Let’s Eradicate Interstitial Cystitis And Never Let It Come

Are you keeping a watch on your health? It necessary because if you are suffering from acute pain in the lower abdominal area or are accompanied with a frequent urge to urinate, be alert as you might become a victim of interstitial cystitis. These days being a victim of this infection is not rare. This disease is a form of chronic bladder infection. Since, it is tough to diagnose it is more dangerous than ordinary Cystitis. Where ordinary Cystitis can be cured with antibiotic but it does not show much pleasing results only with antibiotics. Implementing a proper and restricted life style is necessary to follow in order to expect improvement in health.


Actual cause for the disease is yet to known. Many researches are being conducted by world scientists but no satisfactory result has been found yet. However, with studies e-coli bacterium has been caught as is the primary culprit behind the existence of interstitial cystitis. Conversely, in some cases of this infection no traces of virus and bacteria have been found in patients. This variance in results of studies confuses researchers.

Few of the very common symptoms of IC include:

  • Small amount of urination, frequently and with excessive urge to urinate
  • Tremendous vaginal pain during intercourse
  • Endometriosis
  • Asthma
  • Food allergies
  • Pelvic pain
  • Sinusitis
  • Migraine
  • Hay fever
  • Trouble in menstrual
  • Tremendous pain when the bladder is full

A fraction of medical experts hence believe that it is not a single disease but a combination of several diseases. Also, they have come to the conclusion that the infection affects the body when immune mechanism of body is weak or the immune system itself starts to ruin the healthy cells of the body.

According to health experts following healthy food habit can keep people relieved of the infection. Basic changes in food habits can bring remarkable improvement in interstitial patients. Below are the few habits, adopting which will benefit patients.

  • Keep away from caffeine, coffee, chocolate, simple sugars, alcohol, processed foods and carbonated beverages.
  • Have quarter glass of pure cranberry juice daily so as to help attract the bacteria that cling to the bladder wall.

Apart from following this routine it is highly advisable to get your self checked by doctor upon watching any of the above symptoms. You will surely get rid of its annoying symptoms.

Keep interstitial cystitis at bay by taking few effective measures

Do you suffer with acute pain in the lower abdominal area these days? Do you feel the frequent urge to urinate? Be aware you might be a victim of bacterial disease called interstitial cystitis. This is a form of chronic bladder infection which is tough to diagnose. Therefore it is considered more dangerous than normal cystitis. Usually normal Cystitis can be cured with antibiotics but interstitial cystitis is not curable with antibiotic only. There are medicines which are specially meant to cure this type of cystitis. Other than that you also need to implement certain lifestyle changes to make the treatment more effective.

Drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water will help to flush out germs out of the body. People usually suppress the urge of urine as there is very little urine to pass. However, no matter how frequently you feel the urge to urinate but do not suppress it. Spicy or junk food should be avoided. Cranberry juice is also found as very effective medicine to clear bacteria responsible for the disease. You may be suggested to keep away from chocolate, coffee, caffeine, alcohol, simple sugar, carbonated beverages and processed food. There are many similar restrictions which makes the process of treatment very effective. If you follow these remedies you will surely cure interstitial cystitis.

Know interstitial cystitis and fight it

Any disease when becomes chronic is very difficult to get rid of. The same is with interstitial cystitis or IC. A painful syndrome related to bladder and the adjacent pelvic area is known as IC. Under this disease patient feel the urge of urinating frequently and with much pressure. It happens so because patients are less capable to hold much urine. In later stage of disease one may suffer with fever and even observe blood in urine. Many researches are going on to find the actual cause of disease but are unable to find any so far. As a result treatment is whole solely based on the symptoms.

Herbal medicines are very popular to cure interstitial cystitis. This is because of the fact that they are easily available and have no side effects. Moreover, they have been found more effective than other means of treatment. The treatment for IC might take long time hence, patience is necessary. Following doctor’s guidelines is necessary. Apart from that following a proper diet chart can also relieve you from painful symptoms. There are many pulses and food products that provoke interstitial cystitis. Similarly, there are few food products that helpful to cure IC. Knowing them and following proper diet along with trusted treatment can surely help you to get rid of this disease.

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