Low Testosterone In Young Men Symptoms And Causes

Reduce Chemical Exposure To Reverse Low Testosterone And Testicular Atrophy In Men

When it comes to increasing testosterone and naturally treating problems associated with it, such as testicular atrophy, weight gain and loss of motivation, the first thing that you need to do is get rid of all the chemicals in your body that could be having an effect.  Yes, many common chemicals that are in the environment could be causing low testosterone and testicular atrophy without you even realizing it.

So, where are these harmful substances and what are they used for?  You will probably be surprised to find that they are just about everywhere, in the food you eat, the air you breathe, and the products you use without even thinking about it.

Low Testosterone In Young Men Symptoms And Causes

Less Chemicals And More Testosterone

However, if you really want much more testosterone (and the bigger pair of testicles to go with them), then your first step has to be to reduce these harmful substances from your life, and yes, this will mean that you have to make some changes.

If you don’t make the effort to get the chemicals out of your system at the beginning, then the rest of your hard work will be much less effective, since the growth and hormone production will still be inhibited.

Yes, a detox sounds more like something your girlfriend might do on an expensive spa trip, but what the word really means is detoxification, or the removal of harmful substances. This is what you are doing when you eliminate these chemicals from your life, and we will look at exactly how to do that shortly.

What Does Testosterone Do?

Just as a quick overview, testosterone is the hormone in men that is responsible for the development of male sexual characteristics, including penile and testicle size.  It also contributes to libido, sperm production, and many other related aspects.

It rises in the body just before puberty, and leads to the growth spurt and changes that you will remember from this time.  It is also needed for maintaining muscle mass and generally ensuring good health, including bone density.

With increasing numbers of men experiencing low levels of testosterone, it is no wonder that overall health is declining and people are seeking ways to boost hormone production naturally.

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The Effects Of Low Testosterone In Men

Low testosterone has a wide range of unpleasant effects on the body, some of which are more noticeable than others. A decline in sex drive is probably the first thing you will notice, especially if you have always been someone who has had a high libido.

Less obvious signs of declining testosterone include fatigue, which can be caused by a many different problems, so is not specific to this, muscle weakness and depression.  None of these symptoms are likely to cause a doctor to diagnose low testosterone, because they are far too general and also extremely common.

If you’ve already tried whichever methods have been recommended to you, and seen no improvements, then you probably have low testosterone.

This is increasingly likely if you have noticed changes in the size of your testicles (known medically as testicular atrophy), have gained weight, or are struggling to concentrate on even the smallest of tasks.  Take steps now to prevent testosterone decline.

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Taking Steps To Reverse Low Testosterone

As we already saw, there are many common chemicals that can lead to reductions in your hormone levels.  These are usually in man-made products that are becoming increasingly popular.  Processed foods, chemicals such as cleaning products and pesticides, cosmetics and even medications can all have a dramatic impact on the levels of testosterone in your body, causing it to decline rapidly.

Chemicals that considerably reduce your testosterone production include:

  • Bisphenol A.
  • Xenoestrogens, including parabens.
  • Antibiotics.
  • Alcohol.
  • Cigarette smoke.
  • Steroids.

Although not a chemical, radiation from your mobile phone may also cause your testicles to atrophy, leading to lower hormone and sperm production, followed by the symptoms mentioned previously.  Computers may have the same effect, so put your laptop on a table, rather than balancing it on your legs.

Some of the substances listed here will be familiar to you, and it will be relatively easy to cut them out.  Drinking and smoking are two of the most important, and you should start to tackle these now.  Don’t expect to be able to stop immediately, particularly if your intake is high and has been for a long time – you will need help and support from those around you, and maybe even your doctor.  However, some of the names are products that you will never have heard of before, so how do you even begin to start avoiding these?

  • Bisphenol A.
    This is a controversial chemical found in most plastics, and has been in use since 1957.  However, it has been extensively investigated by the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) due to concerns about its safety, and as a result, it was banned from use in a wide range of children’s products, particularly bottles and drinking cups.  Although the effects of bisphenol A on adult health haven’t been proven, there are some extremely worrying results from clinical tests on rats.  So, if testosterone levels are starting to be a concern, you may want to know that these tests showed sperm reductions, and it is although thought to lead to erectile dysfunction and a range of other related problems.

Avoiding bisphenol A is probably not going to be easy, as it is one of the most common components of food packaging, and it can leach out into the food.  Plastic bottles and microwaveable containers, drinks cans and tins all contain bisphenol A.  This plastic is also used in durable paper products such as labels and tickets, so you really are exposed to it everywhere you go.

  • Parabens.
    Parabens are a group of chemicals that are classified as xenoestrogens.  As you might have guessed from this name, these have a similar effect to the female hormone oestrogen.  Don’t get me wrong, men have oestrogen in the body too, and it is needed for some functions, just as women need testosterone, but only in tiny amounts.  Parabens and other xenoestrogens are currently being investigated to find out what effects they may have on the male reproductive system, but the most likely changes include a reduction in the synthesis of testosterone, loss of libido and changes to the body (which will probably include muscle loss – a real blow if you have been working hard to get those muscles).

Parabens are found in most cosmetic products, but before you say that you don’t use cosmetics, think again.  If you shower regularly, washing your hair and body, then apply deodorant, or brush your teeth daily, then these products are all considered to be cosmetics.  It has recently been discovered that parabens have been responsible for some cases of breast cancer (yes, you can get breast cancer and some male cases are fatal), and they also have an impact on the way that the male reproductive system works.

Due to the concerns raised by the public, increasing numbers of cosmetics companies are now looking for alternatives to parabens, which do not have the same effects as oestrogen.  In order to eliminate parabens from your daily routine, you should look for toiletries that are organic, as these will not contain any artificial chemicals.  However, they will also have shorter expiry dates, so you should avoid buying in bulk and leaving full bottles sitting in your bathroom cupboards for ages.  Instead, just buy one bottle of each product at a time.

How To Eat To Increase Testosterone

You should also try to eat fresh food wherever possible, as this means that the products will not have been exposed to the chemicals in plastics.  It is important for your health to drink plenty of water, but rather than buying bottled supplies, use a filter for your tap water instead.  This will help to reduce your exposure to xenoestrogens, which can lower your testosterone levels considerably, as well as giving you a more feminine appearance (which you almost certainly do not want).

  • Steroids.
    Steroids, particularly of the anabolic variety, are extremely popular among bodybuilders because they help to build muscle rapidly.  However, what most men using these do not realise is that, when taken on a long term basis, they actually have the opposite effect to what you might expect.  The use of anabolic steroids will actually reduce the level of testosterone that your body is naturally synthesising, which will lead to the shrinking testicles that may be your main cause for concern at the moment.  You might get impressive short-term results by using these controlled substances (it is an offence to supply them and they are prescription only), but the impact it will have on your health really isn’t worth it.  You will get better results, although it will take longer, by using natural methods of increasing your testosterone.  You will also avoid the shrinking testicles, low sperm count and breast development that are all characteristic of steroid use.

Now that you know what could be causing the low libido, reduced testosterone and shriveled testes that have had you so concerned, avoiding these substances will help your body to recover.  However, it can take a while for all traces of these substances to slowly pass out of your body, which will obviously delay your recovery.  Carrying out some detoxification will speed up this process.

Your liver is the organ that breaks down chemicals and turns them into less damaging substances.  This becomes less effective when it is also dealing with large volumes of chemicals, alcohol and even rich food.  You will need to help your liver to detox by making some or all of the following changes.




    • This dilutes the chemicals, making them less dangerous, and encourages removal by the kidneys.  Fresh fruit

juices can also have the same effect,

    but are sometimes high in sugar.
  • Reduce your alcohol intake.  This means that your body can focus on the other chemicals, breaking them down much more rapidly.  It also reduces your risk of liver damage.
  • Try to avoid taking painkillers, particularly paracetamol, as these are extremely damaging to your liver.  If you have been prescribed medications, ask your doctor about their effects, but do not suddenly stop taking them as this could cause even greater damage.
  • Follow the Paleo diet.  Yes, it sounds like yet another food fad, but there is a real scientific basis behind this one.  Our bodies are adapted to digest and gain energy from meat and vegetables, whereas the modern diet contains a lot of grains, such as wheat.  By going back to what is sometimes known as “the caveman diet”, we are reducing the amount of work that your body needs to do in order to obtain energy from food.  Fresh foods, which make up the Paleo diet, are extremely helpful in detoxing the liver, because they are rich in vitamins and antioxidants that help the body to heal any damage.
  • Supplements such as milk thistle extract, artichoke and dandelion also detox the liver effectively.

Once you have removed these substances from your body, you should start to notice your energy levels rising, which will improve your health considerably.  You can then begin to take steps to raise your testosterone level naturally, which will lead to the improvements you are really aiming to achieve.

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