals. Ketone bodies build up that trigger the growth of excessive fat in your body. Hence, it is vital to eat small snacks every now and then; however, the small snacks must be full of nutritional value and not junk.

Before deciding by yourself what to eat or what not to, you should ask the medical professional to enlighten you on this matter. You might be allergic to some nutritious food that you should keep in mind before planning the diet for weight loss. Additionally, cooking style is another method that can minimise the risks of putting on weight on a large scale.

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