28 Best Exercises to Increase Height and Become Taller

Everyone wishes to have a lean body with attractive height. Several factors contribute to a good height. Apart from a healthy lifestyle, and diet, some physical exercise plays an important role in building bones, extending the spinal column and increasing height. You can try playing outdoor sports or another physical exercise such as rope jump, swimming that are easy to perform. It helps to strengthen your muscles making ability and build a flexible spine and build bone length.

You can also follow yoga under the supervision of your physical trainer. However, the fact is, a person can grow the maximum height till the age of 25. After 25, it can be difficult to increase your limb length.

Here are the best exercises to increase your height.

28 Best Exercises to Increase Height

1.Bar Hanging

Gravity unfavorably affects your height by squeezing your joints and spine, which compress and weaken the cartilage and give you a shorter appearance.

Try handing on a straight and vertical bar to reduce this problem. Hanging helps to stretch your lower body weight and spine. It can help to increase your height of 1-2 inches slowly.

How to do?

  • Place a horizontal bar at the height to make your body stretch.
  • If you are unable to stretch fully then bend your knees somewhat to hang freely.
  • Make sure to keep your palm outward-facing while gripping the bar.
  • Keep your shoulders, arms, and hips relaxed while hanging to let the gravity effectively pull your body.
  • Additionally, you can also try adding ankle weights.
  • This exercise takes 20 seconds with one gap to repeat for 3-times.
  • Bar hanging is the most considered choice for increasing height.

2.Pelvic Lift

Pelvic Lift

The pelvic lift is one of the famous exercises that helped to increase height. Especially women can get more benefits from this exercise. This specific stretching exercise also makes your buttocks strong and relax your body. It has proven the effective benefits of mind relaxing as well. If you are planning to increase your height than include a pelvic lift in your exercises routine.

How to do?

  • Lay down on the floor and keep your both hands on your sides.
  • Now let your palm face downwards and keep your feet face downward also.
  • Gently bring your feet as close as possible to your butt.
  • Slowly lift your pelvic region and put your weight on your neck or somewhat shoulders.
  • Hold this pelvic lifted position for 20-seconds and come down to the relaxing pose.

3.Land Swimming

Land swimming exercises are very famous in European countries. In European countries, most of the people do and motivate others to do this exercise. It has proven the effects of increasing height.

How to do?

  • Lay down flat on your stomach and liftback your legs upward one by one.
  • Extend out your hands in the front direction. Assume your swimming in the water.
  • Do the same movement like swimming but remember you are on land.

4.Cobra Stretch

The cobra stretch is a good exercise for increasing height. It makes your spinal column flexible, so it can stretch and grow. It is an easy exercise to perform for increasing height.

How to do?

  • Lie down on the floor over your stomach and keep your palm on your sides by facing down to the ground.
  • Lift your upper body and form an arch in the back.
  • Hold this pose for 20-seconds.
  • Relax for some time and move a portion of your body and get back to normal.
  • Repeat this exercise for 5-10 times.
  • Initially do it slowly and then increasing your holding time as you feel comfortable with times.
  • Women can get more benefits from cobra stretch to reduce belly fat and peace of mind.

5.Advanced Cobra Stretch

The advanced cobra stretch is an improved version. It is quite a helpful exercise for increasing height. Choose advanced cobra stretch if you like to have physical appeal with good height.

How to do?

  • Begin this position similar to a cobra stretch in which your arms are straight over the floor.
  • You can flex the hips and get them up to make a shape of an upside-down V-shape.
  • Hold this pose for 30-seconds and return to starting position.
  • Repeat and hold your body in the same position for 10-seconds more before going back to the relaxing position were lying face down over the ground.

6.Hopping Exercise

There are some exercise routines that are specialized for height purposes, but at the same time, they may cause some injuries to other parts of your body.

Hopping exercise is the best fun workout. Everyone under 25 ages can try this and increase height.

This exercise keeps some stress on your back. It is a fine trick to increase height in an easy way to stretch your back muscles.

How to do?

  • It is same as rope skipping, but it will not require any props.
  • It requires to jump on anyone leg and let your hands point up.
  • Then, perform hopping exercise 8 times as a beginner and then do the repeat with your other leg.
  • You can perform it anywhere and at any time. So, if you like to play out on the field, then you can do it 10 minutes outside.

7.Pilates Roll

The Pilates roll exercise can be difficult for a beginner, but you can take help. As you continue to perform Pilates roll exercise, it will become easier. It is a form of bending and lengthening your spine slowly. Pilates is the best workout for increasing height also. It makes your belly firm and abdominal muscles more fit. However, this particular workout can be challenging and allow you to stay fit with the desired height.

How to do?

  • You can perform Pilates roll exercise easily by lying over the floor using your palms, which should point down as you lie down on your back.
  • Now put both legs together to keep the same pose and lift them.
  • When you can lift your legs, try to bend backward.
  • It is an amazing form of stretching workout to increase height.

8.Spine Forward Stretch

The spine forward-stretch is a famous workout. Generally, it is a safe and easier exercise, but it may cause contraction of muscles if you stop it. However, it important to do this work out 10 minutes every day.

How to do?

  • Sit down with your legs in your front.
  • Keep your legs at your shoulder-length and stretch your arms normally to touch your toes.
  • It creates tremendous tension in your spinal column. After a few days, try to hold for 10 or 30 seconds every time you touch it.
  • Keep repeating for 5-8 times to increase height effectively.

9.Cat Stretch

The cat stretch exercise, also known as Indian-Dandwat. It opens up the spine and strengthens your shoulders, palms, chest, and back. Cat stretch generally stretches your hamstrings while keeping stress on your stomach. It is also beneficial for blood circulation.

How to do?

  • Keep your hand and knees on the ground by using your arms clasped.
  • Breath-in while bending your spine downward.
  • Breath-out, while making your spine up into an arch form and let your head down.
  • When you come in this position, keep your spine arched. Maintain your shoulders high and elbows erected.
  • Let your pelvic bone touch the ground.
  • Do each repetition till 3-8 seconds.

10.The Bow Down

Bow down is one of the effective exercises which helps to increase your height.

How to do?

  • Place your hand on hips and stand straight.
  • Be in this position and flex forward as far as possible for you, follow your head.
  • Do not bend your knees and put your chin off from your chest.
  • Do every repetition for 4-8 seconds.

11.Forward Bend

Doing forward bend also helps to increase height. In yoga, it is also known as Uttanasana, which relieves stress, anxiety, headaches, fatigue, insomnia, and mild depression. The forward bend deeply extends and lengthens your calves and hamstring muscles. It opens hips and reduces tension in your shoulder and neck muscles.

How to do?

  • Stand straight by keeping your legs separated.
  • Stretch your hands upward straight, flex down forward, and try to touch the ground using your hands, without flexing your knees. Then, come back to starting position.

12.Spot Jump

The spot jump is another exercise to increase your height. Generally, jumping exercise can be a very stimulating exercise. When you perform in combination with other exercises, it helps to strengthen your hips and knee joints. Spot jumping also raises your breathing and heart rate and promotes cardiovascular health. It is the reason the football players, boxers, and wrestlers have a routine of spot jump exercise.

How to do?

  • Keep your legs near and stand over your toes.
  • Start jumping by keeping your hands raises in the air for 2-minutes.

13.Hands-On the Head Bow Down

Let your height increase from hands-on the head bow down exercise.

How to do?

  • Stand and keep your both hands together back of your neck and flex it forward as far as you can do.
  • Get your chin near your chest but remember to avoid flexing your knees.
  • Perform every repetition of 4-8 seconds.


Basketball is the best sport to exercise your body to increase height. It combines jumping, which helps to grow muscles by raising muscle tension. It also helps to boost your blood supply to different body parts.

If you play basketball regularly, it will work effectively and increase your height. Additionally, you can have plenty of nutrition and proper diet to boost immunity while doing sport exercises to help the growth of your body.

Make sure to take advice from your health expert to know if, the sports exercise suits your body and strength level.


Sprints is another exercise to promote the body height level. Perform sprints regularly to get effective benefits. You will require to increase the duration and intensity of exercise gradually. You can also combine it with a good and balanced diet.

16.Rope Skipping

Rope Skipping

Rope skipping is another exercise to increase height. It is also called a jump rope. The subset of jump rope or skipping includes single speed, freestyle, pairs, three-person speed, and three-person freestyle.

The freestyle rope-skipping has different types of basic and advanced techniques of one minute.

Skipping rope helps to promote resiliency and elasticity of low leg muscles and prevent lower leg injuries. It helps to promote calf and lower leg strength.

Jumping rope helps to improve coordination. Jumping rope is a cyclic exercise, which helps to perform it steadily. Performing steady cadence helps to improve the rhythm of skipping helps to improve coordination between hands, feet, and eyes.

Skipping rope also improves cognitive function. It involves learning motor patterns and promotes nervous system interaction between the brain.


Regular practice of swimming also helps to increase your height Swimming is a more intense workout helpful for full body. It helps to grow muscles, strength of legs, arms, and complete body.

You can try breaststroke is the best swimming style for lengthening your body and promoting height.

It is recommended to do good practice before swimming.

18.Alternate Leg Kick

This workout is the same as swimming, but you will not perform it in a pool. Generally, it is focused on your lower back and strengthen muscles.

How to do?

  • Begin by lying on your stomach over a flat and firm surface.
  • Try to stretch your body to a more extent.
  • Let your chin rest on the floor and stretch arms outward in front of the face using your palm keeping downward.
  • It is a beginning position and now lift your right arm with some inches above the floor and elevate your legs from the floor together without flexing your knees. Maintain this pose for some time and return to the beginning point.
  • Do this again with your right leg and left arm.
  • It helps to tone your lower back and prevent bowing.
  • You can have a toned back while staying straight and make it look taller.

19.Leg Kick

Leg kick is from Tae Kwon move. It is a type of defensive move but also helpful for increasing height.

How to do?

  • Stand over the ground by keeping feet somewhat apart.
  • Squeeze up your energy and kick out without turning your thighs.

20.Ankle Weights

Ankle weight is meant to promote your lower body length as it targets stretching cartilage of knees. Regular stretching of cartilage lengthens and increases mass. However, it increases your lower body length.

How to do?

  • Sit down over a high chair and tie an ankle weight band to include weight to the ankle.
  • Begin with small weights and slowly increase your weights as you feel comfortable.
  • Let your legs to stretch down because of the weight pressure.
  • After doing this step, take off the weights and let your legs relax by kicking legs slowly 5-10 times and then quickly 5-10 times.
  • It helps to bend your knee cartilage and promote length growth.

21.The Plank


The plank is also called a hover, front hold, and abdominal bridge. It is an isometric core exercise for building strength. It is also helpful for increasing height.

How to do?

  • Lie down, holding your knees bent and feet level on the ground as near to your butt as probable.
  • Grasp your ankles and brace onto them.
  • Now, lift your hips upward and stretch your spine, through raising your abs to the ceiling.
  • Try to raise your abs as long as you can do and then return to your starting position.
  • If you have trouble in carrying on to your ankles, put your arms to your side and use them to drive yourself upward.
  • Make sure to perform every rep 3-10 second.
  • Initially, this stretch seems difficult, but regular use helps to give effective result for increasing height.

22. Standing Vertical Stretch

Vertical stretch in standing position is another exercise to increase height.

How to do?

23.Super Stretch

Super stretch is another activity to increase height.

How to do?

  • Stand upright by holding your hand collectively backside of your neck and turn your head upside and back as distant as you can do.
  • Make sure to make each rep with 5-15 seconds.

24.Wall Stretch

Add wall stretch exercise in your height increasing routine. It will also effectively give work to your shoulder muscles and increase length.

How to do?

  • Stand straight opposite to a wall and let your hands reach as high as you can do.
  • While performing this, raise your heel and hold on tiptoes.
  • Maintain your spine flat toward the wall as much as you can do.
  • Perform each repetition of 4-6 seconds.
  • This stretch may seem harder than you may think because you have maintained spine flat against your wall.

25.Straight Single Legs Up

Single legs up are another exercise to increase height. Raising legs helps boost drainage from extra fluid accumulation. Additionally, gravity helps circulation by promoting the blood return to the heart. It helps to release the spine pressure and soothe back strain.

How to do?

  • Lie down on your stomach using your hand back of your neck and lift one leg as high as you can do.
  • Repeat these steps for your other leg also.
  • Put your legs straight while extending.
  • Each rep should be performed for 3-5 seconds.

26.Two Straight Legs Up

It is a similar exercise to single leg up, but it involves the exercise of your both legs.

How to do?

  • Lie down with your stomach and keep palms facing down on your sides near to chest.
  • Try to lift your both legs collectively as high as you can do while putting your feet straight collectively same time.
  • Do every repetition for 3-seconds.


Downhill is another exercise for increasing height.

How to do?

  • Stand by keeping your feet together and put your arms behind you.
  • Flex down at the waist as far as you can do and gently rotate your arms as high as you can behind you.
  • Perform every repetition until 4-6 seconds.

28.The Table

The table exercise can help increase height.

How to do?

  • Sit down on the ground by placing your legs straight.
  • Keep your torso straight.
  • Put your palms on the ground near your butt and tuck the chin opposite to your chest.
  • Get your head as far as it will go and lift your body and bend knees while keeping arms straight.
  • Your body and upper legs should be erected and parallel to the floor while your lower legs and arms should be at 90-degree angle.
  • Like this way, you will form a table shape.
  • It can be a challenging stretch. You should try even if you are unable to do it.
  • Perform each rep for 8-20 seconds.

What Food Should Intake While Doing Height Increasing Exercises?

The only exercise doesn’t increase your height, you should provide the foods that can assist your body to length muscles, and bones to increase height.

Here are some important foods to include in height increasing diet.


Banana naturally contains plenty of nutrition such as healthy probiotic bacteria, potassium, manganese, and calcium. It is the best suitable food to increase height.

The content of potassium in bananas helps to increase bone strength. It also protects your teeth and bones from the impact of sodium. It also promotes calcium absorption.

The mineral manganese helps to improve your metabolism and bone health.


Include spinach in your diet for height increasing. It contains various essential nutrients that help in bone and strength growth processes. It also assists in overall body development.


No surprise in having milk as height increasing food because milk is the main food for bone health. Increasing height involves increasing bone length. The protein present in the milk helps to build cells and promote body growth.


It is a rarely consumed food, but it is good for increasing height. It comprises minerals, fat, fiber, cholesterol, and proteins. These nutrients help to stimulate the growth hormone in your body and increase height.


Yogurt contains loads of proteins and calcium and vitamins like A, B, D, E. These all vitamins and minerals assist in height growth.


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Chicken has a high source of protein among all the non-vegetarian foods. It provides a sufficient amount of proteins which helps to build muscles and tissues in the body to increase height.


You can also eat to get rich proteins. It also contains vitamin D. It best food for height increasing diet plan.


Oatmeal is the best plant protein. It helps to reduce fat and increase muscle mass. You can combine oatmeal with fruits and nuts to get the extra benefits. Consume at least 50 grams of oats every day for effective height growth.

Other Tips for increasing height

Walk-in sunny days

Walking on a sunny day helps to gain vitamin D, which adds more benefits to your bone health for increasing height. Choose to walk in the early morning sunlight that is healthy because after 9 am the sunlight effect on the skin. Make sure to check the weather forecast to plan your walk.

Get sound sleep

You may wonder how sleep can increase height? But yes it does. Human body keeps functioning all the time and even when you are sleeping. Getting enough sleep of eight hours is important for overall body growth. Most of the children grow while they are in sleep.

Your sleeping posture is also helpful for increasing your height. Lay down with your back without using a pillow to get effective results.

Try to follow the above exercises and tips to grow height. If you are looking for your child’s height, make sure they can do it under guidance so that they can learn and practice certain exercises and lifestyles. After the age of 25, the height growing chances will decrease. Therefore, practice these exercises before you get overage for increasing height.

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