Epidermoid Cysts – Causes, Picture, Symptoms And Treatment

If you would like to know more about this certain skin disease, this is the article that you should be reading. We will try to give you all Epidermoid Cysts picture causes treatmentthe data you would need to understand the nature of the disease and how to treat it eventually. Here are some initial details as follows:

Definition Of Epidermoid Cysts:

An Epidermoid Cyst refers to small lumps in the surface of the skin.  Fortunately, most of these lumps are benign.  Therefore, it would usually cause no harm to a patient who has it in the future.  However, it can look very unsightly in terms of aesthetics.

For this reason, most patients will want to have it removed.  Here are some physical traits that you should watch out for as signs that you have epidermoid cysts.

Physical Manifestations

  • It can be seen as a lump on the skin.
  • Internally, it is a sac that is filled with fluid.
  • It can also develop in different places within the body which can cause various manifestations on the skin.
  • This would usually start to develop on top of the skin.
  • The fluid within the cysts would be almost akin to that of toothpaste.
  • This fluid is made up essentially of Keratin.

Epidermoid Cysts Symptoms

Here are some of the specific symptoms that you should watch out for when it comes to this disease.

  • Smooth and round lumps under the surface of the skin
  • Small in size but may increase in size as time passes
  • Can be known through microscopic testing
  • This can affect anyone from younger people to middle aged candidates.

Common Locations of Epidermoid Cysts

  • The face
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Upper back

Signs of Infection

Though these types of cysts are usually asymptomatic, it can still become infected.  Here are some signs of infection for the condition.

  • It will become red, inflamed and exhibit pain for the patients
  • It may also cause leaks
  • The skin may have horn like bumps
  • It may develop on the genital area of the patient

Major Epidermoid Cysts Causes

According to research, epidermoid cysts may develop due to post traumatic accidents that may affect the skin in terms of physical injury.  Genetics can also play.  Fortunately, this condition is benign and generally would pose no threat for the patient.

Reasons and Modes of Epidermoid Cysts Treatment

Because it is usually not harmful, epidermoid cysts are usually best left alone.  However, a patient may decide to have it removed for the following reasons.

  • Aesthetics
  • They can cause trauma for the patients in terms of how they look
  • Infection

Risk Factors

Although this condition is usually benign, it can still lead to skin cancer although there is a very small chance of this happening.

Removal Procedures

This can be removed by a simple operation under local anesthetic.  This is a why you do not have to worry about much complications when you have an operation to remove the cyst.  These are just some of the major pieces of information that you need to remember about Epidermoid cysts that can help you understand it and prepare for it in the future.

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