7 Useful Tips to Enhance The Breast Augmentation Experience

Breast Augmentation has gained immense popularity among women worldwide, especially over the last few years. Women are now more aware of how they want their bodies to be and not succumb to their inherent physical flaws. More and more women now opt for breast augmentation surgeries after living with a flat chest for years.

Breast Augmentation

Out of the world hubs of breast augmentation surgery, Plastic surgery in Atlanta is very common as the surgery centers that are present there are some of the best in the world. At the most popular breast augmentation Atlanta centers, the patient undergoes a comfortable and satisfactory procedure to increase their cup size with breast implants and gain a figure they have been earning for.

Back when this type of surgery appeared on the medical scene, there were a lot of hitches, fears and risks. Over the years, the procedures have been improved; so much so the breast augmentation surgeries at present give flawless, satisfactory results and less painful recovery time. And although the procedure has now been standardized, still there are things that you can prepare for ahead of the surgery to make sure you have the most fulfilling times. You can plan as to what you can do before and after the surgery to achieve the best of results. There are several things that can be done to ensure a quick recovery and low complication rate in addition to achieving best possible end results.

Mentioned below is a roundup of some of these tips that you can use as a guide, hope all these tips can help you before going under the knife:

1. Try Out Some Breast Sizers

Wouldn’t it be comforting if you could decide to your heart’s fill what breast size you want? Modern world has breast sizers available for just the thing. This is a tool that will help you anticipate as to how your chest would look like once the breast implants are in place. All you need are two tight sports bras to test the implant sizers with respect to volume. This will help you be certain about what your end result is going to be and will also give you a feel about your post-surgery appearance. Now you can know the size of your new breasts ahead of time, before the permanent changes take place. This is also an excellent way to get rid of the pre-surgery anxiety as it acts like a motivation too.

2. Pick An Experienced Surgeon

The type of result that you will achieve post-surgery depends a lot on the selection of your plastic surgeon. It matters a lot as to how he handle your needs. In short, you need someone who is experienced and expert enough to get you your desired results. And why shouldn’t you? This is your body and you wouldn’t want an amateur to do experiments on it. It is recommended that you should go for someone who has been in this business for years and has gathered excellent reviews through experience. You need to have the security that you and your body is in trusted hands.

3. Customize Your Surgical Plan

One size does not fit all. Every woman has different body features and desires. So it is of crucial importance that the surgical plan is customized with respect to the body and needs of every woman. The surgeon you select has to devise a plan that is tailored to your needs. There is a lot that needs to be thought about, for instance should you go for silicone or saline implants, should they be smooth or textured, what your incision point will be, how much volume do you want and similar things. It is always a good idea to not make a shot in the dark and to do a little homework as to what feels good to you and then talk it out with your surgeon.

4. Lower The Risk of Complications

You need to take into consideration the post-surgery risk of complications. The complications that may arise after the surgery include deflation, capsular contracture, nipple numbness, asymmetry, infection, displacement and other similar problems. Contingency plan for these problems should be your primary concern. You should also be aware of the fact that no matter how proactive your surgeon is, no expert can guarantee prevention against these complications that follow breast augmentation procedure. Prospective breast augmentation candidates should know that this information is in no way an attempt to dampen someone’s resolutions but a vital piece of information to save you from a lot of trouble later on.

5. Laying Out The Surgical Plan

Your surgeon needs to lay out a complete breast augmentation surgery plan to keep things out in the open. There are steps that need to be taken to enhance the surgical experience and it is your surgeon’s job to walk you through them. You need to sit with your surgeon and discuss this plan until you are completely satisfied. You have all the right to do so.

6. Speeding Up The Post Surgery Recovery

It is significant that you learn ways to speed up the recovery after your breast augmentation surgery so that you can get back to your daily routine at your earliest and decrease the risk of complications. For instance minimizing nausea and pain are the key factors that can help in a quick recovery. A strong will power goes a long way too!

7. Lift vs No Lift

You need to decide this beforehand whether you want a breast lift in addition to your breast augmentation or the breast implants alone would be enough to achieve what you desire. For that you need to understand that a breast lift surgery cannot affect the size of your breast, it will only raise your nipples. Breast augmentation on the other hand will affect the size of your breasts and not raise the nipples. Although these two surgeries are looked up as two different procedures but they can be performed at the same time for different reasons of course.

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