10 Best Exercise to Destroy Back Fat

10 Best Exercise to Destroy Back Fat :Tone up your back with these Exercises

Back fat is a combination of excess fat tissues of the body’s back muscles. Body fat is not a good sign of a healthy lifestyle. For some people, excess fat builds up according to their body shape. According to facts, obesity can lead to health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Excess body fat kills the confidence, which causes a long-term negative impact on the mind and leads to stress. Often, stress is the primary cause of body fat. Lack of physical activity you may become overweight or obese.

Back fat is a serious condition, which we often ignore. We become so selfish about our appearance that we concentrate on the front look and never pay attention to our body’s backside. But there are specific exercises which can destroy back fat.

Causes of fat storage in different parts of the body

The human body comprises of various hormones. These hormones are responsible for our appearance, interaction with others, food digestion. The leptin is also responsible for how we feel and response. Each hormone has its work to do. Some hormone doesn’t function properly, and other do. Though, some hormones work collectively to produce a typical result.

At some point we all have heard about the main hormone, that is cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone. It produced when our body undergoes stress. This hormone functions to reduce the stress level. When stress level becomes overwhelming, and cortisol level function immensely affects health. Even other hormones such as leptin, hunger hormone also get affected.

Often, doctors recommend, people who are trying to lose weight needs to reduce stress. Because the more stress you take, the more damage you do to your body. Too much stress effect hormones which regulate body weight, satiety and fat storage. Natural fat is genetic but more or less fat is displaced by hormones. Here are the essential hormones which cause fat storage.


Leptine hormone functions to the body to feel satiated and full after having a meal. Therefore, slow eating is suggested to feel stomach fuller. Why–because hormone takes time to send signals to the brain. If you eat slowly and the brain receives the eating signal you will feel full. Otherwise, after eating, the hunger hormone remains active, and you feel hungry. It will cause you overeating and fat gain.

Testosterone (HGH)

Another hormone is testosterone. It is a human growth hormone. They also cause the same problem when its level decreases. These hormones are responsible for male traits such as hair, deep voice and aggression. The low level of testosterone cause sagging chest in men. Even, low levels of this hormone lead cause fat storage in the back of the arms and legs which also look saggy.


Estrogen hormones are the primary cause of fat in the lower part of the body. It can be front or back side. Most woman experience a pear-shaped figure, actually it is caused by excess fat. The estrogen causes to raise the levels of alpha-adrenergic receptors in the lower parts of the body. This condition slows down the fat release.


Thyroid hormones are responsible for maintaining metabolism in the body. When thyroid hormones don’t work correctly may cause more calories to maintain weight levels. It means your body needs less food for keeping present body weight. If you don’t have a proper diet, then it will cause weight gain. It depends on the severity of condition and calories consumption. This thyroid imbalance causes fat storage in the body.

Other Causes of Back Fat

Poor Muscles Usage

Lack of using back muscles causes back fat. If your back muscles are inactive, then front muscles will create fat storage. Reduced muscles usage cause to lose the strength and tone definition. It causes loss of jiggly spots. Back exercise may help to lose fat.

Additional Pounds

If you have too much fat in the body, it will increase its storage in inactive parts of the body. Some people get frustrated with belly fat, and some feel awkward about their back fat. In a woman, a wish to wear cute and beautiful backless top will end up in hiding the back fat. Apart from belly, thighs, and waist, body back is the place to store fats. The problem with fat build-up is age. As age increase, you are more likely to get fat.

The love handles (excess fat in waistline) looks attractive in the 20s, but as you age 40, your hormone does the crazy changes to your body. Firstly, avoiding fat intake can help and secondly, tone and tightening exercise can help to lose the back fat.

Bad Posture

Poor posture may not build fat, but it influences your body fat. The proper pose is essential for proper physical appearance. It helps joints and bone health, reduces arthritis pain and spinal stress.

Men may develop back fat by poor posture by continues driving or sitting with the computer. Additionally, it put stress on the spine and causes to bend it. Poor body position may worsen as you age and increase chances of getting fat.

Here Are The Best Exercise to Destroy Back Fat

TYI Exercise

TYI is a back fat reducing exercise. It helps frozen shoulder, shoulder joint fractures, rotator cuff injury. It is the best to exercise for reducing upper back fat. You can stand or sit for doing this exercise. If you wish to stand for this exercise, make sure your back pressing toward the wall. You can place a ball between the wall and your back to determine your posture.

To start with, stretch your arms up parallel to the floor. This position will look similar to letter T. Make sure your back is pressing toward the wall at all times. Next, stretch your arms in a pose like a letter Y. Lastly, extend your both arms straight above your head, which look like letter I. During this exercise do not lift your body off the ground and keep your feet on the floor. The goal of this exercise is to feel the stretch from fingertips to ribs. You can do this exercise on the ground by lying on the mat.


It is the best exercise for the upper back. It helps to strengthen back muscles. Use band for assistance as this exercise is challenging. Make a circle of resistance band and bend it around the top of the pull-up bar. Then enfold it around feet. Pull up yourself, stay in position for 2 minutes and slowly get back down. You can do it one time or two according to your convenience. But gradually you can increase by every week.


Push-up is a standard exercise for back muscles. To do this exercise put your hands on the floor level. Your hand should be kept wider than the shoulders. As you come down, your back muscles get more involved. Do push-ups gently, keep breathing and feel the downward moves.

Dumbbell Row

Pose on one knee on a firm chair and hold a lightweight dumbbell in the opposite hand. Lightly bend the weight holding hand forward, but you need to pose your back flat.  As you adjust your upper body back and elbow flying over the side of the body, take back your arm in a rowing motion. You can repeat the exercise 12 times for each arm. Keep doing this exercise for three sets.

Dumbbell Pullover

Lay straight on your back and keep your both hands on the end of the dumbbell. Stretch your arm straight above your chest and let the dumbbell hang vertically. Move your palm upward while your hand holds the weight on top.

Stretch your abdominals to support your body. Lightly bend your elbows to pull the weight back. Reduce it as much as you can do behind your head. As you reduce the weight, you will feel a stretch in triceps and back. Reverse the dumbbell lightly to the starting point. Continue doing this exercise 8 – 12 times. Set a goal to finish 2 – 3 sets. Apart from back fat, this exercise also stimulates muscles and burn fat of arm and chest.

Bridge Knee Exercise

Bridge knee lift is a good exercise for back muscles toning. It also worth for inner thighs, hips flexor and butts. It is a useful exercise that shows fast result and tone the body without any equipment.

Learn how to do bridge knee workout.

  • Bend your legs and lie on your back. Place your feet on the floor under your knees.
  • Let your arms rest straight on sides and move up your hips. Make sure the position is aligned correctly with lower back, shoulders, and knees.
  • Let your stomach muscles remain tight all time. Lift your right foot upward and pull right knee near chest without putting hips down.
  • Keep right foot slowly down in a controlled motion. Now lift the left leg and move the left knee near the chest.
  • Do this exercise 20 times for each leg. You can stop the activity if your back muscles hurt.

Superman Lift

Superman lift exercise is named because it resembles a pose of Superman flying in the sky. This exercise target erector spinae which is a muscle group start from the skull to the sacrum. It helps to prevent lower back and strengthen back muscles.

Let’s know how to do this exercise.

  • Lie on your stomach and stretch your arm straight front side.
  • Keep your head, neck and upper body aligned and look down.
  • Engage your abs and at the same time lift your arms, chest, and feet.
  • Inhale for 5 -10 seconds and lose your back muscles to the floor.
  • You can also do this workout with a stability
  • Hold the ball between feet and squeeze. It will help to engage the glutes and inner thighs.

Warrior Three Pose

Warrior three is a standard balancing pose. It is a useful standing posture generates stability in the entire body. It combines muscles by arms, legs, and core. This exercise strengthens whole parts of your body back including shoulder, calves, and ankle. It also restores abdominal muscles.

  • To do this exercise, stand tall on the mat with both feet together.
  • Move your weight on the left leg by shifting right leg behind you.
  • Balance your body while taking parallel to the ground.
  • Stretch your arm straight in the front side.
  • Move naval toward your spine.
  • Take a deep breath five times. If you lose the balance and fall, try to come again in position. Do this exercise for 3 – 5 times.

Option: If you are unable to this exercise. You can try doing the bottom leg bent. Stretch your top leg and keep your knees on the floor. Still, you need to lift the hips and engage the abs during exercise.

Frog Crunches

This exercise requires a stability ball. Be careful doing this exercise because any wrong move causes you an injury. To do frog crunches lay down on the ball on your stomach and move your legs upward by moving knees away from the ball. Frog crunches help to strengthen the abdominal wall and tone your core. It provides relief to neck and back pain.

Side Leg Lift

Side leg lift activity supports pelvic lumber, lateral flexion, and twisted muscle regions. It helps to strengthen spinal region muscles.

To do this exercise follow the steps:

  • Lie straight on one right side of your body. Your legs and hips should be the side facing to the mat. Let your one hand rest back of your head to support your body.
  • Keep your left leg on top of the right leg. Raise up to the top leg about 3 or 4 inches and slowly lower down.
  • Repeat this exercise 6 – 8 times before dropping your fee back to the floor
  • Do the same movements for the left side

Back extension

The back-extension workout is good for strengthening back extensor muscle and abdomen.

  • Lay down on your stomach.
  • Put your arms both sides and keep your palm on sides of the thighs.
  • Put your legs straight with pointed toes.
  • Inhale and lift the upper trunk above the mat. Hold the tops of feet touched against the carpet.
  • Use your back and abdomen to stretch your trunk ahead. Now exhale and take down the body on the mat.
  • Repeat this exercise 6 – 8 times

Swimmer Exercise

Swimmer workout is an excellent way to reduce back fat. It is the best way to make your whole body work while lower back exercise.

Follow the steps to exercise-

  • Lie down on your belly and press your glutes as much as possible then lift both feet off the ground.
  • Stretch your arm forward, put your palms facing down. It should be a few inches over the ground.
  • Next, lift your other arm and leg above in the air; press all the muscles from your shoulder to glutes.
  • Repeat the same with other arms.

Scorpion Twist

Scorpion twist exercise helps to benefit upper back, middle back, lower back, hips, Biceps, and Triceps.

Practice this workout in the following way.

  • Lie on your stomach and keep your arms flat to the ground level.
  • Uplift your chest according to your convenience and keep this position for a second.
  • Then slowly bring yourself down.
  • As you engage the glute, bend your left knee.
  • Then twist your hips and make sure your left foot touches the ground on the edge of your another leg.
  • Now come back slowly to the starting point before starting another leg.
  • Repeat this workout as you feel comfortable.

You can get rid of back fat with the help of strength exercise, cardio, and a healthy diet. Here are some more tips such as

  • Do regular cardio workouts like HIIT, HICT, and boot camp-style workout.
  • Join muscles toning exercise
  • Add low-calorie foods in your diet.
  • Wear comfortable clothes, avoid tight clothes.

Talking to an expert or doctor is a good idea if you had any back injury or prolonged back muscles pain. You need to be healthy enough to practice above exercise. If you don’t have a previous back muscles pain history and you are a healthy person with build-up back fat, then destroy the back fat.

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