Drinking Hot Water Help You Lose Weight

Does Drinking Hot Water Help You Lose Weight – FAQ

Like normal water, hot water also good for health for some specific reasons like weight loss. Commonly many people drink hot/warm water in the morning that helps to boost metabolism. Drinking hot water helps to break down fat molecules in the diet in a fast way and result in weight loss.

However, avoid too hot water that can burn the mouth, but it can be warm for managing the proper temperature that your body can tolerate. When you begin to add hot water to your diet, it may not be easy for you. Drinking hot water may cause dry mouth and create discomforting feelings. You can add it slowly and make your taste buds get used to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hot Water Assist in Lessening Belly Fat?

Yes, hot water drinking helps to lower the belly fat. It is essential to remember that you should not depend on hot water completely for fat reduction. Drinking hot water can be one part of a fat reduction diet and rest others depend on healthy nutrition and regular workout. One cup of warm water that is around 250 ml helps to burn only 12-calories. However, the warm water drinking helps to bring positive change in your body, which results in weight loss.

Is Drinking Hot Water Useful for The Skin?

Yes, warm water helps to improve your blood circulation and bring out the natural glow in the skin.

How Much Hot Water Can You Drink Every Day for Weight Loss?

You can drink around 3-cups of warm water in a day. Many people consume warm water the entire day and every day, which can be an amazing lifestyle to adapt. However, drinking hot water can be difficult in summer days to manage.

Therefore, try to drink room temperature water in the summer days. Summer days make you feel thirstier. Therefore, you can try an ice cube with water instead of drinking cold water from the refrigerator to cool your body temperature.

Is Drinking Hot Water Is Beneficial Before Bed?

Hot water drinking before sleep time helps to hydrate your body at night and decrease the production of the toxin. You can also drink hot water on the empty stomach in the morning time, which will start your digestive system.

Is Drinking Hot Water with Lemon and Honey Effective?

Drinking hot water by including lemon and honey works amazing for your overall health. Additionally, it provides essential nutrients from both lemon and honey. This drink is effective with rich content of iron, potassium, vitamin B, and C.

Lemon consumption with hot water in the morning promotes the hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which promote better nutrient absorption and digestion. Lemon and hot water is perfect combination before a meal and first thing to consume in the morning to remove toxins.

How To Use Hot Water For Weight Loss?

  • According to ideal hot water, the diet needs to drink one glass of hot water with a temperature of 50°C after waking up. Here are the tips to follow for weight loss.
  • Take at least 10-minutes for drinking hot water for a good result.
  • Additionally, drinking hot water after waking up, drink before or after a bath, which helps to reduce blood pressure level.
  • It also warms up the body from the inside, which affects the circulatory system from dilation happening on the skin surface.
  • Make sure to avoid junk foods that affect negatively. Avoid foods with added sugar, which can interrupt a weight loss plan.

The Hot Water Myth

A weight loss can be a challenging task if you eat a little less. Therefore, it is not surprising, which is countless myths happen about weight loss in a faster way with little effort. This myth can be about weight loss by consuming hot water. This myth depends on the assumption that the digestive system requires to get hot water to core body temperature for the absorption of water. According to myth, it burns some calories and promotes metabolism. However, the body indeed uses around 10-calories for digesting 100 calories, which do not consume energy to absorb water without water temperature. Drinking hot water may not speed up the metabolism but stabilize the metabolic rate determined by age, size, genetics, and gender.

How Hot Water Can Make You Lose Weight?

In one regard, with regards to water’s role as a potential weight reduction help, hot water may have a major advantage over cold water in that hot water resides in your stomach for more time. Coldwater is absorbed quicker than hot water, so drinking some hot water can help you with a feeling of fuller for longer cold water.

Even though this may be important when you’re trying to avoid eating more. Studies still can’t seem to confirm whether the influence is enough for weight loss. However, drinking hot water makes you manage the day without eating unplanned calories, which may be the best strategy for you.

Other Ideas to Enjoy Water

Drinking enough water is a healthy habit and a good strategy for weight loss plan, and it will help you long term results. Water is a good choice without any flavor and knowing with infusions that can prevent boring feeling. A fresh lemon squeeze with hot or cold water is more refreshing. You can also add crushed mint leaves and fresh ginger and cucumber slices. Carbonated or sparkling water can provide potential benefits of weight loss. According to a small study issued in the Journal-of-Nutritional-Science-and-Vitaminology-in-2012, discovered that consuming carbonated water in an empty stomach helps to keep you full for a long time than normal water.

Drink Water Hot or Cold or Tepid

It is a safe way to drink beverages for some calories in an average diet, then the drinking water like hot, cold, or room temperature, which is the best way to achieve a healthy weight. Drinking water can do multiple tasks than preventing liquid calories. It also helps to consume fewer calories during mealtime. Drinking approximately 16 ounces or preloading water before 30 minutes of the meal helps to promote weight loss efforts. According to a randomized study of 2015, managed trials issued in the Journal of Obesity, dieters who consumed water before eating 40 lesser calories in every meal reduced more weight than the people who did not preload with water.

Benefits of Hot Water Drinking

Improves Digestion

Drinking hot water helps to activate the digestive tract. It helps to promote the digestion process and diffuse the particles in the digestive system and reduce discomfort. Hot water also increases the width of blood vessels and increases blood flow to the intestine and enhance digestion.

Consuming hot water after a meal helps increase the temperature and dissolve the fat during digestion. If you have gastric reflux, then avoid hot water. Hot water gets diluted with gastric juices, which cause digestion problems and result in acid reflux. According to studies, meal temperature influences the gastric emptying rate, which will relieve constipation.

Relieves Nasal Congestion

Drinking hot water helps to loosen the accumulated sinuses and the passage of the nasal area. It also removes the congestion. This way, it provides relief to your sinus headache. There are mucous membranes in the neck and your upper torso. Consuming hot water helps to warm up this region and relieve sore throat that happened by mucus accumulation.

According to studies, hot liquids are best for cold and respiratory problems and infections.

Eases Stress

Drinking hot water can promote your functions of the central nervous system and relieve stress. According to the study, including warm milk in hot water provide effects for easing stress. However, it is necessary to understand dairy products and milk products to increase mucus accumulation. It can work for stress reduction and remove nasal congestion.

Helps to Treat Achalasia

Achalasia is a type of health condition, which reduces the esophagus parts and unable to relax. It prevents the food from moving in the stomach. According to studies, hot food, including hot water consumption helps your body to relax in the lower esophagus, which also describes as an esophageal sphincter.

Another study tells that drinking hot water helped to improve the symptoms of achalasia. Hot water moves back the LES more quickly than the normal water and cold water.

Another study tells that 88% of the achalasia patients discovered the relief from chest discomfort after consuming hot water.

May Aid Weight Loss

A theory tells that hot water remains in the stomach for more time in comparison with cold water. It means the hot water keeps you fuller for more time and assist in weight loss.

Increases Blood Circulation

Hot water extends your veins and arteries, which allow good blood circulation in the entire body. It also helps to manage blood pressure levels.

Relieves Pain

Drinking hot water helps to promote blood circulation and boost the flow in the entire body. There is no research showing direct connected to hot water consumption to relieve pain. People generally use hot pack to lower the pain. Therefore, hot water helps to relieve the entire internal pain. Remember, more heat can also cause you swelling, depending on your condition. Therefore, heat should not increase and talk to your doctor for help.

Helps Flush Out Toxins

Drinking hot water increases your internal body temperature. Although temporary, this activates your body’s endocrine system, and you begin to sweat. It can help rid your body of toxins. Toxins present in the body increase aging, and removing toxins helps to slow down the aging signs. Drinking hot water is the best and effective way to remove toxins from the entire body.

Relief from Menstrual Cramps

Women get regular menstrual cycles that cause regular cramps and pain in the uterus lining during the periods. The nature of pain may change in person to person. Along with an abdomen cramp, you may feel pain in the lower back and legs.

Most of the women feel familiar with using a hot water bag to reduce the menstrual cramps. Drinking hot water also helps to reduce the menstrual cramps and provide relief to muscles.

Good Hair Growth

Warm water helps to increase blood circulation and boost hair growth. Most people have hair problems because of poor blood circulation and malnutrition in hair and scalp. Drinking hot water also benefits hair growth.

It Helps to Create Saliva

Water is an essential component of saliva. Saliva also adds some electrolytes, enzymes, and mucus. It is important for breaking solid food and manage your mouth’s health. Your body normally generates enough saliva with regular liquid intake. However, saliva production may reduce the effects of age and medications and therapies. If your mouth gets dry than the usual time, then you need to check with a doctor.

It Regulates The Body Temperature

Keeping yourself hydrated is essential for body temperature. Your body loses the internal water after sweating from physical activity and due to the hot environment.

Your sweat makes your body cool, but the body temperature will elevate if you do not supply more water. That happened due to the body loses plasma and electrolytes in dehydration. Therefore, enough water to prevent dehydration.

Dental Health

Drinking hot water is good for your teeth. Coldwater may cause filling materials to weaken and break off and result in damaging dental work. According to some experts, brushing teeth and using warm water is also helpful.

Muscle relief

Consuming hot water helps to promote blood flow and make your muscles relax, whereas drinking cold water makes your muscles contract. This relaxation of muscles assists with an extended range of pains from your menstrual cramps and arthritis. It also makes you sleep.


According to research, hot water consumption helps to improve your mood swings and enhance the mood.

Skin Care

Hot water drinking also helps to reduce the aging process and keep your skin clear and prevent blemish.

How it works

As the hot water enters your system, it works to cleanse your body from inside. The inner cleaning flushes out the toxins through sweat urine. As your body sweat, it will promote clear skin.

Cures Acne

Hot water drinking also treats acne and other skin infections.

How it works

As you will sweat after drinking hot water, which will open up your skin pore and remove the dirt. Have poor digestion is one of the main causes of skin problems. Therefore, when you consume hot water, it assists in bowel movement and promote healthy digestion and remove toxins.

Prevents Ageing

Regularly consuming hot water helps to prevent skin aging and promote the radiant look and younger skin.

How it works

Hot water prevents or lowers the formation of dead cells. Dead cells make your skin look very dull and rough. Also, it removes the toxins and makes skin problem-free.

Prevents Skin Dryness

The skin becomes glowing and healthy and limits the dullness and dryness.

How it works

Hot water keeps your skin hydrated and promotes blood circulation, as a result, it makes your skin radiant and smooth.

Other Benefits

Drinking warm water with honey works amazingly for the skin. It helps to revitalize your immunity and limit skin allergies.

How it works

Honey provides antibacterial properties when combined with warm water and work to remove skin problems by fighting against harmful free radicals. People are more likely to get pollen allergy and raise the resistance of the body by consuming honey with water.

Can Drink Hot water help hair?

Drinking warm water helps to rejuvenate the scalp skin and benefits hair growth.

Makes Hair Silky

Hot water drinking helps to make your hair soft and smooth by rejuvenating. Strong roots from nerves are essential to protect hair from frequent damage. Drinking hot water helps to nourish the roots and promote lustrous and shiny hair.

Promotes Hair Growth

Regular consumption of water helps in hair growth and limit hair fall. Every hair follicle requires enough water and hydration to grow the hair. Drinking hot water promotes hair cells and hair growth.

Prevents Dandruff

Hot water consumption also prevents dandruff and dryness occurred by dehydration. It also removes the flakiness of the scalp. As you consume the hot water, it works to hydrate your scalp and hair for good blood circulation. It helps to moisturize your scalp and remove dryness. Try to drink at least 3-4 glasses of warm water every day.

Calm Down the Central Nervous System

It is a common and natural thing that everyone has to deal with pain, aches, and cramps due to stress and panic situations. Drinking hot water also soothe and calm your nervous system. The hot water will make you relax from pain and relieve the aching part. Try to drink more water the whole day to stay hydrated.

Best Post-Workout Drink

Drinking hot water can be best before hitting the gym and starting a workout. Try to replace your energy drink or any shake with warm water. It will supply minerals and vitamins in the body for rehydration. Warm water is free from chemicals, and calories, it can be a perfect post-workout drink.

Drinking Hot Water: Side Effects

Generally, hot water is more beneficial for health, but it may cause some problems for some people. Here are some side effects of hot water.

  • More hot water can result in excess water in the body.
  • Drinking excess hot water can imbalance the electrolyte.
  • Hot water kept in electric containers can be contaminated and uncleaned.
  • Consuming very hot water causes you to burn your tongue and mouth.
  • Excess hot water can induce vomiting and loose stools.
  • Over-consumption of hot water can also disturb your sleep pattern.

Making a habit of drinking hot water is easy. You have to start your day with hot water. Make sure the water should not burn your mouth and able to hold in the mouth. It is easy to switch the cool water with hot water in the morning. Include light stretching in your morning routine to stay energized and equipped throughout the day.

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