Oat Sesame Bread Recipe

Low Carb Oat Sesame Bread Recipe

How about we be forthright, many low carb bread recipes are complex, there are readymade oats sesame bread available called Sukrin. Usually, making bread is a delicate and decent task to get a better taste. It is the perfect low carb bread for people who require to imagine the gluten-free diet. The Sukrin ingredients are gluten-free and considered as non-GMO fixing.

Low Carb Oat Sesame Bread Recipe

Low Carb Oat Sesame Bread is a healthy breakfast choice for every age of people. It provides healthful benefits.
Course Breakfast
Cuisine American
Keyword Low Carb Oat Sesame Bread
Prep Time 30 minutes
Resting Time 2 hours
Total Time 2 hours 30 minutes
Servings 1 loaf
Calories 280kcal
Author Gouher Munshi


  • Oven


  • 450g Whole wheat flour (you can also use 300g whole flour and 150g white flour) (3 Australian, 1Ib, 3½ American cups
  • 1 tsp Salt
  • tsp Fleischmanns instant yeast
  • 1/3 cup Toasted sesame seeds
  • 180ml (¾ cup) Warm water
  • 180ml (¾ cup) Warm milk
  • 1 tbsp

    Molasses or golden syrup

  • 2 tbsp Milk (30ml)
  • Oat flakes to sprinkle


  • Preheat the stove to 450ºF (230ºC) 10-minutes before baking it. Filter or whisk flour, yeast, and salt together into a large bowl. Mix in sesame seeds and make a well in the inside. Include the water, golden syrup, and milk to the center, and blend to a firm. However, not a hard mixture (you may need to include somewhat more water). Knead for 10-minutes on a daintily floured surface until it gets smooth and stretchy.
  • Keep the dough in a smoothly oiled bowl and wrap with a plastic wrap.
  • Keep in a warm place for about one hour or till it get doubles in size.
  • Brush the milk on the bread dough and sprinkle sesame and oats flakes. Then bake at 450ºF (230º) for 15 minutes, then lower to 400ºF (200ºC) for 15-20 minutes. Shift onto a wireframe to cool.
    Make sure to check your measuring cups such as American cup - 240ml (125g flour) or Australian cup - 250ml (150g flour)


  • Make sure the oven temperature should be correct and exact like given in guideline. You need to include or lower the advised temperature according to the oven size.
    Cup measures
  • Measure the spoon of flour in the cup, heaping it on the top, and slide with a knife around the top to level the access. Stay careful and avoid tapping or shaking the cup to set the flour, otherwise, you will take access than you need.
  • Make sure to assemble all the ingredients before you can start. Preheat your oven to 450ºF (230º) for 10-minutes before baking.


Health Benefits Wheat Bread

Whole wheat bread can be the nutritious choice for a healthy diet. It is good for people who tolerate gluten and wheat. Whole wheat bread provides 100% nutrition of wheat. The latter may consist of a low amount of unrefined grains. You can see the ingredient list because some bread contains less quantity of whole wheat.

Good Fiber Source

Many people eat sufficiently less than the advised 25-38 gm of fiber, said by Academy of Nutrition-and-Diabetics or 21-30 gm after the 50 ages. The bread and ingredients will depend on the different brands. The whole-wheat bread provides nearly 3-grams of fiber every slice. Therefore, two slices might meet nearly one-third of the fiber need of one day. Including some hummus or sliced avocado and your favorite veggies add extra fiber. Consuming different fiber source food like whole-wheat helps to boost digestive health, weight, and cardiovascular control.

Supports Women’s Health

Whole wheat boosts the energy level and endurance in women. The study of Women’s-Health-Initiative-Observational-Study revealed that the more consumption of wheat bread increases the energy levels and reduce weight gain, type-2 diabetes, and manage BMI levels low.

The study also discovers that women who consumed whole grains were had a healthier diet with a high intake of vegetables, and fruits will support whole grain. Whole-grain done by stone grounded will provide vitamin B, folate, which lower problems in breastfeeding and pregnancy.

Satiation and Energy Between Meals

As the whole wheat bread provides fiber and 5gm of protein from every slice, it will be more filling than the normal white bread. It makes you more satiated and energized but not cause overeating.

According to a study issued in the Plant-Foods for Human Nutrition in 2018, the participants were given to eat refined wheat bread or whole wheat bread every day for 12 weeks. At the end of the study, the participants who consumed whole wheat bread has lost stomach fat, whereas the bread with refined wheat flour shown no change.

Rich Iron

Every two slices of whole wheat bread give around 2.5 mg of iron. It may seem like more but given that adults only require 8-18 mg of the daily requirement. It can only fulfill over a quarter of everyday needs in non-pregnant and non-menstruating women. Consuming enough iron promote oxygen flows accurately from blood to the brain and prevent fatigue and headaches. If you consume low iron because of strict diet and heavy menstruation, try to ad whole wheat bread with another source of iron such as lean meats, black beans patties, and hummus. The vitamin C promotes the plant-based iron absorption from veggies like bell peppers, and tomato slices.

Promote digestion

Wheat bread provides digestive benefits. The fiber content of wheat helps to prevent bowel movement problems. According to studies, people who consume more fiber require some laxatives. They help to remove diverticulosis, which is a condition in which little sac form in the wall of the colon and leads to constipation, inflammation, pain, and diarrhea. Fiber is essential for good bacteria in the large intestine. These good organism helps in digestion and boost nutrition absorption and immune system.

Lower Cholesterol

Whole grains help to regulate your cholesterol levels. It helps to absorb bad cholesterol and reduce triglycerides, which is the main contributor to heart problems. Whole grains reduce the risk of heart problems. According to one study, women who consumed 2-3 servings of whole-grain every day were reduced 30% risk of a heart attack. A different form of whole-grain, including oats, brown rice, wheat. So, wheat bread is a healthy option for a cholesterol diet.

Lower Blood Pressure

Adding wheat bread in your diet helps to lower high blood pressure as it stops bad cholesterol and triglycerides. They also reduce blood pressure and lower heart problem risk. According to one study, 19% get reduce the hypertension risk among men who consumed 7-servings of whole grain in their breakfast compared to those who consumed less.

According to a women study, discovered that consuming whole grains in place of refined grains reduce blood cholesterol, manage insulin levels.

Regulate Weight

People who consume wheat bread are less likely to develop weight. It will not cause fast weight gain like refined grains. According to the study, women who consume wheat germ, dark bread, brown rice, popcorn, and other whole grains got a reduced risk of 49% weight gain than the women who consumed white bread and doughnuts.

Redistribute fat

Even consuming whole grains may not cause weight loss, but studies have shown that it will help to reduce body fat and distribute healthy fat in the body. Especially, consuming whole grain also makes you have less belly fat, the thing scientists call central adiposity, which raises the diabetes risk.

Keep You, Full

As the wheat bread keeps you full, it prevents frequent hunger caused by refined grains like white bread and cookies. Whole grain takes more time to digest and provide satiating effects. It helps to control your portion.

Lower Chronic Inflammation

Wheat contains betaine that helps to lower the chronic inflammation. It also reduces the rheumatic disease and pain. It is one of the anti-inflammatory properties that lower the risk of diseases like osteoporosis, cognitive decline, heart disease, and type-2 diabetes.

Regulate Blood Sugar

Wheat bread is also good for diabetes patients. It helps to manage blood sugar and blood glucose from raising, which can reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes. According to one study, women consumed 2-3 whole grain servings per day and had a 30% reduction in diabetes than the women who consumed no whole grains.

Prevents Gallstones

As the whole wheat contains plenty of insoluble fiber, that quickly gets digested in the intestine smoothly and reduces the bile acid secretion. Extra bile acids are the main reason for gallstone formation. According to different surveys by American-Journal-of-Gastroenterology, it helps to prevent gallstone.

Improves Metabolism

The fiber content of whole wheat bread helps to promote the digestion process in the body and promote entire metabolism. Doctors advise consuming whole grain bread and fiber-containing food. Research tells that foods prepared with refined grains increase the bodyweight but also increase the risk of insulin resistance.

Averts Childhood Asthma

According to the International-Study-of-Asthma-and-Allergy in childhood, shown to reduce the 50% risk of asthma when taken a wheat-based diet. Bronchial-hyper-responsiveness is the main factor to induce asthma. This condition is highlighted by narrowing the airways with raised sensitivity. According to several surveys, it has been observed that children who consume whole grain with fish will not suffer from these ailments as these foods provide high vitamin E and magnesium.

Note: If you are allergic to wheat, then it can be more harmful to increase asthma. Take your doctor’s advice and have a complete review of allergies.

Alleviates Postmenopausal Symptoms

More consumption of unrefined wheat products can help to raise the protein and fiber content in the diet of postmenopausal women. It also helps to manage weight, treat postmenopausal symptoms, and hormone imbalance.

Liver Detox

Sprouted wheat also the best source of antioxidants and more fiber, which helps to detoxify your liver. The liver is the main organ of the body to clean the toxins from your body.

Promote Gut Health

Wheat bran contains prebiotic effects in the gut microbiota of humans because of high fiber. It helps to feed the good bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract, which promotes digestion and boost nutrient consumption in the body.

Skin Health

Wheat contains vitamin E, selenium, and zinc that helps to nourish the skin, remove sun damage, and fight acne. The high fiber makes the digestive system healthy and removes harmful toxins regularly. It also makes your skin youthful and smooth.

Hair Care

The zinc content of wheat boost hair health and save hair from damage-causing environmental factor.

Eye Health

The content of zinc, niacin, and vitamin E in whole wheat bread reduces the risk of cataract and macular degeneration. The presence of lutein in the unrefined grain boost eye health.


Adding wheat bread in your diet provides anti-carcinogenic agents especially, for women. According to studies, 30 grams of daily intake is enough for women to lower the risk of breast cancer. The report says that pre-menopausal women got 41% of breast cancer risk reduction in comparison to women who consumed other fiber foods. Wheat bran is considerably lower bile acid secretion, and the bacterial enzymes in stool, like this it will lower the colon cancer chances.

Moreover, according to a study of Qu H, et al., wheat bran consists of lignans, which are a type of phytonutrients that helps to limit the cancer growth.

Mood Enhancer

The folate, iron, vitamin E, and B in wheat bread support the production of serotonin and promote energy levels. It helps to prevent alleviate depression, mental health, enhance mood, and promote entire wellness.

Additional Health Benefits

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds provide nutty taste in the whole wheat bread. It creates extra crunchiness in the bread.

These seeds are the best source of copper, manganese, iron, phosphorus, molybdenum, vitamin B1, selenium, and dietary fiber. Additionally, the sesame seed is a good source of sesamin and sesamolin, which are special fiber known as lignans that lower the bad cholesterol. It also prevents high blood pressure and supplies vitamin E. The sesame seeds protect the liver against oxidative damage.

Oats in Wheat Bread

Oasts are the best source of healthy nutrition as they are gluten-free and provide essential vitamins, fiber, minerals, and antioxidants. According to studies, oatmeal and oats provide the best health benefits such as lower blood sugar levels, weight loss, and lower the risk of heart problems.

The oat flakes of whole-grain provide rich antioxidants from plant compounds called polyphenols. It is a unique group of antioxidants named Avenanthramides, which presence in oats.

Oats flakes also provide a good amount of beta-glucan, which is a type of soluble fiber. It will get dissolve in water and turn into a thick gel solution in your gut.

Another benefit of oats is that it supports a heart-friendly diet. The content of beta-glucan fiber presence in oats works effectively for lowering LDL cholesterol levels. The beta-glucan promote the cholesterol bile excretion and lower the bad cholesterol circulating in the blood, which often reacts to free radicals and leads to heart disease.

When Is Bread Not Healthy?

The additives and highly processed flour in white bread can be unhealthy. Consuming excess white bread may contribute to heart problems, obesity, and diabetes.

However, whole grain bread can be a healthful product to include in everyday diet. Whole grain bread may provide 20 or more ingredients including, sugars, salt, and preservatives. Not every ingredient leads to good health.

The preservatives in bread help to save bread freshness for more time, but you can store the fresh bread holding some preservatives in the freezer or fridge to maintain freshness.

Most of the bread consists of sugar substitutes and combined sugars. It is advised to avoid bread, including corn syrup or any elements ending with ose, which is listed at the opening of the ingredient list of bread covers such as glucose, sucrose, and fructose.

Companies typically use the ingredients list depending on the weight of the ingredients in the usage of the product. Ingredients that given the top of the list given in high proportions.

Good Bread Options

Bread prepared with sprouted grains is a good choice. Sprouted grains contain easily digestible nutrients available in the body to use. It is the best source of fiber, protein, folate, vitamin C, and other nutrients.

Ezekiel bread is a kind of bread containing high fiber prepared with sprouted grains without flour. This type of bread requires to keep in the freezer or refrigerator.

Do You Need to Avoid Gluten?

Some people are allergic to gluten, and they required to avoid bread with gluten. Recent diets are introducing diet without gluten that has become more popular. An individual with celiac disease may get a severe autoimmune reaction because of gluten and leads to intestinal damage. Therefore, consuming gluten can harm some people, but not everyone.

According to a scientist, avoiding gluten may limit healthy nutrients like whole grains. According to the study of 2017 shown that eating gluten may not increase the risk of heart ailment but reducing whole grains may increase the risk of the disease.

What Is A Wheat Allergy?

Some people experience allergy or sensitivity of wheat but still tolerate the gluten. People with a wheat allergy should avoid wheat flour bread, but they can choose other flour bread. Even some people are not allergic to wheat, but still, they are wheat intolerance.

When you are wheat intolerance and consume wheat, then it may cause discomfort and stomach bloating. Consuming wheat bread is not harmful to individuals with wheat intolerance but choosing other types of bread may lower the discomfort.

In some people, wheat allergy may cause anaphylactic shock. Its symptoms include swelling, rash, and breathing problems. If you get such symptoms, then take immediate medical help as the anaphylaxis can be life-threatening.

Low Carb Oat Sesame Bread Recipe

Will Bread Benefit Weight Loss?

  • Eating wholegrain bread in moderation may not cause weight gain, but it works necessary for body energy. However, a person requires to manage their healthy weight with the following things.
  • Consuming more calories than your body requirement makes you gain weight.
  • If the bread gets a default snack or meal, then it may crowd out healthful foods.
  • White bread sandwiches consist of processed meat, mayonnaise, and butter can include many unnecessary calories by raising carbohydrate and fat intake.
  • Whole grain bread is a healthful choice for people for losing weight, but it also depends on how you add them with bread in your diet.
  • The healthful choice might be in the following ways:
  • Consume a homemade sandwich that consists of grilled chicken and salad.
  • Consume once slice of whole-grain bread with homemade, healthful vegetable soup.
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