Want to Give Up Alcohol? Let Yoga Guide The Way

Many people talk about yoga like it has some kind of super power. But the truth is, it kind of does.

Yoga has long been a hugely popular pastime, with millions of people enjoying it worldwide, and for many different reasons. What’s more, in some cases it’s even advised by medical professionals.

That’s certainly the case with addiction. At Primrose Lodge, one of the top drug and alcohol treatment centres in Surrey, yoga is often built into a patient’s daily routine, providing structure to a day, as well as a host of other things. It’s the same in every other rehab centre around the country too.

For many of us these days, alcohol can be problematic. With the stresses of everyday life, far too many of us are turning to the bottle, and all too frequently too. As we approach the end of the year, many will look to the likes of ‘Dry January’ as the kick-start they need to give up booze, but actually yoga could be just what’s needed to keep you away from the hard stuff once you’ve made that commitment. And here’s why…

It’s a healthier coping mechanism

Stress levels are incredibly high in many parts of the country for all manner of reasons, from the cost of living to the rise of energy bills, job security or all the other things that can affect our day-to-day.

To deal with that, we may crack open a bottle of wine or head to the pub as a coping mechanism. Albeit an unhealthy one that’s only going to heighten anxiety and stress come the end of the day, or the morning after.

Yoga is a much healthier alternative, releasing endorphins and allowing you to concentrate on solutions to the problems, rather than burying your head in the sand. It’s a fantastic escape, in a similar way to why many people run for the same reasons.

It’s a proven stress buster and will help you find balance

That’s because as an escape it’ll help you find balance. The deep breathing, mindfulness tactics and quiet time you’ll feel calmer and much more at ease with yourself.

Yoga teaches people to stay in the present, allowing you to develop a much greater sense of awareness and in tune with your emotional triggers, which can not only help combat stress, but also provide clarity that turning to alcohol isn’t necessarily the best answer.

You’ll improve your physical fitness

Yoga is physical exercise, and indeed some positions and stretches can even be quite difficult. Therefore, it stands to reason you’ll improve your physical fitness too. Yoga will enhance strength, flexibility and balance, as well as promoting better circulation.

It will also help the detoxification process. That’ll leave you feeling healthier, which in turn will make you less likely to turn to alcohol, while improving physical fitness can hugely bolster confidence and self-esteem, two traits that can really help with abstaining.

You’ll find a community outside of drinking

Often alcohol can play a prominant role in people’s social lives. Yoga can offer an alternative to that, with yoga classes a great place to meet people and even develop a support network. You’ll find many people use it as a way to destress, while you may also find others that are in recovery or trying to give up alcohol. After all, it is recommended by so many professionals as a good exercise as part of that process.

It can integrate you into an entirely new community, which in itself can be instrumental in ensuring that going sober is a success. So, why not give it a go?

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