10 Healthy Tips To Eliminate Vaginal Odors

A natural, mild smell of healthy vagina is dowered by every woman which is one of the signs of feminineness as well, but when this smell becomes strong and unpleasant the situation can turn to be embarrassing and annoying. The fish-like, nasty vaginal odor is upsetting for many women today, mainly triggered by bacterial infection or unhygienic conditions. Women who use chemical base vaginal cleansing and deodorizing products or wear tight clothing are more prone to such uncomfortable conditions. Actually, these products disturb the natural pH balance of vagina and create bacteria thriving conditions, causing strong foul smell sometimes accompanied by itching and irritation.

Bad vaginal smell not only disgusts a female mentally but also hinders her sex life. If you are suffering from this stymie situation then you should consult your gynecologist to find out better solution for your strong vaginal odor. On a personal note, there are two line of action you can use for eliminating that smutty vaginal smell, one by treating it internally and other externally. So let’s discuss various tips under these two categories which will help you regain your natural, fresh feminine smell.

Eliminate Vaginal Odor

Tips to egest vaginal odor internally

Diet plays a very important role in eliminating bad vaginal odor internally. There are certain foods that are beneficial in getting rid of foul smell of vagina and save you from such awkward state. These are as follows:

Add citrus fruits to your diet:

Citrus fruits are packed with vitamin C, an essential nutrient for the body which helps in its purification and barricades growth of bacterial and infection. It also builds up a strong immune system and detoxifies the body off toxins, wastes etc. Fruits like grapes, sweet lime, orange etc. are few to name that will help you banish your strong, manky vaginal smell and also treat various urinary infections. Not only these but by consuming fresh vegetables and other fruits is also good for your vagina and overall health.

Consume Yoghurt:

Adding fresh yoghurt to your meal can greatly help in minimizing soiled vaginal smell and also reduce irritation and itching.

Amla or Indian Gooseberry:

Not many of you know about amla or Indian gooseberry, which is a kind of fruit, found in Indian and is loaded with tons of beneficial properties. It serves as an organic cleanse and a natural blood purifier and helps in treating problematic vaginal infection, leucorrhoea. By eating it raw or in the form of pickle or even as powder, one can control bas vaginal odor effectively and permanently.

Use Garlic in your food:

Garlic is rich in antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and if you consume few cloves of it daily in your meal or in salad, you can significantly banish your strong vaginal smell. It can also be used externally by placing it inside the vagina in a lean cloth for some time.

Keep yourself hydrated:

By drinking lots of water or increasing your fluid intake, you flush off harmful microorganism, excess sugar and wastes out of the body which trigger vaginal odor. It will not only help you keep fresh and hydrated by also curb your bad vaginal smell. So the more your drink water, more fresh and clean your vagina is!

Tips to egest vaginal odor externally

For treating that soiled, irritating vaginal odor externally, personal hygiene is very important. Some tips which can be helpful are as follows:

Use tea oil to banish vaginal odor:

Use diluted solution of tea oil to wash your vagina regularly. The anti-fungal properties of tea oil bar the growth and development of microorganisms and thus eliminate bas vaginal smell.

Say yes to cotton panties:

For proper ventilation, which is not possible with nylon or polyester panties, it is wise to use cotton panties.This fabric helps in keeping the area dry and clean which is important for vaginal cleanliness.

Keep your vagina off douches and chemical:

Scented vaginal douches and other products should not be used as they disturb the natural environment of your vagina and leads to irritating, annoying and depressing vaginal odor. Also avoid using fragrant tampons to prevent infection in vaginal track and stay away from irritation and annoying vaginal smell.

Wear panty liners:

You can also mask your vaginal smell by using panty liners. They are very helpful especially when you are going for a long trip. They aid in proper ventilation and help in keeping the area dry and clean. You can also change panty liners as per your requirement but must change it couple of time.

Keep changing your sanitary pads:

During your menstrual period, it is advisable to change your sanitary pad at least twice (you can increase the frequency depending upon the flow) in a day in order to maintain proper hygiene around your vagina.By doing so, you eliminate the risk of getting vaginal infection and also banishes the nasty vaginal smell.

Tight clothing:

We understand that in the world of fashion everything is tight and body fit. But there are many other alternative to choose which will not keep your vagina wet and dirty. You should avoid wearing tight jeans or pants as they strain the blood vessels affecting normal blood circulation and lead to more sweat which triggers bacterial growth. Try to go for slightly lose clothing which will look good on your and make your feel comfortable.

Personal hygiene:

For personal hygiene, it is important for you to have shower regularly and clean your vagina properly using unscented or herbal soap. Also use water every time you use toilet and trim your pubic hair. All this will subsequently help you in getting rid of your bad vaginal smell and you can resume to your normal, confident life.

Foul vaginal smell is a very embarrassing situation for any woman and thus it is important to get rid of it. Though it is not a serious problem but, if neglected, could lead to infection and mental stress. So follow the tips and keep your vagina fresh, clean and smiley


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