How Diet Soda Linked To Premature Birth

It has been found out that there is a significant link between premature births and regular consumption of soda drinks.  This was discovered through studies conducted in Denmark which looked at almost 60,000 pregnant respondents.

It gave focus on the pregnant women’s consumption as well as the effects of diet soda the pregnancy itself.  According to the study, women who consume more diet sodas and other sweetened soft drinks had developed a higher chance of premature delivery for their babies.

Statistically speaking, the risk of premature births had been calculated at 38%.  These were women who had one diet soda per day as opposed to those women who did not consume any sodas at all.  According to some experts, this has been an alarming development because it may mean that there would be an increased chance of more premature births in the future.

Furthermore, experts also say that the more diet soda a pregnant woman takes in, the higher the risk.  Specifically, if a woman who is pregnant drinks about four cans of diet soda or higher, she will have an 80% chance of having premature labor and birth.

Additional Data

Other studies have shown a link between regular soda and high blood pressure exclusively.  In connection, drinking diet sodas or sodas with artificial sweeteners have been exclusively connected to premature births.  Whether this is good or bad news still remains to be seen.

Here are some of the most common sweeteners that are usually used for diet sodas.

  • Aspartame
  • Saccharin

The former is the most popular and has the alarming ability to break down within the body just like other toxic compounds that you have to be careful of (Formaldehyde, formic acid).  This being said, pregnant women are always advised to consume everything in moderation particularly during pregnancy.

In this way, they will be able to avoid any other complications that may arise because of the consumption of sweeteners apart from premature labor.  However, in light of this new research, pregnant women everywhere will be now thinking twice about taking diet soda into their system.

They will now be forced to search for healthier alternatives that will be safe not only for themselves physically but for the baby as well.  This will also be advantageous for all those other people who are not even pregnant.

It will help you become more health conscious and concerned about what you put inside your body.  Simply put, anything that might increase the risk of premature labor or birth does not have anything good within it in terms of composition.

Possible Healthier Alternatives

Here are some healthy alternatives for diet soda in case you are pregnant.  If you have any of these available in stores near your own area of residence, it would be advisable for you to add this to your grocery list.

  • Lower calorie soda beverages with natural sweeteners
  • It is also advisable for you to add lemon to your water, if only to satisfy your craving for sweets.
  • In addition, if you really want to experience drinking sodas, it is much more advisable for you to drink the regular version of the soda instead of diet soda because it has less of the artificial sweetener that may cause trouble for your physical body.
  • It would be much healthier for you to just eat a lot of fruits and drink juices if you’re really craving sweets.  This way, you will be able to keep your baby safe but still satisfy your craving for sugar.

Always remember that you do not have to suffer without sugar for very long while pregnant. You just have to know where to look in terms of healthier alternatives to satisfy your sugar craving for the next nine months.

Risks Involved

However, there are also possible risks that could be involved in ingesting regular soda.  According to some medical studies, carbonated beverages such as soda can be linked to bone weakness for women.  This is because carbon has the ability to filter calcium from the body.  If this happens, the calcium supply for your bones will become insufficient.

Therefore, it is very important for people especially women to try and keep their consumption of carbonated drinks to a minimum.  This especially applies to the female population because they are the ones who have a greater risk of developing brittle bones and osteoporosis as soon as they reach a certain age.

Final Tips

As a pregnant woman, it is important for you to make sure that you are able to take care of yourself because you are now responsible for someone else’s life other than yours.  You will become a mother soon enough and if you’re not be able to take care of your body while pregnant, it will increase the chances of the baby having inborn conditions that may end up affecting him or her not only physically but emotionally and socially as well.

You have to make sure that you can give the proper support and love that the baby would need in order to survive and have a normal life as soon as he reaches this earth.  If you are able to do this, then you will have completed the first step to rearing a healthy and happy child of your own.

In addition, do not hesitate to ask for help if you feel that you’re not able to handle it yourself.  There is no shame in asking for aid especially if you are a first time mother.  Reading about prenatal care may also help you understand the nature of your condition as well as what you should be exactly doing in order to take care of your baby while still in the womb.

Always remember that knowledge is power and if you have a lot of knowledge, you will never go wrong in taking care of your baby.  Aside from your family, do not hesitate to ask your doctors for help regarding prenatal and postnatal care.  In this way, you would be able to be the best mother that you can be for your child even during pregnancy.

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