6 Quick Fix Detox Plans

Quick Fix Detox Plans

Quick fix detox plans are gaining a huge following. They are diet plans that emphasize your need to leave everyday life foods that overwhelm your body. Such include junk and processed foods, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, pollution and cigarette smoke. The reason for this is your body’s inability to cope with this overload that can lead… [Read More]

Asian Inspired Snacks to Help You Lose Weight

Snacks to Help You Lose Weight

When you’re hungry, you might reach for a bag of chips or a box of cookies. Before you know it, you’ve eaten every snack in the package. Or maybe you’re a bit more careful with snacking, but you still consume more ice cream and fries than you would like to. Instead of forgoing the snack… [Read More]

Are Weight loss Supplements a Safe Weight loss Method?

Weight loss Supplements a Safe Weight loss Method

Increasing numbers of people are becoming overweight. The sad truth is that approximately two thirds of adult Americans are overweight. The encouraging part of this is that around half of them are trying to lose weight. Exercise and diet are essential to losing weight. This can be combined with weight loss supplements although many people… [Read More]

9 Excellent Health Benefits of Pilates for Women

pilates zurich

Pilates is regarded as one of the most popular as well as efficient fitness exercise programs for women across the globe these days. Australia is also not out of the loop. With rising demand of proficient trainers, the number of qualified Pilates instructors in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and all other states of the country is… [Read More]

Best Protein Powder for Weight Loss

Best Protein Powder for Weight Loss

How does protein powder work for weight loss? Protein is considered the “building block” of the body and is vital for many functions. Protein powders can be either 100% protein made from soy, whey (milk protein) or casein (milk protein). Some protein powders do contain added fats, vitamins and other nutrients. Protein helps fuel the… [Read More]

Low Carb Diet – Foods That Will Get You Through

I must admit I’ve been fighting a losing game against weight my whole life. I have never had more than 10-15 kg extra, and I’m a relatively big guy, but it has been a lifelong obsession of losing that excess weight and getting myself in my best shape – for the sake of self-confidence, most… [Read More]

Weight loss surgery- An Overview

Weight loss surgery

The bariatric surgery for weight loss is done on patients with a BMI index of greater than 40. They are also done in case of diabetic patients and patients with cardiovascular diseases with a BMI of 35 to 40. Weight loss surgery is carried out only in the extreme cases when exercises or medicines fail… [Read More]