3 Days Tuna Diet For Weight Loss: What it is, How It Works, Benefits and Risk

Including fish in the diet plan assures you the low level of cholesterol level and blood pressure, improved immune system, lowered inflammation, balance in weight loss and prevention of cancer. One of the saltwater fishes is tuna belonging to the category of animal protein offers the previously mentioned health benefits. Moreover, the abundance of high carbs and fatty foods in the food industry has instigated the outbreak of obesity which can be dealt with the tuna diet weight loss.

 Why becoming Overweight is not a Good Idea?

If you are underweight and wish to gain weight by binging on nutritious sustenance containing ample vitamins and minerals, protein, healthy fats and calories, you can stay in the safe zone. The condition starts to go downhill when you are taking more of saturated and trans fat, a huge amount of calories and a high level of carbohydrates.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is related to overweight when fat is stored around neck making the air passages small. Because of the small airway, it becomes onerous to breathe or snore loudly. Also, the storage of fat all over the body is prone to be the cause of inflammation.


One of the common health conditions is osteoarthritis that develops stiffness and pain in the joints. Due to the excess weight, excess pressure is put on the cartilage and joints for carrying your body around.

Pregnancy Issues 

Women during pregnancy are susceptible to undergo various health complications if they are obese. High blood sugar is one of the common problems that most of the women observe over the course of time. Furthermore, the newborn may suffer from the defects of the spinal cord and brain.

 Apart from these, mentioned conditions, there is a huge risk of facing consequences of cancer, kidney diseases, type 2 diabetes and fatty liver diseases. However, ditching the processed and red meats, choosing tuna diet weight loss diet is highly advantageous.

Does Tuna have the Nourishing Factors for Your Body?

Whether you love a tuna wrap or sushi, you should know that this fish is loaded with healthy supplements for giving you energy.

Lowering Blood Pressure

Since overweight or obesity is associated with high blood pressure, the fish is capable of lowering your blood pressure level. Omega-3 fatty acids keep the risks of inflammation at bay improving the function of the cardiovascular system. Therefore, your heart stays health and the risks of heart attacks and stroke are minimized significantly.

Bettering Immune System

Containing zinc, manganese and vitamin C, tuna acts as an antioxidant that fights against the free radicals in your body. Cancer and other terminal diseases cannot grow on your body easily and the presence of selenium regulates the immune system at the optimal level.

Losing Weight

Being low in fat and calories, the fish is enriched with protein that is highly advantageous for health. Abundantly found omega 3-fatty acids stimulate the production of leptin. Leptin is a hormone that keeps up the food intake of body satiating the craving of consuming more foods.

Tuna also works towards maximizing its health benefits by contributing to growth and development and blood circulation of the body.

What is the 3-Day Tuna Diet Weight Loss?

The traditional tuna diet weight loss challenges you to consume six meals containing tuna for three consecutive days. At this time, you have to take 1-1.5 gm of protein as per every pound of your weight. The tuna diet weight loss limits all the possibilities of food cravings and your need of munching on junk foods.

A quick fact on the diet challenge is that the diet was primarily followed by the bodybuilders who were only a few days away from a contest. Your metabolic rate differs from a bodybuilder, no matter how well trained you are. However, when you embrace the diet plan, you should be able to continue it and cut down the consumption of junk foods on a large scale.

First Day of Tuna Diet Weight Loss


  • 1 cup warm water with lime juice and honey
  • ½ grapefruit
  • Black coffee/tea/green tea with a multigrain biscuit
  • 1/2 tbsp peanut butter on a slice of dry toast
  • 1 cup of soy milk
  • Scrambled egg whites
  • ½ cup of pomegranate


  • Tuna salad with black pepper, spinach, lime juice and tomatoes drizzled with a pinch of olive oil
  • Cucumber and corn can be added with the 150 gm of canned tuna
  • One slice of dry toast (1 tbsp peanut butter if you did not take more than 1 tbsp peanut butter in breakfast)


  • 3 oz. or 2 slices of meat
  • Tuna burrito
  • 1 cup red beets
  • 1 small apple
  • 1 cup green beans
  • ½ cup vanilla ice cream

How Beneficial is it for Your Health?

As breakfast is the most important meal, the tuna diet weight loss cannot be complete without a nutritious breakfast plan. Starting your day at 7:00 am – 7:30 am, you need to take the morning water which aids in flushing impure toxins out of the body.

  • Pomegranate has 1.9 gm protein in every 100 gm and also contains a decent amount of dietary fiber and vitamin C.
  • Multigrain biscuit and green tea can burn fat while satiating the hunger pangs. Also the green tea is a great example of an antioxidant.
  • Soy milk and egg whites ensure that your body has sufficient protein.
  • Tuna salad or tuna burrito is a good source of lean protein and dietary fiber.

Therefore, you can notice that the day one of the tuna diet weight loss is loaded with complex carbs, high amount of protein, plenty dietary fiber and low level of calories. The diet plan can only offer fruitful result if you follow a proper workout plan.

Day One: Workout Routine

By working out on a daily basis, you can increase the energy level and also maintain a healthy status.

  • Side lunge for two sets of five reps
  • Pushups for two sets of five reps
  • Ankle rotation for one set of ten reps
  • Crunches for two sets of ten reps
  • Spot jogging for five to ten minutes
  • Squat for one set of ten reps
  • Stretch


If you are allergic to any of the mentioned food ingredients or do not wish to munch on those food products, here is a list of substitutes.

  • Black pepper – White pepper
  • Tomato – Zucchini
  • Soy milk – Low-fat milk or almond milk
  • Multigrain biscuit – Saltine cracker
  • Apple – Pomegranate
  • Lime juice – Apple cider vinegar
  • Honey – Fenugreek seeds
  • Spinach – Kale
  • Olive oil – Virgin coconut oil
  • Green tea – Oolong tea

At the end of the day, you will realize that it is simple and easy to follow diet challenge. Thereafter, a sense of happiness will linger on your mind and you will look forward to the second day for a new experience.

Second Day of Tuna Diet Weight Loss


  • 1 cup of warm water with 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
  • Spinach and egg sandwich/scrambled egg
  • ½ or 1 banana
  • ½ carrot juice
  • Green tea
  • 1 slice of dry toast


  • Tuna lettuce wrap
  • 1 cup of buttermilk
  • 1 cup of cottage cheese
  • 5 saltine crackers


  • 3 oz. or 2 meat slices
  • Baked tuna with vegetables
  • ½ cup carrots
  • 1 cup broccoli
  • 2 hot dogs
  • 1 banana
  • 1 glass of low-fat milk


How Good is it for Your Weight Loss?

Eggs are enriched with protein and apple cider vinegar works towards reducing weight. Carrots offer a good deal of dietary fiber along with complex carbs and the tuna lettuce wrap makes sure that you stay active after having the lunch instead of taking a siesta.

Again tuna with vegetables leave your tummy satisfied at night and aid in rebuilding muscle fibers. Additionally, it is better to take the dinner around 7:30 pm because the metabolism can work well in burning fat.

Day Two: Workout Routine

Taking suggestions from your fitness guru, you can consider adding these body movements in your exercise plan.

  • Jumping jacks for two sets of ten reps
  • Scissor kicks for two sets of ten reps
  • Squats for one set of ten reps
  • Wrist rotation for one set of ten reps
  • Ankle rotation for one set of ten reps
  • Forward lunges two sets of ten reps


For bringing a change into your traditional tuna diet weight loss, you can opt for these food items,

  • Buttermilk – Coconut water
  • Eggs – Mushroom
  • Apple cider vinegar – Lemon juice
  • Lettuce – Chinese cabbage
  • Carrot – Cucumber

Third Day of Tuna Diet Weight Loss


  • 1 cup of warm water mixed with lime juice
  • 1 cup of watermelon juice
  • 2 almonds
  • Egg frittata
  • 5 saltine crackers
  • Green tea
  • 1 glass of apple juice
  • ½ of Greek yogurt


  • Tea/water/black tea
  • Egg and kale salad mixed with tuna
  • Coconut water
  • 1 slice of dry toast


  • 1 cup cauliflower
  • Grilled tuna steak
  • 1 cup red beets and frozen mixed fruit
  • 1 cup of warm of low-fat milk
  • ½ cantaloupe

Benefits of the Diet

Having a decent amount of protein, dietary fiber and complex carbs, egg frittata is a great option to start your day with. The citrus enhances your energy level in the morning giving your health an extra push for burning fat.

  • Tuna steak serves a large amount of protein which is required for maintaining healthy body functions.
  • Coconut water is a good source of offering electrolytes helping one to lose weight.
  • Tuna salad can become more flavorful and nutritious with the addition of kale and spinach.

Almonds are great for adding healthy fats and preventing inflammation so that you continue to lose weight.

Day Three: Workout Routine

  • Yoga
  • Spot jogging
  • Arm rotation
  • Tricep dips
  • Wrist rotation
  • Neck rotation
  • Side lunges

Substitute Foods

  • Kale – Spinach
  • Almonds – Walnut
  • Watermelon – Cucumber
  • Egg frittata – Vegetable semolina
  • Coconut water – Low-fat yogurt

Henceforth, with various benefits and few risks, tuna diet weight loss is feasible since your taste buds remain alive. Your body does not encounter any adverse effects and the approach contributes to fulfilling the needs of the body.

Tips to Follow

  • The calorie burning workouts for up to one hour can increase the speed of weight loss while including maximum health benefits simultaneously.
  • Focus on drinking ½ of your weight per day. For an example, if your weight is 190 lbs, you should drink 9 cups/day or 90 oz.
  • Half banana will make you satisfied and prevent your demand for emotional eating.
  • The addition of more Greek yogurt, oatmeal or fresh veggies and fruits will limit your hunger pangs.
  • Tuna diet weight loss is only recommended for three days and not for a whole week or month. Within three days, you can lose around ten pounds easily.

Risks Associated with too much of Tuna Consumption

There is hardly any fish as nutritious as tuna but there are certain risks with too much of it in your diet. Women during pregnancy and young children are more prone to the risks.

  • Tuna contains mercury which leads to numbness of extremities, tremors, vision loss and memory loss.
  • Many of the manufacturing companies use salt even before going through the canning method and it spikes the sodium amount in tuna.
  • Going for the tuna packed in oil is not a good option like the tuna packed in water. The condiments and other ingredients have a high amount of fat which will hinder the effectiveness of the tuna diet weight loss.

In order to receive a quick solution to the weight gain problem, the importance of tuna diet weight loss has no bounds. But you should not go overboard with the addition of tuna in your daily meal because everyday consumption has its negative impact on your health. Henceforth, for an effective low-calorie diet spanning over a short period of time, the tuna diet for weight loss has gained much popularity among a general community of people.

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