How Workout Affects Our Eyes

The mere thought of exercise makes most of the people instantly dizzy. They do know it is important for their health to do the workout, but they always have so many excuses for not going to the gym. However, not only will exercising do well for your body, but it will benefit your eyesight as well. The risk of eye disease can be significantly decreased if you start working out at least a few times a week.

Exercises for Better Eyesight

Aerobics, for example, lowers pressure in your eyes, which keeps the retinal ganglion cells protected. Furthermore, the flow of blood to the optic nerve and retina is increased by cardio exercises. Thanks to these effects, eye vison and health are bound to be improved but people suffering from glaucoma are the ones to benefit the most from these effects.

A 20-minute walk in the park, four times a week will be of great help to your eye health. It will increase the pulse by 25 percent. If you think about it, 20 minutes is the perfect minimum, and it will not affect your other obligations you have to do on a certain day. It is a time well spent, especially considering it can significantly improve your health.

Aside from walking, you can try swimming, bike riding, dancing, or running. Choose any of the activities that you feel comfortable doing, and it will benefit both your eyesight and your heart health.

Eye Exercises

An eye exercise considers moving eye muscles to create up-and-down, side-to-side, or circular motion. This way you work the muscles controlling back-and-forth movement of eye’s natural lens, in order to achieve sight at multiple distances. It is possible to train eyes to see better in various ways. Children who are diagnosed with early vision problems such as amblyopia, also known as lazy eye, may be in need for specific type of vision therapy. That way their eyes will work together properly and their vision will be developed normally.

The See Clearly Method was widely promoted method and included further eye exercises.

The tromboning exercise concerned holding a small object at arm’s length, inhale, and then move the object in, to touch the tip of your nose. Afterwards, a person would exhale, look at the object, and move it back out. Tromboning improves control of the extraocular muscles, stimulates the flow of nutrients inside the eyes and exercises the focusing mechanisms. Some other exercises improved eye coordination or straightened misaligned eyes.

The flexibility of the muscles that govern the eye’s focusing power and control its movement was said to be significantly strengthened and enhanced, by 30 minutes of See Clearly Method exercises a day. One of the activities described as new visual habits, included a person holding a finger up as he or she varied their focus back and forth from the finger to a distant object.

Booster techniques were also a part of the See Clearly Method, and they were intended for addressing problems or encouraging faster progress. One technique was called blur reading and it concerned a person turn a magazine upside-down at a distance from which the words were blurry. Then they were supposed to select a word and run gaze around it. If they could pick out any letters, they run gaze around them again.

Another technique from the See Clearly Method’s 10 booster techniques was the Scanning Chart exercise. It involved a patient position the chart just into his or her blur zone, jump from dot to dot alongside the music on the exercise video. The booster techniques were meant to encourage faster progress.

A light therapy is another useful eye exercise, and it included the following: a person had to sit with their eyes closed and their face six inches from an unshaded 150-watt bulb, far enough to make their eyes pleasantly warm. Afterwards, the affirmation was supposed to be repeated and the person should have visualize their inner lens becoming more flexible and the ciliary muscle more powerful.

The next in the See Clearly Method line of techniques was the palming. A patient should close his or her eyes and rest them against their palms. Meanwhile, hydrotherapy had them alternately placing hot- and cold-water-soaked towels against their eyes. These techniques helped visualization and affirmation.

Acupressure exercises concerned applying firm pressure to specific points surrounding the eyeball. A patient would press for just a second, then release, and continue this pattern.

The most common eyesight diseases such as age related macular degeneration, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy, could try to be treated with these eyesight exercises.

Eye Exercises of Modern Age

The UltimEyes app was created as a non-invasive interactive program designed specifically to improve vision by optimizing visual processing. The program includes four 25-minute sessions per week, for eight weeks. The sessions are fun and interactive games where users find and tap on hard-to-see dots on the screen. Studies conducted at the University, used baseball players as test subjects. The ones who finished the training session had a 31 percent increase in eyesight.

However, the app is not really changing the physical state of eyes. It is actually, rewriting the brain. The technique neuroplasticity is training the brain to better process the information it receives from one’s eyes. No matter how blurry the information is, it becomes more adept at interpreting data.

The method of perceptual learning is combined with interactive gaming dynamics in order to improve visual acuity, attention and sensitivity. Considering the exercises in UltimEyes app are challenging and fun, users become encouraged and they do not stop making progress.

The app helped users reverse the effects of aging eyes, see better in dim light, and read without glasses.

Not all exercises have to involve going to the gym and breaking sweat. A 20-minute eye workout will benefit your eyesight a lot. Try out some of these beneficial eyesight exercises if you feel you are not seeing as well as you used to. They will not harm you, for sure, so they can only help you see more clearly.

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