Eye Care Tips: Do’s and Don’ts for Beautiful Eyes

Our eyes are the windows to the outside world, giving us the capability to admire beauty and colors of Mother Nature all around us. They are beautiful embellishments of one’s face which attract other people the most. Not only this, our eyes also serve as a medium of expressing our emotions and feelings; they laugh, sing, dance, cry and even show anger just as we feel.

Eyes are beautiful and attractive and thus, everybody wants them to shine as always. But due to changing lifestyle, diet habits and a huge lineup of eye makeup range used today, we are losing the natural shine and grace of these delicate sense organs of our body because of which they become weak and dull. What to do and what not to do have become a major question when it comes to eye care which is not only troubling the females but also men. So here are some of the do’s and don’ts you need to know and perform to maintain perfect health of your eyes and keep them beautiful and glowing for as long as you life.

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Eye Care Tips: Do’s and Don’ts for Beautiful Eyes 1

Daily Care


  • Use soaked cotton plug to clean your eyes daily.
  • For shinning eyes, cover your eyes with milk-soaked cotton for five to ten minutes on daily basis.
  • Use cucumber slice or chilled milk to cover tired eyes and soothe them.
  • If your eyes turn red and itchy, massage the surrounding areas using curd at night and then wash off in the morning.
  • Clean your face and eyes perfectly for any leftover makeup before going to bed and apply night cream for moisturizing them.
  • Use potato slice daily to remove those stubborn dark circles and baggy eyes.
  • Massage your eyes gently using essential oils such as lemongrass, lavender and cypress.


  • Do not overstrain yourself and your eyes. You may take small breaks at work, close your eyes and just relax for some time.
  • Don’t use irritating and chemical-based cosmetics for eyes as these can harm them and make the skin dull.
  • Avoid dirt and dust from getting into your eyes.
  • Don’t rub them violently and keep your dirty hands away.
  • Never use warm water to wash your face and eyes.

Diet and Nutrition


  • Have a balances diet rich in green, leafy vegetables and fresh fruits such as spinach, carrots, papaya, broccoli, tomato, avocados and garlic etc.
  • Take foods packed with vitamin C, vitamin A, Vitamin B and Vitamin E as these are very beneficial for eyes. You can also try out vitamin supplements.
  • If you are a non-vegetarian, you can eat eggs and fish which are a great source of vital nutrients for healthy, bright eyes.
  • Try eating raw or boiled food which will not only keep you slim and fit but maintain proper wellbeing of your eyes and eye sight.
  • You can also take fresh juice, not bottled, as healthy drinks for your eyes.
  • Drink lots and lots of water.




  • Along with a balanced diet, proper exercise for eyes is also important, so try doing yoga or other activities which tone your eye muscles and keep them healthy.
  • Give complete rest to your eyes and sleep well.
  • Wash them with cold water several times in a day.
  • If you work on computer daily, adopt a proper posture and maintain necessary distance from the screen. You can also use screed shield which will keep harmful rays away from your eyes.
  • Use sun glasses when you move out to avoid dust and UV rays falling into your eyes.
  • Go for regular eye checkup which is important for maintain health eyes.
  • Develop a positive thinking and stay happy.


  • Avoid smoking and drinking as they not only affect one’s health but also dwindle down the natural beauty of eyes.
  • Drinking caffeinated drinks such as coffee etc. also harm eye cells and muscles, making them weak.
  • Avoid waking up late at nights as it can give you dark circles and also decrease your eyesight.
  • Do not use one pair of contact lens for a long time. Keep changing them whether they are powered or just for beauty.
  • Avoid watching TV or using computer in dim light or for long.
  • Avoid stress and tension.

Makeup and Beauty


  • Wash your eyes with cold water or rose water before applying makeup. This will give them a fresh look.
  • Use kajal or mascara to give depth and grace to your eyes.
  • Curl your eye lashes to give more feminine touch to your eyes.
  • If you have puffy eyes, go for smoky eye make using new and trendy shades, curl your lashes well and try to blend the colors.
  • Use eye masks such as goat’s milk and avocado which are great refreshers and moist eyes.


  • Don’t compromise over cheap brands for eye makeup, although there are many brands which offer products which are not hefty on your wallet.
  • Avoid using alcohol base astringents for cleaning up the eye makeup.
  • Never use foundation around eyes, rather use concealer to hide the lines and dark circles.
  • If your face is round then avoid using heavy eye makeup or otherwise it will make your face look broader.

Just remember, your eyes not only make to see the world but also help others to know about you. So think good, feel good, eat well and take good care of your eyes to have them bright and shiny all the time.

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