Hymen: Location, Picture,Types, Diagnosis, Repair Broken Hymen

Hymen is a mucous membrane that surrounds the vaginal passage in females and covers it almost partially. It forms the part of the vulva. With age, the hymen opening starts to increase. The basic function of the hymen is to protect the vagina from infection in infants. It also allows the proper flow of the menstrual blood when the puberty begins.

Types of hymen

The different types of hymen that occur among females are imperforate hymen, Microperforate hymen, and Septate hymen.

Imperforate hymen: Hymen partially covers the the vagina. The vagina has a hole through which the blood can flow during the menstrual cycle. In imperforate hymen, the tissues cover the hymen completely and hence the blood does not flow easily through the vagina. Imperforate hymen occurs during the teenage years. It occurs due to the failure of the epithelial cells of the hymen. The increase in age and increase in the vagina size can also result in the occurrence of imperforate hymen. The symptoms of this condition are:

  • No menstrual bleeding
  • Lower abdominal pain
  • Urinary issues
  • Constipation
  • Accumulation of blood in the vagina

Surgery helps in the treatment of Imperforate hymen. Surgery can help in removing the obstruction caused in the vagina. In this process, removal of the hymen tissue from the vagina takes place.

Microperforate hymen: In this condition, a thin tissue covers the vaginal opening partially. This does not result in completely blocking the flow of blood from the vagina, but it makes the flow of blood from the vagina a very harmful process. Surgery can help in treating this condition. The women who suffer from microperforate hymen may face long menstrual period. This may be due to the slow passage of the blood.

Septate hymen: In this condition, an extra hymen tissue occurs in the middle of the vagina. The issues caused by this condition are same as that of the microperforate hymen. One can remove this condition by using surgical procedures.

Hymen Location

The hymen is located at the mouth opening of the vagina. It is not located deep inside the vagina. For diagnosing the damage to the hymen, wide your legs and use a mirror to see the image of the hymen.

hymen picture diagram

Hymen repair

Several reasons may lead to the hymen damage among females. Use of tampons is one of the reasons that may lead to the damage of the hymen. Repair of the hymen can take place by surgical methods. The breaking of a hymen is associated with virginity hence repairing of hymen becomes important. Hymenoplasty is the procedure used for repairing of hymen. In this procedure, the restructuring of thin, ring like the one membrane is carried out that covers the vagina partially.

The repair method: The restoration of hymen consists of closing the tear by bringing together remnants. In this procedure, tissue removal from the vaginal opening takes place. The results of this procedure may be temporary though.

Alloplant method: This is another method that is used for the treatment of the closing of the vagina by tearing through the tissues accumulated around the vaginal opening.

Hymenoplasty: Repair of damaged hymen can take place. Hymenoplasty procedure can help in repairing of the hymen. For carrying out Hymenoplasty procedure known as hymnography procedure, local anesthesia is given and dissection of the tissues ensures that the blood flow is restricted. Stitching of the torn areas together as star shaped just as they are originally occurring. The stitching is done in a way that during the sexual intercourse the hymen breaks and a minor pain will also be felt. During this point, the blood may also come out of the vagina. Hymen surgery is done for the restoration of the hymen if a woman has an imperforate or micro perforate hymen.


A doctor can easily diagnose the breakage of the hymen. You can also diagnose the breakage of your hymen. For diagnosing your hymen you must widen your legs, try to open the folds of the vulva by using the two fingers. You must then look for a ring material outside the vagina. If the ring is present, then the hymen is not broken. The other way of diagnosing the hymen is by inserting the middle finger in the vagina. If the finger cannot go easily inside the vagina, then it means that the hymen is not damaged. The hymen breakage may lead to the flow of the blood, which may cause pain as well. It is not necessary that hymen breakage may lead to bleeding.

The main reason behind the breakage of the hymen is the first sex. The other reasons behind the breakage of the hymen are doing physical activities like dancing, cycling, and jumping. The other reason for the breakage of the hymen is masturbation.


Hymen has no particular function in the woman’s body. It is just a covering present outside the vagina. The breakage or damage to the hymen, which may lead to the tearing of the vagina, may signify that the female has been sexually active. This is not completely true as the vagina can be damaged even by some physical activities. Those who are very much into sports can rupture their hymen. Use of tampon can help in breaking or stretching of the hymen. You must then look for a ring material outside the vagina. If the ring is present, then the hymen is not broken. It is not necessary that the breakage of the hymen may lead to bleeding. There are chances that bleeding might not take place even after breakage of the hymen. If you feel that your hymen has ruptured, then you need not worry at all. You can repair the hymen through the surgical method. This is not a very dangerous condition to worry. If you feel that your blood flow is not coming to a halt, then you must see a doctor so that the blood flow situation remains in control rather than getting out of the hands.

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