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D-Ribose Gives You 24 Hours Working Capacity

D-Ribose Gives You 24 Hours Working Capacity

D-ribose is a sugar particle which is essential for your body to produce adenosine triphosphate or ATP. ATP is a basic kind of energy and a type of fuel consumed by the cellular mitochondria. Naturally, the body cells generate D-ribose, but every organ produces a different amount of D-ribose which […]

Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive Teeth: Simple Steps to Better Dental Health

Hypersensitivity in roots of teeth describes as tooth sensitivity. There are different causes of teeth sensitivity such as eating sweet, cold, hot, acidic drinks or food, breathing cold aid. Gradually a tooth sensitivity increases and causes intolerable intense pain. Who can get sensitivity? Tooth sensitivity can happen in children and […]

Managing Allergies

Managing Allergies During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman goes under many changes in the body. It is completely normal and sometimes common to get certain allergies while you are pregnant. But you need to notice symptoms and stop your allergies from increasing in a harmful way. When you see your allergies growing, and you […]

Natural Remedy for Cold

Natural Remedy for Cold: 10 Best Home Remedies For Cold

Cold is a common health problem that everyone gets at some point. Getting yearly 2 to 4 colds are normal. It is an upper respiratory infection occurred by different viruses. Cold spreads through contaminated airborne droplets or coming in contact with an infected person. By staying in cold weather, some […]

Vaginal Dryness Picture

Vaginal Dryness: Causes, Picture, Symptoms and Treatment

Every woman experiences vaginal dryness symptom while undergoing menopause transition. It happens, especially in older age women. Still, vaginal dryness can occur at any age which relates to different health problems. The vagina wall stays moisturized by the thin layer of clear fluid. This clear fluid maintains by estrogens. Estrogens […]