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Being on a diet does not really mean you have to eat less. It is about knowing the capacity of your body to eat. Everything is based on what your body needs to be able to function well. Also, other people say that being on a diet also means being away from your favorite food. Diet does not tell you to deprive on it. You can eat the foods you love to, but it is a matter of discipline that you are willing to go into the deep end.

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You do not have to believe all the fad diets the world is telling you. Take this as a path for you to sustain a healthy body.

1. Take it easy.

When you are strictly stopping yourself to not eat unhealthy foods, there is a tendency that your mind will be tempted to eat it. The more you will disallow yourself, the more it will give in. Better to take things in the easiest. Start slow so you will also slowly stop eating unhealthy foods without thinking that you really did. Soon, you will be used to it and consider eating those occasionally.

2. Eat slowly.

Never rush in eating your food. Before your stomach gets full, try to stop eating. Your brain uses a lot of time to think before it tells you to stop eating just because your stomach is full. So this tip tells you to take time in eating. Even how busy you are or you are rushing for a deadline in school or at work. Give time for yourself to finish the food well chewed specially on breakfast; you don’t want to do something with a heavy stomach.

3. Be with others while eating.

Having someone who is there to eat with you can help you in your emotional development. And this is correlated to having a healthy lifestyle. Eating while in front of the computer, for example, is not a way to be fit. It will lead you to overeating due to your unconscious mind. Stop holding your smartphones for a while eating meals especially when you’re with family and friends.

4. Serving size matters.

Try not going with bulk. When eating outside, be sure to know your serving size. It is better to split your dish into two and share it with your friend than eating the whole dish all by yourself.

5. Know your stats.

Meet with your family physician to know your health status. A healthy tip for those with sensitivity of gluten is to eat foods which are gluten free. If you are craving for tempura, you can use breadcrumbs which are also gluten free. Or if you are a pizza lover, you can buy some gluten-free pizza crust.
Everything has been made up for you. You have different food choices to choose from. But first, have your health checked.

6. Eat on time.

Avoid eating during late hours. Studies pose that eating when your digestive system is most active will help you have a healthy body and a regulated weight. This gives the system to have ample time to have a break for it to function the next day.

7. Eat more during breakfast.

It is advisable and commonly known that it is important to eat more during breakfast and eat less during lunch and dinner. That’s totally true! This will boost your metabolism providing it a good start to digest properly. It is also proven that not skipping breakfast has a positive effect on your weight. There goes the saying “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper”.

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There are lots of recommended list on the internet available for you to read on and even free consultation from professionals, guide books and magazines can be your guide to achieve a healthy lifestyle. It’s up to us whom shall we trust on this matter concerning the vital part of being a human where everything we do depends on our wellbeing.

At this moment, gluten-free diet is a hip for achieving a good health with the increasing numbers of celiac sufferers. But not all foods that say gluten-free is still okay, you still need to be sure and watch out for it. Because sometimes cross-contamination will still occur. It occurs when gluten-free foods come into contact with foods that contain gluten. It might happen during the manufacturing process. For example, if the same apparatus is being used to make different variety of products.
For that, you still need to check the actual ingredients list. Cross-contamination can also occur at home if the foods are prepared on a common surface or utensils that were not thoroughly cleaned after being used to food containing gluten.

Wheat is one of the main viands of a Western diet and also a public enemy number one for those who suffers gluten allergy. In addition to pure wheat, all its forms are also off-limits, it may include:

• Wheat bran              • Wheat starch
• Wheat germ             • Emmer
• Farina                       • Faro
• Graham flour           • Kamut
• Semolina                   • Spelt
• Gliadin

The food that contains gluten doesn’t end in wheat, here are some foods that contains gluten:

• Barley                      • Buglur
• Rye                           • Seitan
• Oats                          • Triticale
• Mir

It seems the foods that you desire to eat are in the menu which contains gluten. No worries, there still a healthy option for this kind of situation. There are foods that are now gluten-free and very safe for people who suffers gluten allergy. Here is a list of it:

• Legumes                • Beans
• Seeds                      • Fruits
• Vegetables             • Eggs
• Nuts                        • Corn
• Potatoes                 • Rice
• Dairy products      • Lean beef
• Fish                         • Chicken

And here is a list of grains that are now gluten-free:

• Cassava                  • Millet
• Amaranth              • Buckwheat
• Arrowroot              • Quinoa
• Soy                          • Rice
• Sorghum                 • Tapioca

Following with a gluten-free diet may be depressing. But with patience, time and creativity you will find yourself that there are many foods that are already gluten-free.

Switching to a gluten-free diet may be a big change for you; it takes a while getting used to it. You may generally feel dispossessed by the diet’s regulations. But a good result for a healthy lifestyle is not a one night thing.

Better to engage in a diet that is planned by you yourself. Being forced to be in it will lead you to depression. And we all know that it is never good for the body.

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