Strawberry Muffins Recipe

Low Carb Strawberry Muffins Recipe – Benefits of Strawberry Muffins

The strawberry also is known as Fragaria ananassa, which is introduced from Europe in the 18 century. Strawberry is a hybrid species of two wild strawberries from Chile and North America. It contains a juicy and sweet flavor with a bright red color.

Strawberry contains manganese and rich vitamin C with sufficient amounts of folate and potassium. Additionally, it provides a good number of antioxidants and benefits blood sugar and heart health.

A muffin is an individual-sized, and a baked item. It can prepare into two unmistakable things, a section raised flatbread that is baked and afterward cooked on an iron (commonly unsweetened) and a cupcake-like quick-bread (frequently improved) that is synthetically raised and afterward prepared in a shape. While quick-bread muffins are frequently improved, there are flavorful assortments made with fixings, for example, corn and cheddar. The flatbread is of British or European inference, and dates from in any event the mid-eighteenth century, while the quick-bread began in North America during the nineteenth century. Both are normal overall today.

Low Carb Strawberry Muffins Recipe

Low carb Strawberry Muffins are a quick breakfast that can be enjoyed by everyone. These muffins can be prepared busy mornings when you may find it difficult to prepare breakfast or any snack
any time of day!
Course Bread Breakfast
Cuisine American
Keyword Low carb strawberry muffins
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Servings 6 People
Calories 270kcal
Author Gouher Munshi


Cream Together

  • 4 Oz Cheese cream (softened)
  • 2 Oz Unsalted butter (softened)
  • 1/4 Cup Low carb Sweeteners
  • 1/2 tsp

    Lemon zest

  • 1/2 tsp

    Vanilla extract

Dry Ingredients:

  • 1/2 Cup

    Coconut flour

  • 1 tsp

    Baking powder

  • 1/4 tsp


  • 1/8 tsp

    Xanthan gum

Wet Ingredients

  • 3 Large


  • 1/4 Cup

    Heavy cream


  • 4 Oz Strawberries

    (small dice)



  • Preheat oven at 350 degrees F and keep the rack in the center position.
  • Line 6-standard muffin wells using paper liners.
  • Take lemon zest and diced strawberries and combine with dry ingredients.


  • Cream together the initial five ingredients with a hand blender until light and cushy. Include 1-egg and cream once more.
  • Include 1/3 of the dry fixings beating admirably, trailed by another egg. Repeat and make a point to keep a light mousse-like surface all through mixing.
  • Include the remainder of the dry ingredients, trailed by the heavy cream.
  • Cover in 1/2 of the strawberries and 1/2 of the chocolate chips. The batter should be thick.
  • Take the batter with a spoon into a zip-loc sack and cut an enormous gap in one of the corners.
  • Pour the batter into every liner, mounding in the inside. Then again, utilize a muffin scoop.
  • Sprinkle erythritol on the highest point of the biscuits to avoid browning.
  • Arrange the rest of the strawberries and chocolate chips on top.


  • Place the muffin tin into the center of the oven and set the heat to 400 for 6 minutes.
  • Reduce the oven temperature to 350 and bake for 12-18 minutes more.
  • The tops ought to be firm to the touch, yet at the same time sound somewhat moist.
  • Cool totally on a wire rack. Keep in the refrigerator and warm delicately before getting eating. Each muffin has 4-net carbs.

How to Prepare Low Carb Strawberry Muffins?

You can make sugar free and low carb muffins without using flour. Low carb muffins are generally used with coconut flour, almond flour, and combination.

Sometimes, replacing the flours like oat fiber, sesame flour, whey protein powder to get the bread-like texture.

Low carb ingredients contain heavy ingredients than traditional ingredients, which provide gluten.

Low carb muffin requires good technique and leaving to get a rise.

Strawberry Muffins: How to Store?

Store the muffins in an airtight container because strawberry present in muffins requires a refrigerator to preserve the freshness of muffins.

How to Prevent Stickiness in The Muffins?

If you prepare muffins and they get the sticky top, do not worry, everyone makes this mistake. It happens so, learn it to prevent it. You can do best to prevent stickiness is to let the muffins sit out of the cooling rack for one hour. It helps to remove moisture and prevent stickiness.

When you keep the muffins in the airtight container, keep the single layer, then do the paper towel over muffins.

Does Muffin Require Freezing?

Try doing strawberry muffins freezing and use a freezer bag to three months. Make them thaw in the refrigerator in the night or use in room temperature before eating. It can be a quick breakfast and easy to prepare. You can also use it as a snack of the day.

Low Carb Muffins Using Coconut Flour

Using coconut flour in low carb muffins bring the result of fluffy and light muffins. Coconut flour can be very tricky to absorb the liquid in the muffin. Using more eggs with coconut flour helps in baking. It will prevent stickiness in the baking pan.

Muffins are very fluffy, light, and have moist less than other recipes. You can use the cream as butter, or cheese cream with a sweetener, before placing dry ingredients. It brings tiny bubbles in the batter and brings good texture. You can also replace adding dry and wet ingredients using the liquid.

It is essential to make a mousse-like texture from the process. It makes the muffin batter thick and helpful to put in a Ziploc bag with a large hole and squeeze it over the muffin cups. Using muffin scoop is more useful in this process. Pour some erythritol to make sure muffin will not get over brown. Here you can use a high temperature for some time and then lower the temperature for a few minutes. This method helps to cook the inner side of the muffin and prevent burn.

How to Reheat the Muffins In The Oven

You can reheat the muffins using an oven or microwave, which gives you a fresh taste of muffins. Before reheating the muffin, you will need to wrap the muffins the aluminum foil and warm-up at 350 degrees. You can use a paper towel in the paper towel. Try this recipe using fresh strawberries.

Nutrition Facts

  • Calories: 53
  • Total fat: 0.50 grams (g)
  • Protein: 1.11 g – (2.2 percent DV)
  • Carbohydrates: 12.75 g
  • Dietary fiber: 3.3 g – (13 percent DV)
  • Sugar: 8.12 g
  • Calcium: 27 milligrams (mg)-(2.7 percent DV)
  • Iron: 0.68 mg – (3.8 percent DV)
  • Magnesium: 22 mg – (5.5 percent DV)
  • Vitamin A: 20 international units – (0.4 percent DV)
  • Potassium: 254 mg – (5.4 percent DV)
  • Vitamin C: 97.6 mg – (162.6 percent DV)
  • Vitamin K: 3.7 mg – (4.6 percent DV)

How Strawberry Muffin Are Helpful for Health?

Low Carb Strawberry Muffins Recipe

Protect the Heart

Strawberries contain plenty of polyphenols and antioxidants that make them an ideal food for protecting heart health. It also contains anthocyanins, which are an antioxidant the makes red hue that protects circulatory system lining and protects arteries from plaque accumulation and manages blood pressure.

Regulate Blood Sugar

Strawberries provide ellagic acids with antioxidants, which slow down the process of starchy food digestion. It also manages your high blood sugar levels after consuming a starchy meal. It is best for a diet of type-2 diabetes people. Strawberries contains a low glycemic index and prevents spikes in diabetic people. The fiber presence in strawberries helps to control blood sugar.

Help Fight Cancer

Strawberries provide the best source of fiber and vitamin C, which are essential for preventing cancer linked with the colon and esophagus. It contains anti-cancer properties said by American-Institute-for-Cancer-Research because of the content of ellagic acid. The presence of phytochemical helps to prevent skin, bladder, breast, and lung cancer.

Ellagic acid work as a cancer-preventing agent in many ways. It works as an antioxidant and reduces cancer cell growth and kills carcinogens.

Boost Immunity

Strawberries are amazing sources of vitamin C. In fact, one serving of strawberries provides more vitamin C than one orange. Vitamin C is essential to induce immune promoting antibodies, which gradually enhance your body’s ability to treat infections.

According to the study of Switzerland, strawberries can be supplemented as vitamin C for improving different immune system components.

Regulate Blood Pressure

As already written, strawberries provide anthocyanins, which are strong antioxidants that help to relax the blood vessels lining and reduce high blood pressure. They also contain rich potassium, which is an essential nutrient for managing blood pressure.

Boost Brain Health

The presence of antioxidants in strawberries helps to protect your brain cells from free radical damage. They change the neuron way inside brain communication and improve overall functions.

According to the Harvard research from Women’s hospital at Brigham discovered that strawberries slow down the memory decline in the aged women. The presence of flavonoids helps to boost anthocyanidins and promote memory.

According to research from the University of Mayland Baltimore Country, regular consumption of strawberry helps to prevent Alzheimer’s disease occurred by toxic protein.

Fight Inflammation

Strawberries provide quercetin, discovered by the University of Massachusetts. The consumption of quercetine with a regular workout helps lower atherosclerosis accumulation.

The rich content of vitamin C helps to prevent inflammation and symptoms of gout and arthritis.

It also contains high C-reactive protein the prevent inflammation and promote signal levels.

Fight Cholesterol

Strawberries provide pectin, which is an essential soluble fiber that reduces bad cholesterol in the body and manages good cholesterol.

Promote Vision Health

Consuming strawberries helps to promote vision health from its content of antioxidants. It also prevents macular degeneration, cataract, and other types of eye ailments. It also promotes retina cell health.

Support Weight Loss

The presence of ellagic acid and good antioxidants in strawberries helps to support weight loss. It reduces chronic inflammation that causes weight gain and blocks the lean hormones. It also helps to restore weight-reducing hormone functionalities.

Additionally, the anthocyanins increase adiponectin hormone production. These hormones boost metabolism and suppress appetite. It also triggers fat burn.

Healthy Pregnancy

Strawberries contain rich folate. It will provide 40 micrograms of folate in every cup of raw strawberries. It is 10% of every recommended intake. Research tells that folate is essential during pregnancy to prevent defects of the neural tube. It also works positively for pregnant mothers.

Promote Bone Health

Strawberries also provide vitamin K, manganese, and potassium that improve your bone health.

Treat Constipation

As strawberries provide enough fiber to cure constipation. The fiber content of this fruit also helps other digestive problems like bloating and gas.

Keep Teeth Healthy

Strawberries have malic acid, which works as astringent and prevents tooth discoloration. It is also useful to whiten teeth.

Treat Puffy Eyes

Strawberries have sufficient astringent qualities, which helps to treat puffy eyes. It also has alpha-hydroxy acid and makes your skin appear young.

Anti-Aging Properties

The strong antioxidants present in strawberries helps prevent oxidative damage and aging signs like sagging skin, wrinkles, and fine lines. The content of vitamin C in strawberries fight with free radicals and convert the collagen.

It also contains lycopene, which is an antioxidant that helps to prevent aging signs and slow down aging.

Improve Skin Health

Strawberries provide alpha hydroxy acid, which helps to eliminate dead skin cells and cleanse your skin. It also contains hydroxy acids and changes the aging signs. According to a Japanese study, alpha hydroxy acid helps to rejuvenate and improve your damaged skin. It also provides ellagic acid and salicylic acid, which lower the dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Salicylic acid helps prevent dead cells from the skin and tighten the pores on the face and reduce acne breakouts.

The content of vitamin C helps to cleanse your skin and improve your skin tone and complexion. It lowers the irritated skin and reduces the effects of UV radiation.

Prevent Hair Fall

Strawberries contain vitamin C and promote iron absorption and boost hair growth. It also removes nutrient deficiency and reduces slit ends. The vitamin also helps to treat dandruff. The content of silica also lower hair falls and promote hair growth.


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