Health Benefits of Tiger Nuts

Health Benefits of Tiger Nuts: How To Eat, Where to Buy, Drawbacks

Tiger nuts are one of the hottest superfoods. These nuts have wrinkle texture with marble-size with tuberous rhizomes of sedge grass, which cultivated for its millennia across the world.

This fruit is native to America and also enjoyed in ancient Egypt. In Spain, it is known as chufa as a common ingredient for horchata.

With the collective flavor of almond and coconut, they have got their name as tiger nut because of their striped outer layer. They are consumed fresh, ground, boiled, juiced, or roasted. You will get dried tiger nut as packaged. They are also available in the form of tiger nut flour and milk.

Tiger nuts are popularly grown as the roots or rhizomes of grass. Tiger nuts are popular from 4000 years, according to Jack Sims, who was the first person to introduce tiger nut in America in the company Supreme Peeled in 2013. He assigns their appeal to the fact that they were an important component in the diet of our ancestors. Additionally, they provide rich fiber and low calories.

Benefits of Tigernuts

Tigernuts are less prevalent nourishment, and their supplements are obscure. In Spain, Tigernuts are firmly connected with the creation of horchata that is tiger nut milk. This sweet drink didn’t get the consideration as it deserves. Be that as it may, different logical investigations found that these tuber’s supplements and components ought to be devoured to get the medical advantages.

High Fiber

High Fiber

Tiger nuts contain chemical composition in a large amount of fiber that helps to keep your digestive system clear. Including fiber in your diet helps to prevent constipation by stimulating regularly.

Consuming rich fiber foods helps to assist in weight loss. However, tiger nut is a proven food for reducing weight. The tiger nuts are getting more popularity. The more consumption of tiger nut flour is helpful as it was in use from ancient times.

Therefore, it is a new product in demand with healthy flavors across the world.

Adding fiber from tiger nuts in your diet helps to promote appetite. It increases satiety feelings and aid in weight loss goals. Fiber is rich food to promote satiety and prevent frequent hunger. Stay full for longer without eating much also helps to keep the blood glucose normal.

The best substitute for cow milk

Tiger nut milk is healthy and ideal. Apart from its flour, tiger nut milk is the best replacement for cow milk. If you don’t like or have an allergy to cow milk, then choosing plant-based milk can be a good option.

You can easily get the soy milk as one of the plant-based milk. It is also helpful for healthily balancing your diet and manage your cholesterol levels.

Presently, the tiger nut is also undergoing a similar process as soy milk. The tiger nut milk is considered as one of the healthy substitutes for sheep or cow milk because of its 100% healthy fats.

The tiger nut milk provides vitamin E, C, and reduces bad cholesterol and hypertension. Additionally, you can digest it easily, and it is suitable for lactose intolerant. Adding tiger nut milk in your diet prevents cardiovascular ailment.

The best source of Magnesium

Tiger nut provides benefits of magnesium. Magnesium work to manage 300 biochemicals interactions in the human body. However, it is essential to keep the body with enough magnesium intake. Managed magnesium levels provide the best benefits. Every 100 grams of tiger nut provide 17% of the daily requirement in healthy adults.

The tiger nut also provides calcium, which helps to promote bone health, prevent osteoporosis, and tooth decay.

Consuming enough magnesium helps to increase energy in the body. Along with proteins, magnesium helps in muscle growth and prevents menstrual issues. By balancing pH levels, it makes your appearance stable and reduce fungal or dermatitis infections.

Boost Your Immune System

Adding tiger nuts in your diet helps to fight with infection and promote the immune system. According to a test-tube study, the tiger nut extracts shown to treat certain types of bacterial infection in humans. The tiger nut was effective for treating E. Coli, Salmonella, and staphylococcus bacteria.

According to another cell study, discovered similar results. The researchers included that tiger nut effectively treats the bacterial infection.

Potassium Benefits

Potassium is mainly responsible for managing blood pressure. The tiger net contains a high amount of potassium that helps to manage heart activity.

While banana is a more popular fruit containing potassium, various studies have shown that tiger nuts provide high electrolyte.

To be specific, 25 tiger nuts offer 139 mg of potassium. The potassium consumption is generally related to normal functions of human body organs and cells.

Potassium is one of the vital minerals it helps to control acid-base and work to distribute the water in the whole body.

Potassium also helps to process carbohydrates. Having potassium deficiency in the body causes to create dysfunctions such as muscle weakness, arrhythmia, fatigue, constipation, and low blood pressure. Therefore, nourish the entire body and promote all functions.

Vegetable protein

Tigernut is a good source of high nutrition. However, when investigating the origin of non-animal proteins, tiger nuts have become around food.

The potential benefits of plant proteins are to help in lowering the amount of cholesterol and fat. The regular intake of tiger nut provides rich antioxidants for cleansing diet and reduce the toxins. Your diet should be mainly based on plant foods for some days.

Consuming vegetable proteins helps to regulate the cardiovascular system and boost cellular function that lower the cancer risk. The tiger nut also contains rich amino acids noted by the world health organization.

Manage Diabetes

Controlling diabetes is another benefit of tiger nut. The dietary fiber of tiger nut reduces high blood glucose levels. Therefore, it is the best food for preventing diabetes fluctuation.

Many people experience from type-2 diabetes, which increases the risk of major health problems. Therefore, managing blood sugar levels is important to prevent certain health problems. Make sure to include lifestyle change such as treating obesity, having an active lifestyle, reduced alcohol intake, reducing high blood pressure.

Adding a tiger nut is the best substitute for managing carbohydrates that can increase blood sugar.

Benefit Erectile Problems

Tiger nuts contain lots of vitamin E, which are also essential for men’s and women’s fertility health. Consuming tiger nut helps to treat erectile dysfunctions. China, Nigeria, Ghana using this nutritious nut for treating menstrual issues and erectile dysfunction.

High in Arginine

Arginine is one of the essential amino acids, which manages the blood vessels width to normalize the blood flow. It is important for treating erectile dysfunction, chest pain, heart failure, muscle cramp, artery disease, and headaches. Therefore, tiger nut provides rich arginine.

Benefits of Vitamin E and C

Tiger nut provides rich vitamin E and antioxidants, which helps to prevent free radical damage in the body. According to research, the consumption of tiger nuts helps to prevent coronary and cancer diseases. It reduces wrinkles, aging, and acne signs. The yogurt prepared with tiger nuts is generally preferred to get plenty of nutrients.

Tiger Nut Oil Best Substitute for Olive Oil

Tiger nut oil is the best traditional oil. This oil contains healthful nutrients. The presence of high oleic acid – monounsaturated fat is perfectly helpful for nourishing the skin.

Additionally, tiger nut oil provides enough polyunsaturated fatty acids that are an everyday requirement of human need. This oil is also helpful for treating skin lesions, or eczemas occurred by dermatophytes. It also treats calcium absorption, bone tissue regeneration, and atherosclerosis.

Fight Mal-nutrition

Giving tiger nut to your children helps to prevent malnutrition as they are rich in nutrition.

Act as Prebiotic

While tiger nuts beneficial for fighting with bacteria in the body, they also help in the digestive tract by providing resistant starch prebiotics. Prebiotics function from serving as a good energy source for healthy gut bacteria to keep your whole digestive system running smoothly.

Frequent changes in the gut microflora upset the stomach temporarily. Therefore, it is the best idea to include prebiotics in your diet. It also prevents temporary bloating and gas. Eating tiger nut relieves diarrhea and flatulence.

Improve Heart Health

Tiger nuts are also beneficial for improving heart health. It promotes heart functions from its content of high monounsaturated fats. Tiger nut contains heart-healthy oil similar to olive oil.

Having a diet rich with monounsaturated fats helps to reduce the bad cholesterol level and promote high cholesterol. They are linked with reducing the risk of stroke, heart attacks, and other heart ailments.

The content of amino acid arginine in tiger nut uses nitic oxide helps to promote heart health, which is a compound of veins dilate and arteries. It also reduces blood pressure.

According to research, tiger nuts also promote blood circulation and reduce blood clots, which helps to prevent heart ailments.

Prevent Skin Ageing

Tiger nuts contain high oleic acid, which helps to nourish your skin and prevent damage of skin from outer factors. The presence of polyunsaturated fatty acids in the tiger nuts is sufficient to meet the everyday requirement of the human body.

Tiger nuts are also beneficial for preventing the aging effect. It reduces skin lesions and eczema occurred by dermatophytes, calcium absorption, bone tissue regeneration, and atherosclerosis.

Tiger nuts are in use for cosmetic purposes in many companies as it helps in many beauty products for different skin. Moreover, its content of Vitamin E prevents aging signs.

Boost Fertility in women

Boost Fertility in women

Consuming tiger nuts helps promote women’s fertility as it helps to produce estrogen hormones. These hormones are responsible for managing sex features, including the menstrual cycle, breasts, and endometrium thickening.

The presence of antioxidants and vitamin E in tiger nut promotes ovulation. As woman age, the ovulation gets reduced, which hinder the chances of getting pregnant. Ovulation is an important time for women to conceive with high chances. The vitamin E helps to regulate the menstruation and placenta in pregnancy.

A nursing mother is advised to consume more tiger nut milk to provide more milk to satisfy baby hunger. After childbirth, every woman needs more breastmilk to feed enough to baby and give all the nutrients. The intake of tiger nut helps to decrease the risk of breast cancer, blocks, and increase breast milk.

Treat Allergies

Some studies tell that there is no evidence that tiger nuts are real. It is less popular as it is available only in a specific part of the world. Since tiger nuts are plant-based food, and its milk is lactose-free. They are not gluten, so good for treating allergies.

It can also result in an allergic reaction in some people. According to case studies of PubMed, a person experienced pollen food syndrome, which is also an oral allergy syndrome. Another person had allergy with chufa sedge grass, eating tiger nuts also show similar reactions. These conditions might be a result of tuber with contaminated pollen.

Limit Carb Absorption

There are different ways to boost low blood sugar. Various oral anti-diabetic medications provide effects because they reduce alpha-amylase and alpha-glucosidase. These are the enzymes present in the small intestine, which help to promote the digestion of starches and carbs. When you can absorb fewer, then the function work slow and reduces blood sugar.

According to the lab experiment, extract of tiger nut (water-based) shown to limit a-glucosidase and activity of a-amylase enzyme. If this happens in humans, it can help to lower the blood sugar in people with high blood sugar. This mechanism of tiger nut also helps for weight loss. Reduced carb absorption is an indication of fewer calorie intake.

Provide Healthy Fats

Except for small and medium-chain forms, including lauric acid in coconut oil and butter, most of the saturated fats are considered to be bad for heart health. Polyunsaturated fats can be a better replacement for lowering the risk of heart ailments.

Tiger nuts do not contain saturated fat. Nearly 15% of their fat is polyunsaturated, and the remaining 85% is monounsaturated. As the tiger nuts are plant-based food, they contain no cholesterol and trans fats.

Tiger nut provides oleic, linoleic, and palmitic acid, which are similar to olive oil.


Few studies have published that the Cyperus esculentus plant contains potential antibacterial properties. According to one study from India, tested various extracts against many bacteria, which worked against human infections, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Salmonella sp, Klebsiella Pneumoniae, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Proteus Vulgaris, and Citrobacter Freundii.

All the extracts present in tiger nut are tuber demonstrated some antibacterial activity, those extract using ethanol, and acetone was more potent. This study was tested to measure the bacteria growth.

Where can I purchase tiger nuts?

You can purchase raw tiger nuts, dried fruits, granola featuring, and different seeds. There is also tiger nut flour available, which is gluten-free. You can also get sweetened and unsweetened tiger nut horchata, which is a traditional drink made with Spain water.

How To Eat Tiger Nuts?

Their delicious tiger nuts are a micro powerhouse for health and wellness. Here are the different ways to use them.

Whole Tiger Nuts

Whole Tiger Nuts

Tiger nuts have a delicious taste while eating whole. You can eat a handful of tiger nuts. You will get the peeled or unpeeled tiger nuts according to different brands. The peeled tiger nuts are easier and soft to consume. Try eating blanched and unblanched tiger nuts. Try soaking tiger nuts for some time to make it softer. The tiger nut increases its size in water and also provide crunchy texture.

Tiger Nut Milk

You can try tiger nut milk in your recipe. It provides a delicious taste. You will need an increased power blender and a clean cheesecloth and nut milk bag. If you buy pre-made milk, then you can save your time.

Soak some tiger nut overnight. Keep a ratio of one cup tiger nuts and two cups water for blending along with vanilla beans. Having a nut milk bag helps to separate the pulp and milk.

Tiger Nut Chia Pudding

Use tiger nut milk in your breakfast oatmeal, cereal, or chia pudding. Tiger nut adds slight sweetness in your dish, and it is perfect for early morning eating. The tiger nut milk is the best way to rehydrate yourself by mixing with chia seeds.

Tiger Nut Flour

You can use leftover tiger nut pulp after making milk. Take all the squeezed dehydrated pulp and make it flour. You can use it in any recipe like almond powder. You can get a readymade tiger nut flour found online in natural food markets.

Tiger Nut Cookies

Tiger Nut Cookies

Tiger nut flour is the best alternative for gluten-free baking. You can use it to promote slight sweetness in the variety of cookies recipes.

Tiger Nut Pancakes

Tiger nut flour and milk are useful for making delicious pancakes. As tiger nut contains high resistant starch, it promotes digestive functions. Making pancake of tiger nut provides balanced protein, carbs, and healthy fats.

Tiger Nut Ice Cream

Often people complain of not having enough cream in the non-dairy ice cream. It happens due to not getting enough full-fat milk ingredients like traditional ice cream. But as tiger nuts milk contain plenty of fat, it can be perfect for ice cream.

Tiger Nut Bread

Tiger nut flour is the best ingredient to include extra moisture and fiber in baked goods such as sweet and savory. While combining the tiger nut flour into tart shells, tiger nut flour can be added in the bread, which helps to bring lightness from baking soda and eggs helps to bind the dough together.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Tiger Nuts?

People with digestive problems such as irritable bowel syndrome or sensitive with high fiber foods may suffer from bloating, gas, cramping, and diarrhea. If you eat an excess amount of tiger nuts, it will cause health problems like other foods. Therefore, eat it in the recommended amount.

As tiger nuts are rare allergen food, generally, they do not cause a problem in all ages people. The most unfavorable reaction occurs from the high fiber. Consuming too much tiger nut at one time may cause side effects.

People with Crohn’s problem may experience intestinal blockage and a slow digestive system. If you are sensitive to fiber content, you can consume peeled tiger nuts as they contain 70% of fiber. It is a good idea to consume tiger nut at limited serving.

Tiger nuts are grown underground, like peanuts. There is a potential risk of getting contamination from mycotoxins. There are toxic substances present in certain fungi. Foods available in the underground are more likely to get the risk of contamination.

According to the test of a Nigerian university, tiger nut tubers for ochratoxin and aflatoxins B1, G1, they discovered them three out of nine snack sample when examined quickly after reaping and drying.

The storage of 120 days, all the 9-samples got contaminated. After day 150, Aflatoxin G1 average with80 ppb and aflatoxin B1 with 454 ppb.

If you eat tiger nuts containing aflatoxins contaminations, you will experience side effects such as liver cancer, liver damage, reduced fetal growth in pregnancy. Preferably those tiger nuts imported from Spain rather than Ghana or Nigeria.

As long as tiger nut is not contaminated, they are safe for eating.

Where to buy Tiger Nuts

Tiger nuts can be found in the US and UK cities like Toronto. It can be found in organic stores such as Tiger Nuts USA or Organic Gemini. Both are trustworthy brands.

Stores like Wegmans, Walmart Kroger presently do not keep them. They have been discovered in Canadian warehouse club like Bulk Barn.

Best way to find tiger nuts are available online on

Health Benefits of Tiger Nuts: How To Eat, Where to Buy, Drawbacks 2

Why are tiger nuts a healthy source of nutrients?

Tigernuts are a substance of bio complex. On the other hand, tiger nuts components provide a specific effect and provide secondary plant substances. It prevents the harmful effects of western civilization eating habits. It also provides a positive effect on the immune system and metabolism, which include vitamin E, enzymes, phytohormones, flavonoids, and biotin. Tiger nuts are frequently regenerating sources of good energy unlike whole, and processed cereals containing starch content, high carbohydrate without any harmful effects.

Why were tiger nuts chosen as healthies food in the USA?

  • Tigernuts are low in carbohydrates and low starch.
  • Tigernuts contain gluten-free.
  • Tiger nuts prevent hunger feeling.
  • It is free of milk.
  • It provides magnesium and potassium according to the daily requirement.
  • omega-3.
  • It provides excellent baking properties and pleasant flavor.
  • It provides low calories.
  • GMO-free.
  • It provides high oil components such as oleic acid, omega-6, and omega-3.
  • Tigernuts provide high fiber, which helps to limit the glycaemic index in sugar patients. It also treats symptoms of constipation. The composition of the amino acid of high fiber gives lactic acid fermentation inside the colon. It also triggers the butyric acid.

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