How Many Carbs Should You Eat Per Day to Lose Weight

In this modern world everyone is conscious about their personality. The most important things that shape the personality is your appearance. Everyone wants to look appeasing and crave for the body posture which enhances their personality. Nowadays the extra weight is a problem form many. People even go going for the cosmetic surgeries such as tummy tuck or liposuction to get rid of the sagging deposit body fats.The most conventional reasons which built these fats is the habit of eating unhealthy and consuming more carbohydrates than required by the body.

According to many dietitian; the most effective way to lose weight is to reduce the amount of carbohydrates in your daily diet. The low carbohydrate consumption directly reduces your appetite, which ultimately resulted in losing weight. From just controlling your carbohydrate daily consumption, you no longer need to concern about the quantity. In normal dietetic practice, you have to skip foods now and then; but from low carb diet, you lose the weight by satisfying your stomach hunger.

How Many Carbs Should You Eat Per Day to Lose Weight

Why People Choose Low Carb Diet

In the old days, we have seen that dietitian recommend to consume low fats and calculated calories. Various people properly follow the low calories diet method; but the diet proves to be not effective and usually fails to generate any fluctuation in the weight. So health authorities start searching for the alternatives, luckily they found one; which is a low carb diet, from which you can shed pond in a very short time period. In this low carb diet, a persons daily carbohydrate intake is going to restrict which then replaced from the proteins and fats.

Various studies show that low crab diet satisfy the appetite and manage to make you eat low calories, which is pretty effective when you want to lose weight. The low carb diet is not a magic so, if you want to lose the weight go with the low carbohydrate diet. The Low carb diet benefit is not limited to losing weight, but it provides other health benefits such as it maintains the sugar level, blood pressure and stimulates the production of good cholesterol (HDL) and repair the pattern of the bad cholesterol (LDL).

Low Carb Lovers Diet

How To Determine The Carbohydrates Need For Your Body

There is no thumb rule for the low carb diet. The carbohydrate, which is low for an individual might be not low for the others. The carbohydrates depend on the age, sex, body, their lifestyles, metabolism and what food they prefer to eat. It has been seen that those persons who carry muscles are into performing many physical activities can abide more crab than the person who spent more time sitting. The metabolism is also a prominent factor in measuring the carbohydrates, when the metabolism gets disrupted you are prone to get suffer from diabetes and get obese. So these people are bearing any kind of disease can’t digest the same amount of carbohydrates than the healthy person can.
The basic guideline is to remove excess carbohydrates from your daily diet; such as whole wheat and extra sugar item which are unhealthy carbohydrates and from avoiding them you are moving towards a healthy life. Although there is no research paper and scientific assumption is available which illustrate that how much a carbohydrate intake is sufficient for anybody requirements. Let’s take a rough assumption how a particular body intake carbohydrates.

100-150 Grams To Maintain The Weight

Those people who are trying to maintain the weight;who is healthy and active usually can intake a moderate carbohydrate.

You can lose weight by this much in taking of carbohydrates, but for this you need to understand that you have to control the calories and portion as well when you are trying to lose weight by consuming 100- 150 grams carb at a day. The carbohydrates that you can consume to maintain the weight are:

  • Any vegetable.
  • Numerous pieces of fruit a day.
  • Few healthy starch (limited) including potatoes, sweet potatoes and healthy grains like rice and oats.

20-50 Grams For Weight Loss

It is the perfect low carbohydrates range if a person is willing to lose the weight fast and it also improve the metabolic health. When a person is taking lower than 50 gram carbohydrate per day, then the body shifted to the ketosis. Ketosis function is to take energy to the brain, they are renowned as ketone bodies. These ketone bodies automatically start killing the hunger of your appetite, which ultimately resulted in losing weight. For reducing the weight; the range of carbohydrates you requires to lose weight are:

  • Various vegetables that contain low carbohydrates
  • Few berries
  • Find crab in foods like avocado, nuts and seeds

Remember that when we say low carb that doesn’t mean no crabs, there is plenty of low crab vegetable present which you can start from.

Understand The Difference Between Good Or Bad Carb


A Low carb diet not only essential to weight loss, but it also gives you other additional health benefits. Try to get low carb form the healthier sources rather than from unprocessed fats. Try to attain a real way to get the low carb, because the low crab form junk foods are not good for you.

For the health benefits go with the foods that are more natural rather than those processed foods which includes meat, Fish, egg, nuts, vegetable and dairy products. Avoid extra sugar and wheat because they generate excessive amount or carbohydrates.

If you are a moderate carb pursurer than approach the starch which is not refined, such as sweet potatoes, rice, oats etc.

Low Carb Diets Removes The Deposit Fats:

Low carbs diet is really effective in order to control the level of insulin in our body. Insulin is basically a hormone that functions to get glucose from the carbohydrates to the cells. Another role of insulin is to store the fats in your body. Many healthier nutrition has a firm believe that low carb diet works well to lose weight to the reason that they low the level of insulin hormones. According to a research report when the low carb diet person is evaluated, it has been found that in low carb diet; person lost a good amount of fat and possess the muscles at the very time. It has also been registered in this study that low carb diet is really effective in order to remove the fats from the abdominal area which is the most resistant fats and the core reason for generating many health problems.

The low carb diet can make you lose weight and it is really easy to pursue. In this diet you have to just measure the carbohydrate intake. Eat simply the foods that contain proteins and healthy fats. You can also consume some low carbohydrate veggies, and you can add some nuts and fat free dairy products. A low carb diet not only reduces your weight, but also saves you from other health problems such as diabetes and metabolic syndrome. You have just need to avoid unprocessed food ; a diet can’t be simpler than low carb diet.

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