6 Quick Fix Detox Plans

Quick Fix Detox Plans

Quick fix detox plans are gaining a huge following. They are diet plans that emphasize your need to leave everyday life foods that overwhelm your body. Such include junk and processed foods, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, pollution and cigarette smoke. The reason for this is your body’s inability to cope with this overload that can lead… [Read More]

Asian Inspired Snacks to Help You Lose Weight

Snacks to Help You Lose Weight

When you’re hungry, you might reach for a bag of chips or a box of cookies. Before you know it, you’ve eaten every snack in the package. Or maybe you’re a bit more careful with snacking, but you still consume more ice cream and fries than you would like to. Instead of forgoing the snack… [Read More]

15 Super Food That Causes Miscarriage in Early Pregnancy

Food That Causes Miscarriage

When you are pregnant, it is important to ensure that you are eating the right foods, and avoiding the ones that are potentially dangerous for you and your baby. While most superfoods are safe to eat and contain the vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy pregnancy there are some that can potentially cause a… [Read More]

Swimming for Weight Loss: How to Get Started

Swimming for Weight Loss

People are constantly seeking ways to lose weight. There are billion-dollar corporations with programs to help. There are hacks and methodologies claiming to cut pounds with little or no effort. The truth of the matter is, however, that diet and exercise are – and will always be – the tried-and-true combination that results in burnt… [Read More]

Top 7 Tips For Dental Care


The health of mouth mirrors the condition of the body as a whole. If one has poor oral health, one may have several other health problems. It has been commonly found that good oral health may prevent certain diseases from occurring. There is a very intimate relationship between gum (periodontal) disease and health complications such… [Read More]

Vitamins & Minerals : Are Your Children Getting What They Need?

Vitamins & Minerals diet for children

“Vital for life” – this is the meaning of the word vitamin. Together with minerals, vitamins are important compounds that are needed to maintain our bodies functioning properly. Aside from their main role to keep bones strong and organs healthy, vitamins and minerals have the power of battling infections. Certain deficiencies may trigger severe issues…. [Read More]