Excellent Health Benefits of Pilates for Women

Pilate is a type of workout. The Joe H.Pilates introduced the method of Contrology means the science of control, that’s why it is called Pilates workout.

Joe Pilates was a physical trainer from German. He aims to create a health and fitness method for overall health and not only for exercise. It was idea came before gyms and physiotherapy.

Pilates has to be learned with an expert trainer by attending one-on-one sessions. Then later you can continue with other groups of classes for pilate.

Initially, pilates sessions will be slow paces. As you get stronger and get experience, they will become difficult and fast-paced.

Anybody can do pilates workout. Whatever you do, it requires to sit on a desk and play gold, rugby or attend your gym. It is a more than exercise regime. You can learn how and where to move your body from pilates exercise. For example, you may do belly crunches and got sharp neck pain without any improvement in abs.

Or while playing golf, you might have got lower back pain.

But during pilates session, you will learn from an expert trainer about how to move your body properly. Once you begin to move correctly, then your abs get a desired shape. You can also reduce the pain by moving your muscles correctly.

During Pilates training, you will first focus on congruency and joint movements and then learn to balance your muscles. Your training will be designed according to the body requirement which will give lean and tall postures by decreasing mental and physical stress. It helps to define the overall body parts such as arms, legs, abs.

Pilates provide different benefits for better sleep or better sex life. Here are the various benefits of pilates for women.

Pilates provides whole body fitness

Unlike other workouts, pilates does not focus on the only specific part, but it focuses on the entire body. During Pilates training, your moves focus on core strength and train the whole body. Pilate workout boost strength and helps to balance your muscle development. It also keeps your muscles flexible and promotes the motion range in your joints.

Focus on core support and whole-body fitness including the mind and breath. It provides combine level of body fitness which is not available anywhere. It is the reason that pilates workout is famous in rehab centers. Also, athletes who do pilates maintain the best foundation of any movement.

Pilate relieves back pain

Doing pilate helps to strengthen your core muscles and reduce back pain. If you practice proper pilate and strengthen lumbar pelvic areas of core muscle, then it will make your muscles flexible and strong. It helps to reduce stress, and you will be able to do easy movements.

It is the best workout for toning your core muscles. Regularly practicing pilates helps to reduce the spine and back pain.

According to research people suffering from back pain can get relieved in four weeks by doing pilates regularly than those people who consult physiotherapist or doctor.

Pilates provides flexibility to several fitness needs and levels

You can start as an athlete, or a senior new to exercise, pilate movement can help you build the core strength and focus on precise alignment. Pilates helps to access the entire body and mind in a combined way.

There are many possible workouts and pilates can be modified according to individual needs.

Pilates improves bone density


Every strength training is helpful for building bone density. Pilates provides surprising bone development benefits. Bone density such as muscle’s powerful tissue which response to resistance and weightlifting exercise.

Resistance workout involves muscles stretching on the bone to generate tension and strengthens the bone. Resistance training in Pilates exercise needs resistance bands and apparatus.

Pilates support weight loss

You need to reduce 500 calories every day to lose a pound. But the calorie burning while pilates exercise you need to burn eight calories per minutes. It will completely depend on your strength to maintain your weight loss program by doing an intense workout in a moderate way at least for four days per week for 45 to 60 minutes without cool down and warmup sessions.

Pilate helps to strengthen your core

When it comes about core strengthening, crunches will come in your mind, but pilates workout helps to strengthen your abdominal muscles such as obliques and more efficiently.

Pilates workout efficiently works while contracting the abdominal muscles during each exercise. During seated arm sets on the reformer, you need to keep your abdominal contracted to make the spine stable properly to perform this exercise.

Additionally, pilate workout focuses on deep abdominal muscles such as transverse to create six-pack.

According to Gurka, Pilates maintain proper alignment and form correctly. It needs effective fire in abdominal muscles to form.

Pilates prevents injuries

Pilates helps to decrease the risk of injury by improving strength, and balance said by Pilates trainer Christa Gurka.

If you increase the hamstring flexibility with 10 degrees, then you will able to reduce your back pain while bending to pick up something from the ground.

When you have improved strength, then it will help to improve dynamic control over movement and reduce injury.

Additionally, one-sided or one-legged Pilate helps to enhance your balance and prevent falls risk.

Pilate also contributes body awareness for creating dynamic movement patterns by reducing stress in muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons.

Pilates helps an amazing Cross-Training Exercise

Skipping workout after injuries can increase the risk of over usage. Try to combine some pilates workout sessions to increase your strength and remove your boredom.

Pilate helps to enhance your body awareness for challenging positions which need an optimal postural alignment. It will make your muscles use more efficiently by restoring specific muscles required to perform the exercise.

Pilates Promotes Posture

Women who work long hours by sitting on the desk and also keep looking back on a smartphone may get cause to bend the shoulder and poor posture. Gradually it will cause to imbalance the muscles.

Pilates helps to modify the effect of these kinds of bad habits and create better balance and muscle symmetry.

Pilates drives you to perform only one particular muscle at one time by separating weak muscles to redevelop lost strength. It helps to create the balance in the entire body. The restoration of lost strength in the core makes your move freely in everyday tasks with enhanced painless posture.

Pilates Strengthens Cardiovascular Endurance

Pilates aerobic also provide benefits which depend on the intensity. There are advanced moves such as side lift and jackknife which helps to promote your heart rate within the target area, but it can be seated workout like leg circle and seated twist which can cause to drop the heart rates.

During higher-intensity types of pilates, you switch between exercise quickly which elevate the heart rate into the aerobic area said by Pilates trainer Allison Slapnicka. Maintaining heart rate during entire session develop endurance.

Pilates helps to build Six-Pack Abs

Pilates is an excellent workout for building six-pack abs and flat midsection by assuming that you are clearing your body fat around the midsection. Its movement rank higher in muscle restoration than regular crunches.

For example, you will be able to do roll-up movement at 245% more efficient by targeting outside obliques as compared to crunches. By doing Pilates, you will be able to focus on developing strength of extensive core muscles, said by Allison Slapnicka a pilates trainer.

Improve Performance


Even after doing strongest performance some women are unable to manage a neutral curve in the lower back. By performing Pilates, you will determine how to perform neutral which can be amazingly helpful in the other parts of training. Especially it helps to elaborate strength while weightlifting.

For example, deadlifts are a famous strength workout, but also it can be unsafe if your spine alignment is abnormal.

Improve brain power

Pilates provide benefits for preventing cognitive disturbance and brain decline diseases. Pilate workout in women helps to improve memory power, cognitive functions, and neural system activity. Due to pilates best benefits, it’s also called as the thinking man’s exercise.

According to research, women who perform pilates training regularly for ten weeks can able to increase the alpha peak power of the brain.

Scientist believed that our brain has an only a certain number of cells by birth. But recent studies tell that our brain can create new cells and prevent brain shrinkage. It means you will have a low risk of Alzheimer’s disease, excellent memory power, higher IQ level and better problem solving and learning power.

Pilate helps to strengthen the pelvic floor

Women suffer more from pelvic floor weakness such as urine leakage, bladder problem due to stress or childbirth. But it’s not late to adopt pilates workout. If your future plans include children, then add regular pilates in your schedule. It helps to strengthen pelvic floor muscles while preparing for childbirth also you will enjoy your body.

Although pilates workout is the low impact it always helpful for new moms but you need to take the second opinion from specialist physiotherapist during postnatal rehabilitation. When you get your safety advice than continue with the regular exercise.

Pilates relive stress


You might have heard of mindfulness meditation helps your body and mind to relax. Here are the benefits of Pilates exercise for relieving stress.

  • Relieve depression and anxiety
  • Treat insomnia
  • Make memory sharp
  • Increase creative thinking
  • Manage stress
  • Control of chronic pain
  • Reduce negative emotions.
  • Control addictions
  • Improve blood pressure

Generally, we think meditation can be done only by Buddhist monks or chanting people, but anybody can do meditation with mindfulness by managing a proper lifestyle.

Pilates makes you happy

Gradually pilates performance and proper workout help you to feel happier. When your body experience stress and you perform your favorite workout, it helps to release the endorphins – a group of hormones released within the brain which makes you feel happy about yourself. Enjoying your workout helps to stay focused and stop your mind from wandering in worries though. Pilates completely make you calm and happy.

Pilates control your emotions


Your breathing and emotions connected to each other. According to a recent study by Pierre Phillipot proved that distinct emotional phases have a link with different breathing patterns.

Think, how your breathing changes when you experience a frightening situation as compared to something pleasant. It is common sense, and there is no major discovery in finding this. However, this study has shown that distinct breathing patterns provoke certain emotions so you can try breathing during anxiety and calmness.

Pilate benefits the nervous system

Doing pilates stimulate the deep muscles which promote the healthier nervous system.

Whenever you make a movement your body, your brain also performs many moves in particular areas. The brain transmits a signal by the spinal cord to tissues fibers to produce functions normally.

When you start to engage your muscles spontaneously (such as deep core activation) while pilates then it will help to stimulate a movement chain which might have been inactive from a long time. You may find it exciting to know that your core comprises 29 muscles and not simply six packs. As you learn to use core muscles, you may able to cleanse your nervous system.

If you have a healthy nervous system than it helps to keep better communication between your brain, nerves organs, and muscles. It also helps to fight with mood promoting and stress-fighting hormones.

Pilates improves sex life

There are many workouts which are similar to kegel workout. It basically helps to strengthen the pelvic muscles and assist bladder, uterus, rectum and small intestine.

The workouts which involve pelvic floor lifting helps to strengthen pelvic muscles, and it can help increase the sex life pleasure.

Pilate helps to Improves blood circulation

As you switch your lifestyle with pilates, you will become more flexible which support better blood circulation in the entire body. It makes your blood flow freely in all nerves and organs. Good blood circulation helps in cell growth, organ’s function and promote healthier skin.

Pilate benefits during and posts pregnancy

Apart from other benefits pilate also helpful for pregnant women and post pregnancy. During pregnancy you will experience many changes which will put a strain on your body alignment but performing pilates can help to maintain your fitness levels. It also helps to restore pelvic muscles strength and promote body mechanism which essential to maintain childbirth strain.

Have pelvic floor strength can ease the childbirth and pilate helps to recover lost strength after delivery.

Pilate reduce headaches

Sometimes women experience a headache, neck ache and backache due to poor posture. Pilate helps to reduce a headache and also migraines. It may help to reduce, temporary or a complete headache and get relief. Pilate basically improves posture which automatically prevents the headache occurrence.

Pilate reduce insomnia

According to one study, performing regular pilates can help you get sound sleep. A good night sleep without disturbance is important for a healthy lifestyle because sleep disturbance can cause you many health problems. Regular pilates can help to get more energy and better mood.

With the above amazing benefits, Pilates gives you an opportunity to go out and connect with new people. You can enjoy this workout with similar minded people and improve your health. Comment below about your pilate experience.

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