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How to Use Body Fat Percentage Calculator : Measure Body Fat Percentage

You can measure body fat percentage in different ways.  A simple body fat calculator can be an easy method. It will save your time and do not require special tools. You can measure with tape to know about your body fat. You can also calculate the body fat percentage with other devices and machines.

What is Body Fat Percentage?

The body fat percentage is necessary for fitness level measurement. The direct calculation is the way to find the fat percentage with weight and height. Many people use body mass index (BMI). This measurement helps to know adiposity comparison of different weights and heights. Due to composition difference, BMI increases adiposity. But, other signs of body fat provide a more significant result.

For example:

The individual with large bones and greater muscle mass will have higher BMIs. BMI is a good indicator for only fitness levels. It cannot determine the individual’s health.

The body fat percentage is the total amount of fat divided by total body mass. There are two types of body fat such as

Storage Fat:

It is a build up fat consist of adipose tissue. It helps to shield the abdomen, chest and internal organs. When you eat fat the body break it to pass in the bloodstream. This fat will get burned for energy or stored in fat cells for future use. The body stores fat cells all over the body. More fat cells stored in the abdomen area. If you have an inactive lifestyle, your metabolism gets slow. You will burn less energy, and the fat increases its build-up until the body needs it. It leads to obesity and other health problems.

Essential Fat:

It helps to manage the reproductive functions and life. The percentage of essential body fat is more significant for women than men. It helps hormonal function and childbearing ability. You need to cut the fat from your diet for weight loss. But essential fats are still necessary. It helps for the body functions such as

  • Healthy cell membrane formation
  • Nervous system and brain development
  • Adrenal and thyroid activity
  • Hormones production
  • Regulating functions of liver, inflammation and blood pressure
  • Blood clotting regulating
  • Helps to break down cholesterol
  • Promote healthy skin and hair

How to Use Body Fat Percentage Calculator?

Do you know how to calculate your body fat or fat percentage? There are many calculator sites available on the internet. But you should know what all things need to figure out to find the fat percentage. Let’s have a look at the mathematical formula.

An easy way to calculate the body fat percentage

Try calculating your body fat percentage with below formula. This formula is not applicable for bodybuilders and pregnant women.

1 Feet = 30.48 cm
1 Inch =2.54 cm

Example for Male:

Height – 5 feet 8 inches

Weight – 80 kg

Convert height from inches to centimeters for further calculation

5 x 30.48    = 152.4 cm

8 x 2.54    = 20.32 cm

Total               172.72 = 173cm (height)

Step 1:

Find ideal body weight according to the height.

173 – 100 = 73 kg (100 is ideal weight for male)

Step 2:

Find out overweight or underweight.

Current body weight – IBW

80 – 73 = 7 kg (the individual is overweight with 7 kg)

Step 3:

Fat% – 15 + 7 = 22%

For reference: (15 is an ideal body fat percentage for males)

If the individual is underweight, then also you need to add it with 15 to find the fat percentage.

Example for Female:

Height – 5 feet 5 inches

Weight – 56 kg

Convert height from inches to centimeters for further calculation

5 x 30.48    = 152.4 cm

5 x 2.54    = 12.7 cm

Total        165.1 = 165cm (height)

Step 1:

Find ideal body weight according to the height

165 – 105 = 60 kg (105 is ideal weight for female)

Step 2:

Find out overweight or underweight.

Current body weight – IBW

56 – 60 = – 4 kg (the female is underweight with 4 kg)

Step 3:

Fat% – 20 + 4 = 24%

For reference: (20 is an ideal body fat percentage for females)

If the woman is overweight, add it with 20 to find the fat percentage.

Another formula for body fat percentage calculation:

Use this formula in the morning. Morning time is perfect for waist measurement and body weight. You need to have 7 -8 hours sleep for proper calculation.

The formula of Body Fat Percentage for Women

Point 1: (0.732 x Total weight of body) + 8.987

Point 2: Wrist measurement (at complete point) / 3.140

Point 3: Forearm measurement (at complete point) x 0.434

Point 4: Waist measurement (at naval) x 0.157

Point 5: Hip measurement (at the complete point) x 0.249

Thin Body Mass    Point 1 + Point 2 – Point 3 – Points 4 + Point 5

The weight of Body Fat     Total weight of body – Thin Body Mass

Percentage of Body Fat     (Weight of Body Fat x 100) / total bodyweight

The formula of Body Fat Percentage for Men

Point 1: (1.082 x Total body weight) + 94.42

Point 2: Waist measurement x 4.15

Thin Body Mass    Point 1 – Point 2

The weight of Body Fat    Total weight of body – Thin Body Mass

Percentage of Body Fat    (Weight of Body Fat x 100) / total bodyweight

For body measurement, this method uses fractions to estimate the fat percentage. For men and women, the calculation is different.

Guideline for Calculating Most Reasonable Body Fat Percentage

Body Weight

Do the measurement in the morning for good result. Your body weight will fluctuate in the daytime. So, it is a wise choice to check your body weight before you eat anything.

Body Measurement

Take your body measurement with soft and flexible tape. Do not use elastic tape.

How to measure your body?

Measure every edge of your body parts. Keep the tape firm on your skin. You can measure with metric or English unites tape. Keep in mind measurement for women and men are different.

Measurement for Men and Women

Present weight: You can use a digital scale

The Circumference of Waist:

Measure your more significant part of the belly at right from the belly button. Keep the measuring tape to the floor levels. Stay calm and breathe while taking a measurement.

The circumference of Wrist:

Measure your wrist. You will need a partner to take an accurate measurement.

The circumference of Hips:

Measure your hips large parts around a posterior extension of the butts.

The Circumference of Forearm:

Measure arm’s fullest part under the elbow. Keep your body relax and take a partner’s help. Do not flex or bend your arm while measuring.

Body Fat Percentage Categories

Once, you get all number of body measurement. Now you can calculate the body fat percentage. The percentage is different for men and women. According to the American Council on Exercise, body fat has five different ranges of categories such as

  • Essential
  • Athlete
  • Fitness
  • Acceptable
  • Obese

The above categories rely on your body fat and specific fitness level. According to ACE, an individual’s lifestyle choice is necessary for deciding body fat.

Body Fat Diseases Risk

According to ACE, the men with body fat percentage more than 25 have a risk of getting diseases. And, women with body fat percentage 32 develop the illness. There are other measurements, which helps to assess the condition such as cardiovascular.

Body mass index (BMI) is the best evaluation tool. It is a number which helps to assess your body size. It is not body fat. But, it is a general score to know the whether your weight is healthy or not. The calculation number depends on your height and weight. If you have more body weight than your height, it counted as body fat.

Why You Need Body Fat Percentage Measurement?

Body fat percentage matters for good health. If you planned weight loss, you might use a simple weight scale to check progress.  But measuring body fat percentage can show you more than a simple measurement scale.

During weight loss plan eat healthy food and boost your immune system. Focus on fat loss rather than weight loss. Your fitness level increase by fat-free mass. It includes organs, muscles, blood, bone and connective tissues.

While weight loss, muscle loss also occur. But it is not the weight you are looking to cut off. Maintain good muscle mass. It helps body function to work more efficiently. It gives a tight and lean appearance.

Body fat measurement helps to show you, how your fitness programme is working. It helps to maintain fat-free body mass.

Other Ways to Calculate Body Fat Percentage

Skin Caliper Measurements

You can measure body fat with a skin caliper. You can buy it and use at home. You can also hire a gym professional to help you. To estimate body fat pinch your skin with calipers tool. It will provide you accurate percentage than the calculator. But the accuracy depends on calipers using skills.

Bioelectrical Impedance

Bioelectrical Impedance is a technique for measuring body composition. It gives a quick analysis of water and fat percentage in your body. It is a pain-free and safe device. It sends an electrical signal into your body to calculate the fat. It is a convenient method but affects hydration levels to get perfect results.

DEXA Scanning

The DEXA scan is a fast and pain-free method. In this method, you need to sleep on an X-ray table for a body scan. Wear metal free cloths to avoid its image on x-ray. It will show the total body fat, muscle mass, and fat tissues.

Hydrostatic Weighing

It is also one of the fat percentage measuring methods.  It is also known as underwater weighing. In this method an individual need to sit down in the water tank and hold the breath. It measures the mass per unit volume of the body.

How to Maintain Body Fat

After measuring you know your body fat percentage. The technique is a simple equation: burn more calories than your intake. But the fat reducing process is complicated. A constant healthy diet can help you. Weight loss is different from fat loss. It means you need to change the lifestyle.

Consulting a healthcare expert will benefit you. If you fall under athlete or essential category, consider gaining weight. Fat loss doesn’t apply to a pregnant woman. A pregnant woman should not try for weight loss or fat loss. A pregnant woman is growing a baby inside and needs plenty of nutrition.

Take your doctor advice for fat loss, if you are suffering from any health disease.

Diet for Fat Loss

The food you eat is essential in losing fat or gaining. You may feel interested in following the popular diet. But fad diets won’t work on everyone. The things matter for fat loss is changing your lifestyle such as

Reduce Liquid Calories of Daily Intake

During fat loss diet stop drinking lot of calories drink. Avoid sugary drinks. According to research, replacing sweet fizzy drink with water can reduce the daily calorie intake of 17 % to 11%.

Eat More and Slow

Eating slow can reduce the stress of hormones. According to a research an individual who eats slowly will consume low calories and feel full longer. The quicker you eat, the less time you give your body to sense fullness. Eating fast affects the gut hormone. This hormone will be unable to signal the brain about the food you eat. It will cause you to eat less than you usually have. It will result in weight gain or excess body fat.

Stay Hydrate

Drink plenty of water. It is the crucial point for a fat loss. Drinking more water helps in body functions such as

  • Digestion
  • Lubricate Joints
  • Regulate body temperature
  • Help to boost metabolism

Maintain Strength

Lifting more weight will need more workouts. Continue your regular exercise for maintaining muscle strength. Some people concentrate on cardio for fat loss. Adding more muscle helps to lose more fat. Muscles stay more active than fat. So, Maintain more muscles to burn more calories.


Reduce your stress level and have a sound sleep. Stress hormone causes you weight gain. Eating healthy food and caring yourself will help to maintain a healthful lifestyle. Eat well nutritious and exercise every day to stay motivated and fit.

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