How Cancer Can Be Prevented If You Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Living in the 21st Century, you must be familiar with the common yet menacing curse on mankind which is cancer. The life-threatening disease is generated in human cells due to the continuous growth of malignant tumours on the human body. The advanced technology helps the medical professionals to follow surgical procedures or chemotherapy for preventing the physical condition; however, following a proper diet filled with vegetables and fruits are proven to be highly effective.

What is Cancer?

When the cells start to develop uncontrollably, they take a form of mass giving rise to a tumour. Benign and malignant are the two types of tumours and a malignant tumour is the cause of cancer in human body. Spreading all over the body, the malignant ones lead to organ failure and untimely death of the sufferer.

Sarcomas, lymphomas, carcinomas and leukaemia are the types of cancer that lead to diseases including Hodgkin lymphoma, breast cancer, testicular cancer, chronic lymphocytic leukaemia, acute lymphocytic leukaemia and acute myeloid leukaemia.

Causes of Cancer

Genes are mainly to be blamed for cancer and the children inherit those genes from their parents. However, genes are not always the prime cause behind the generation of a malignant tumour in the body. It is still under research why cancerous cells grow in the human body because doctors cannot seem to pinpoint to one cause only.

  • Smoking tobacco
  • Virus and infection
  • Arsenic
  • Cosmetics
  • Cellular phones and towers
  • Poor diet
  • UV ray of sun
  • Antiperspirants
  • Benzene
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Radon
  • Water fluoridation
  • Diesel exhaust

Some of the causes that trigger the development of malignant cells are used every day and it has become quite impossible to finish the daily task without the help of those objects or ingredients. Keeping these common causes of the chronic disease in mind, you should take proper precautions like following a proper diet beforehand.

Follow a Proper Diet to Save Yourself from Cancer

It is already known to all that cancer is a major health condition and the list of causes of the disease is never-ending. In order to keep up with the rapidly growing life, we are compelled to depend on fast food which is highly unhealthy and unhygienic. Nutrient deficiencies, toxin pressure and poor diet habit are the risk factors that everyone should know.

As the evil is rooted in the modern day food system very much, people must consume fruits and vegetables more leaving food products that are high in fat behind. Not only is the food product to be blamed, the way cooking is done leaves a significant impact on the dish.


If you have been avoiding broccoli for its taste, then you should not because the vegetable itself is proven huge scale of health benefits. Broccoli along with cabbages, kale and cauliflower are regarded as cruciferous vegetables. Glucosinolates and phytochemicals help in producing enzymes when you break the food into particles in your mouth.

Apart from acquiring such ingredients from these veggies, you should know that your body is capable of producing those particular enzymes. It is seen that at the time of consuming broccoli, the enzymes become active.

  • The cruciferous veggies act as a shield against breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer and neck cancer.
  • Many of the clinical studies published that broccoli is useful for preventing oesophageal cancer, stomach cancer, bladder cancer, mouth cancer and head cancer.

Scientists are trying to focus on whether broccoli sprouts and broccoli reduce cancer risk as sulforaphane is associated with the prevention of cancerous cells.

Detoxifying components that have taken place due to environmental pollutants and smoke might be eliminated from the body with the help of sulforaphane.


Tomato is one of those ingredients that can be added almost in every dish as it can improve immune system while being good for the immune system as well. Acting as one of the vital ingredients that can deal with heart cancer and prostate cancer, consumption of tomato is essential.

Phytochemical, namely, lycopene is a potent antioxidant that is found in the red portion of tomato. Of course, it is ambiguous whether the red hues can prevent cancer completely but studies have shown positive results in treating prostate cancer.

  • It is best to eat tomatoes as cooked or processed even found in pizza sauce or juices.
  • Consumption of processed tomatoes activates lycopene as the heat breaks down cell walls.
  • If you are allergic to tomatoes, you can devour red bell peppers, watermelon and pink grapefruit.

Lab tests show results of the lycopene restricting the growth of malignant tumours in several parts of the body which includes breast, lining of uterus and lung. Improving immune system, lycopene takes care of cells them from not being damaged which could show signs of developing cancer.


Have you enjoyed watching Bugs Bunny in your childhood? Then you have probably seen how the cartoon character lived munching on the carrots. Only if you could love carrots like him, you would minimise all the risks of getting affected by cancer.

Being enriched with an antioxidant, namely, beta-carotene; carrots offer protection against cell membranes. In addition to the context, it reduces the risk of tumour cells becoming malignant.

  • Phytochemicals and other vitamins found in this veggie can work effectively against a wide range of cancers including larynx, pharynx, mouth, oesophagus, stomach and breast cancers.
  • As the antioxidants can treat human papillomavirus which is the primary factor of cervical cancer.
  • This particular vegetable can further deal with anti-inflammatory effects as it contains a natural pesticide which is falcarinol.

If you consume cooked carrots rather than munching on raw ones, you are likely to get more supply of antioxidants. For cooking, you can choose boiling and boiling and then cut them into pieces after being done. In this way, nutrients like falcarinol remain intact in the vegetable.

Citrus Fruits

You are familiar with the periphery of citrus fruits which include lemon, orange and lime. These fruits are known to contain active anti-cancer components and the abundance of vitamin C makes these fruits helpful for human health. Diminishing free radicals, the risk of life-threatening disease is reduced and the fruit can further improve the immune system. With making improvements in the immune system, the ingredient contributes to providing relief to adverse effects of cancerous exposure.

  • Studies have shown that vitamin C, nobiletin and flavonoids act as anti-carcinogenic components.
  • The fruits are anti-metastatic and chemoprotective while eliminating damaging cells from the body.

Few of the studies indicate that women who consume various fruits daily are not susceptible to develop benign polyp that eventually leads to colorectal cancer.


ORAC has found that berries are power packed with gallic acid and vitamin C that function in treating antiviral or antifungal risks. Strawberries, cherries, camu camu, goji berries, blackberries and blueberries are proven to improve the immune system on a large scale.

Enriched with proanthocyanidin antioxidant agent, berries contain anti-ageing property. In addition to the context, cryptoxanthin, phenols, lycopene, zeaxanthin, polysaccharides and cryptoxanthin are also present in berries offering huge benefits to human health.

The rich history of berries indicates that camu camu, goji berries and mulberry were introduced in Chinese medicine during 200 BC for increasing energy and immunity.

Goji Berries

Chinese wolfberry or goji berries are widely used in the conventional Chinese medicine. Being one of the most popular herbs used for medicinal purposes, the fruit shows a positive effect on reducing premature mortality.

From nourishing to detoxifying kidney and liver channels, goji berry, the fruit contains unique immunomodulatory, antitumor and antioxidant elements. Clinical studies have shown that the fruit shows positive results in dealing cancer regression referring to the fact that the fruit can limit the growth of cancerous cells.


Research studies have indicated the fact that strawberries are good at reducing risks of cardiovascular disease and various cancers are prevented as well. Limiting the growth of cancerous cells, strawberries leave a positive impact on colon cancer.

The black raspberry and strawberry extracts contain antioxidants including ellagic acid and vitamin C. Ellagic acid is popularly known to have antiallergic components that produce enzymes. The enzymes have the potential to kill cancerous properties from tumours.

Moreover, flavonoids have the capability of destroying DNA that is related to lung cancer.

Camu Camu

Camu camu is known to be packed with vitamin C which can limit the growth of carcinogenic cells and ageing. Found in the banks of Amazon in South America, the exotic fruit contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory while being considered as a superfood.

Not only is camu camu capable of preventing cancer but also is helpful in treating a wide range of chronic health conditions. The fruit can fight against the genetic mutation of the cells that possess the threat of developing a malignant tumour.

Being hepatoprotective, the fruit can act as a shield in offering protection against the development of excessive toxin and outcomes of chronic toxicity.


Lutein, type of antioxidant, is known to protect your eyes. Now, studies have found that the antioxidant is useful treating cancer as well.

Zeaxanthin, lutein, carotenoids are abundantly found in spinach that has the potential to eliminate free radicals and rickety molecules from the body. Stomach, oesophageal and mouth cancers are prevented with spinach and dark green veggies.

Few of the research shows a positive effect of consuming spinach and according to these studies, the veggie can reduce the risk of malignancy of ovarian, endometrial, colorectal and lung tumours.

Brazilian Nuts

Selenium is identified to be rich in antioxidant and this particular ingredient has the potential to reduce the risk of bladder cancer, especially among women. Apart from this, few of the studies conjecture that the people who undergo the condition of high blood level can get relief by consuming Brazilian nuts as they are widely used in preventing colorectal cancer and lung cancer.

Protecting cells along with improving the immune system, selenium is a great of help for mankind. Additionally, the food ingredient can even nourish tumours subduing the production blood vessels.


Grapefruit is known to be enriched with antioxidants like vitamin C just as bell peppers, broccoli and oranges are. The fruit is mainly popular due to its potential to minimise the risk factors of cervix, colon, breast, oesophagus, stomach and bladder cancer.

So, do not keep the dark green leafy vegetables and fruits aside on your plate now, try new salad recipes to add a new taste to your palate.

Foods to Avoid for Staying Healthy

Foods that contain artificial sweeteners, food additives and animal products filled with antibiotics and hormones, herbicides and pesticides are harmful to everyone regardless of age or gender. Fruit juices and yoghurts which are made utilizing pasteurization technique can be problematic for human health leading to gut-related issues and inflammation.

  • Red meat and processed meat may taste sinfully delicious but the meats seem to leave a negative impact on human health. The rate of colon cancer is likely to be high among those who have one ounce of meat in twice or thrice in every
  • If you cut down your alcohol consumption, you are likely to reduce the risk of colon, oesophagus, breast, throat and mouth cancers. There is no doubt that binge drinking has only negative consequences on human health.
  • Add fat to your diet carefully because an excessive amount of fatty food in your health can develop the risks of chronic conditions including cancer and type 2 diabetes. However, you can add good fats to your diet and olive oils, fish, avocados and fish can be widely helpful in this case.
  • Soy is known to be good for human health but the medical professionals cannot discard the study results that it might not be good for women. Women are diagnosed with breast cancer due to excessive consumption of soy.

Now you are well-introduced with the fruits and vegetables which serve a huge amount of health benefits to you. The fast foods may look appetising but the cooking methods can even make a nutritious food, super unhealthy. Before choosing your diet, you can consult with your medical professional because cancer has taken the figure of the epidemic now and it only can be prevented if proper measures are taken beforehand.

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