Hemorrhoids Treatments and Relief Options

How do I know if I have hemorrhoids?

If you ever had blood in your stool, itching in your anal area or extreme pain when having bowel movement, then there is a good sign of having hemorrhoids. There are two types of hemorrhoids namely internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. External hemorrhoids can be detected easily as they will be visible on the outer side of the anus. Where internal hemorrhoids can be identified by the doctor using a lubricated finger, or using an anoscope . More methods are used in identifying internal hemorrhoids such as colonoscopy in which a lighted tube will be sent through the rectum and using this entire colon be studied for hemorrhoid signs. Colonoscopy procedure is carried out after giving enema to the patient so that the fecal matter present in the colon gets cleared out, after that colonoscopy procedure is carried out to examine the entire colon.

Home Remedies Hemorrhoids

What are the treatments for hemorrhoids?

Once you develop hemorrhoids, they won’t go easily unless you take extreme care and follow one of these procedures. They will come again if your dietary habits are bad and can become even better, but however living with them is horrible. Both general doctors and medical practitioners consider diet is the best treatment for hemorrhoids. A diet which is rich in fiber and low in processed food is good for treating hemorrhoids. Taking six to eight ounces of water daily will helps you getting rid of hemorrhoids as it will soften your stool and thereby putting less stress on the veins present in your anal area. Even if surgery is prescribed, one must follow proper diet in order to avoid constipation.

Most hemorrhoid treatments will reduce pain and itching. Warm sitz baths are helpful in relieving pain by reduces the swelling in the anal area and relaxes the sphincter muscle. The pain can be relieved by sitting in about three to four inches of warm water for about 15 minutes several times a day usually after having bowel movement. This will relax the muscles present near the anal; thereby will get relief from hemorrhoids pain.

Usually the hemorrhoids will go away if you follow the above two procedures like taking fiber rich foods as it will make your stool soft and will reduce stress on the veins present in the anal area i.e hemorrhoids and having sitz baths several times a day. If the problem of hemorrhoids still persists, then you may seek doctor’s advice and he/she can suggest the following procedures which can be done in doctor’s office.

  • Injection: An internal hemorrhoid will be injected with a solution which will make a scar and closes of the hemorrhoid. The pain occurred during the injection is like a pain comes from taking a normal injection.
  • Banding: In this method, rubber band litigation is used around the hemorrhoid which will stop blood circulation to the hemorrhoid. Within a week, the hemorrhoids will fall off.
  • Laser Beam: Using laser beam, the end of the hemorrhoid will be burned which will seals its end and it eventually shrinks and closes off. This is very useful in case of prolapsed hemorrhoids.
  • Surgery: For larger internal and external hemorrhoids which are extremely painful to live with them i.e thrombosed hemorrhoids, the doctor may suggest a surgery or hemorrhoidectomy.  The success rate is very high, but unless the patient changes his dietary habits in future or the hemorrhoids may reoccur at any stage of his life.
Hemorrhoids Treatments Good Sources of Fiber

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Nutrition and Diet:

Avoid constipation by taking high fiber containing foods. Your meal should contain more vegetables and fruits which will have good amount of fiber. If you are unable to take enough fiber in your meal or snacks, then go for fiber supplement which will make your stool soften by adding more fiber to your supplement. Don’t use laxatives, as this will result in diarrhea. Drink as much of water as possible, drink about 8 glasses of water daily, if you live in a tropical climate then you might need more water intake. Monitor on your sodium salts level also, if you take more sodium in your diet, then it may worsen the condition of hemorrhoids, as sodium will result in swelling your veins.

Hemorrhoid home remedies:

  • Try not to sit for hours as it will put much pressure on the veins present in your anal area and will worsen the condition of hemorrhoids. If you have to sit compulsory at your work, try to get breaks like get up and walk around each hour to get relief and reduce stress on hemorrhoids.
  • Rub your anal area with petroleum jelly, as it will make your stool to pass smoothly and will result in putting less pressure when passing out the stool.
  • Use anti hemorrhoidal creams or witch hazel on irritated hemorrhoids, which will gets you relief from pain and itching.
  • Never scratch your hemorrhoids as this will worsen the condition of hemorrhoids by getting irritated. Instead of scratching, use over the counter treatment creams, which will help in reducing the itching of hemorrhoids.
  • By using acetaminophen you can get relief from pain. Avoid using ibuprofen and aspirin.
  • Use sitz bath, to get relief from itching and pain. Practice this more often in a day, and keep the anal area clean.
  • Don’t sit on the toilet for more than five minutes at a time, as this will put more pressure on your anal veins and there might be a danger that your hemorrhoids may get swollen and become worse. Avoid using of western bathrooms as these are not good comfort for hemorrhoid sufferers.
  • When performing any task that requires exertion, try to breathe slowly as many people will hold their breath when doing exertion. This also will put pressure on your anal veins and there are chances for irritating your hemorrhoids.

How can I prevent hemorrhoids?

Take fiber rich foods, which will make your stool soften and thereby result in putting less strain when having bowel movement. This will result in putting less pressure on your anal veins.  Drink plenty of water daily. Don’t lift heavy objects, as this will put much pressure on your anal veins. Avoid constipation by practicing the above methods. Avoid sitting on the toilet for more than five minutes and also avoid straining when having bowel movement.

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