Salsa Till You Feel Light: Let’s Do The Burning Salsa

Ahoy there folks and welcome back to the unique alternatives of losing weight. If you are perhaps as bored as the rest of us while trudging on with those gym weights and machines that refuse to cooperate, then let’s get some hunting done for alternative ways to losing weight.

How about feeling really sexy while burning those lovely love handles made of calories? Yes ladies and gentle, let’s talk some dirty dancing with salsa that will not only make you feel good and make your being glow, but also help you shake off those pounds, not the money kind but the weight kind!

Doing the Salsa

Salsa Dancing for fat burning

You may already be aware what salsa is like and how much activity and fun in heels, or without them you can have once you start. What many of you may not be aware of is how good and effective a cardio exercise it can be and yes with music. With the rhythm and as you move your body as a whole in synchrony with the music, you don’t realize how much goodness you promise your cardiovascular system.

Plus, what you can thank in earnest is that once you start dancing, you will have plenty of not just exercise but avenues for being creative on the dance floor. Of course, just like any other dance routine or cardio exercise, you will be pretty much huffing and puffing with tired muscles you had so far no idea that existed.

Nevertheless, once your body is flexible enough and you get into the groove, nothing can stop you from learning a new art. Also, the ladies reading this may argue that belly dancing is a much better dance routine and idea for an exercise that will help you to lose plenty of weight.

However, salsa is the best activity, in terms of both exercise and otherwise for couples, both of whom want to lose some weight. In fact, even if you do not have a partner, while learning salsa you will be doing much more than losing weight. You will attain a new skill that will make you pretty popular in the social circle. From overweight nerd, to popular and fit stud, in time of course!

Salsa gets much better as you practice the skill and I’m sure practicing, in this case, won’t be painful as in the case of other workout routines where you have to work hard (probably much less motivated) to get “there”. With salsa, more practicing simple means more fun and you not only become fit and flexible but also much cheerful and happy.

Salsa gives plenty of room for relaxation and helps weeding out the stress and depression. This way you can become much more beautiful, healthy and fit from the inside. In my opinion, this counts a lot more than maintaining fitness just on the outside.

What Salsa Does to your Body?

Once your salsa training starts, you can safely bet that you will start feeling happier, tired maybe, but happier. Salsa, while making your explore muscles that were erstwhile dormant and inactive, helps boost your spirits by releasing quite a load of endorphins.

In addition, you will also somehow feel much more in shape. The movements in Salsa, though not very strenuous or hard to learn, tone your muscles and your body, thereby doing the job of both in one kind of art.

For your information, the cardio exercise that is salsa dancing will make use of muscles in the areas of your calves, hips, arms, hamstrings, shoulders, triceps and quadriceps, thereby shaping them and toning them.

As you can see, salsa not only refreshes you, makes you sweat, makes you happy and cheerful, but also involves your body as a whole in the process. There’s nothing more effective in working out the “whole” body by engaging all the parts in unison and synchrony. Such a way of workout (although it technically not a workout) is much more effective than a workout that is aimed at a particular part of the body, say abs, thighs, chest etc.

This is also healthy since you don’t work out your muscles on one area of your body vigorously and let the others stay idle – this way there is much more balance in the whole process.

So there you go ladies, the perfect vision of sexy and shapely hips and toned legs that may make it seem like reaching all the way up to Canada.

Motivation and Recommendation

One of the main reasons why salsa is popular is because people have been known to actually stick to the routine once they start. The trainers in most cases are friendly and the people you will take your lessons with will certainly be as much a novice as you are.

Compare that with any of your gym days and it is understandable why you usually give the gym class a miss, with or without guilt. Something about the throbbing music and pulsating quick moves are guaranteed to ensure that you grow more poised and subtle in your moves, something that all ladies will love.

You don’t have strict schedules and you don’t feel like you’re in a class with a formal environment. With salsa it’s more social, more fun and more enthusiasm and its definitely not boring. So you won’t think about finding an excuse for not attending a session, rather you’d look forward to attending the next session.

Salsa is great for anybody who would like to keep a good social circle buzzing. However, as far as weight loss is concerned, salsa is the only exercise that ladies who have recently delivered should undertake. In fact, any person who has suffered injuries of the worst kind and wants to retain normal life and weight, but cannot do something very strenuous should stick to salsa.

There you go then folks, a great way to lose weight. However, if there is something you should retain of those gym classes, it is the diet chart or the advice on food that every other trainer will lecture you on for free. Seriously, fruits and water work wonders!

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