Obstipation – Causes, Symptoms And Treatment


Obstipation is a disease in which an individual finds it difficult to pass stool. In general obstipation can also be considered as severe or chronic constipation. In this disease, the intestine is completely full and it is difficult to empty it. Obstipation is a severe disease that causes a lot of discomfort in the abdomen…. [Read More]

Weight loss surgery- An Overview

Weight loss surgery

The bariatric surgery for weight loss is done on patients with a BMI index of greater than 40. They are also done in case of diabetic patients and patients with cardiovascular diseases with a BMI of 35 to 40. Weight loss surgery is carried out only in the extreme cases when exercises or medicines fail… [Read More]

Low Calorie Foods Can Help You Lose Weight

low carb food pyramid

Every one today has become health conscious. Although mouth watering sight of burgers, pizzas, fried chicken chips and other processed foods have made it difficult to resist their temptation, high risks of obesity, cardiovascular diseases and overweight associated with them have encouraged people to switch to healthy eating habits which can not only help them… [Read More]

Acne – Definition, Causes And Treatment


Pimples, zits, blackheads or lesion- whatever you call it, acne remains to be the most terrifying and annoying problem faced by almost every individual in life irrespective of his/her age, race or gender. Characterized by redness, irritation and rashes, acne occurs due to internal and external changes in one’s body and typically affects the skin… [Read More]

Why Should You Be Storing the Umbilical Cord Blood of Your Dear Newborn Child?

Umbilical Cord Blood

Cord blood refers to the samples that are collected from the umbilical cord, which connects the mother’s womb and baby. It is the passage through which the baby gets nourishment from its mother. The cord is collected soon after the baby is born, in a specimen tube. This blood is stockpiled in the blood banks,… [Read More]

The Benefits Of Coconut Milk For Hair Growth

Coconut Milk For Hair Growth

The restoring powers of coconut have recently taken over the news—whether it’s used for weight loss, energy, cholesterol health, or just a youthful appearance, it’s hard to go anywhere without someone touting coconut’s healing benefits. And it’s easy to see why. The high amount of potassium in coconut water helps athletes protect against nutrient deficiencies… [Read More]

10 Healthy Tips To Eliminate Vaginal Odors

Eliminate Vaginal Odor

A natural, mild smell of healthy vagina is dowered by every woman which is one of the signs of feminineness as well, but when this smell becomes strong and unpleasant the situation can turn to be embarrassing and annoying. The fish-like, nasty vaginal odor is upsetting for many women today, mainly triggered by bacterial infection… [Read More]

Williams Syndrome – Causes, Picture, Symptoms And Treatment

Williams Syndrome

Williams Syndrome is a genetic disorder that occurs in approximately 1 out of 7,500 births. Although it can occur in families without any history of the syndrome, the likelihood of a parent passing it on to a child is 50%. It is rare for a person with Williams Syndrome to have children. Children with Williams… [Read More]