What Is Stem Cell Hair Loss Treatment and How Is It Done?

Present lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits often affect hair health. No doubt, it will regularly lead to hair damage. The present world also has discovered new technologies and various natural remedies for treating hair loss. Hair transplant is one of those treatments.

Regarding hair transplant therapies, Stem cell therapy is one of the different processes beneficial for hair loss.

This treatment is an efficient and non-surgical therapy to regrow and stimulate the hair follicles. Stem cells that have in the middle of the follicle ensure the regular supply of cells. However, it helps in increasing hair cells and prevents hair loss.

Stem Cell Therapy Treatment for Hair Loss

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Human hair grows from follicles in the scalp. Dead or damaged follicles prevent new hair from growing. It has now been found that stem cells can be utilized to stimulate the cells. They help in developing new follicles thus new hair will grow after transplant to the scalp.

Scaffolding, which is enhanced with stem cells also provides a necessary growth factor. It is injected onto the scalp. This therapy helps in creating the hair follicles orient themselves, and grow in the right direction. It helps to boost hair growth and prevent baldness.

Aging causes to shrink the hair follicle and reduce response to the chemical of hair growth. The stem cell signals the dry follicle about chemicals. This process helps to restore and grow good hair.

Once you start hair therapy, you will not get hair issues again in life.

This method is secure and no side effects. Two-six sessions are needed for this therapy depending on the stage and quality of hair loss. You might feel a moderate prick during the vaccination procedure of the therapy.

Types of Stem Cells

Stem cells are still under research around the world. There are primarily two different types of stem cells as Embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells.

Embryonic Stem Cells

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Embryonic stem cells are produced from embryos through in-vitro-fertilization. The embryo from the body of a woman is not used to obtain stem cells. There is an approved method, which is followed to get embryonic stem cells. Human Embryonic stem cells (hESC’s) are produced by moving cells into preimplantation embryo state to a lab culture medium.

A mouse cell layer is added to the bottom to make the embryo attach itself.

During recent experiments, scientists have found, a process to increasing embryonic stem cells without mouse cells help to reduce infection problem.

Embryonic stem cells have different aspects, such as regenerate ability and replicate into other stem cells. It also has tissue and organ cells. This pluripotent nature of stem cells makes them more valuable in the treatment of different diseases. The embryonic stem cells are responsible for the whole human body created from the fertilization moment.

Adult Stem Cell

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Adult stem cells are also named somatic stem cells. These are the stem cells you get in fully developed organs from a human being. These stem cells are generally similar and triggered only to the kind of cell the appropriate organ requires. Somatic stem cells perform the important work of regeneration and repair the organ cells.

These stem cells are being studied for more than 60 years. This research shows that cells hold the capacity to function even when changed to a different host body.

These exciting events help to helped scientists over the world to further research the topics.

Adult microorganisms found in the bone marrow are called hematopoietic stem cells can develop a wide range of platelets in the body. It is pretty possibly the most generally utilized stem cells for a differing scope of therapies for sicknesses like malignancy, joint inflammation, and diabetes.

Induced Pluripotent Cells

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Induced pluripotent cells are adult cells but genetically modified to function as pluripotent-embryonic-stem cells. This process is performed in a laboratory under strict supervision. The process was first successful when performed with mouse stem cells and even human iPSC – induced pluripotent stem cells used for research.

Induced pluripotent stem cells are more used for ailment modeling. The customizable nature creates the possibility of scientific studies in a different application of stem cells using controlled variables. It has helped more in the advancement of stem cell research around the globe. Using genetic modification, stem cells can do specific functions prepared as needed.

Process of Stem Cell Therapy

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The stem cell treatment method is easy. If you get mild hair loss, then it can be done in 2-sittings. During the first stage, the specialists will take away a few hair follicles that are around 500. Then, these follicles will be adjusted and advanced in a lab to produce more stem cells. For example, if they got 500 hair follicles, they may create them to 1-lakh hair. After some days like 15-20 days, the second stage of this treatment shall be performed.

Here, they will enter all the processed hair over the scalp. It is a simple explanation for the stem cell therapy process.

There is a different way for this treatment, which is performed for the hair renewal process.

During this process, the blood of the patient is drawn out, collected, and separated from a process called centrifugation. After this process, they re-inject it into the desired part. This therapy is also called Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP. It is also a therapeutic and non-surgical option for natural hair stimulation and growth.

The Stem Cell Treatment Benefits for Hair Growth

Fewer sittings

A sure shot resolution to hair loss

Safe way to recreate hair

Minimally invasive treatment

Very little discomfort

Positive results within one month

Stem cell treatment for hair re-growth benefits to help people who are mindful about their looks. It is also a concern for those suffering from Alopecia because of medical diseases such as Thyroid imbalance, Seborrheic dermatitis, fungal infections, Chemotherapy, and other stress and emotional difficulties. Female and men of all age groups can benefit from this miracle of a medical study.

Therefore, stem cell therapy is hope for stopping early balding and crown thinning. Stem cell therapy does seem hopeful, but only time will show how successful this therapy work. Also, it will be exciting to see how cost-effective this approach. But if you have tried everything but no result, then it is time to go for stem cell therapy for hair growth.

Popular Stem Cell Therapy Clinics for Hair Loss

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This hair treatment is pricey and sensitive. Therefore, choose the best clinic to get this treatment. Here is some stem cell therapy clinic in India:

Nigam’s Clinic, Mumbai

ReeLabs, Mumbai

Kosmedix Spa, Bangalore

International-Stem-Cell-Services, in Bangalore

NeuroGen-Brain-and-Spine-Institute, in Mumbai

StemRx-Bioscience-Solutions, in Navi Mumbai

Risks of Stem Cell Therapy

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Stem cells are the best innovation to the medical field today. The benefits of this possible treatment application method are manifold. However, there are some risks linked with stem cell therapy.

Stem cells are generated in a lab, earlier methods included adding a base layer cell from mouse cells that could have caused mutation and infection in the stem cells. However, advanced methods have removed the use of mouse cells as feeder cells to skip any complications.

However, the fact is stem cells are still generated in a laboratory, which can open up a chance of infection in cells, which could increase into an entire infected tissue or organ that could be risky for the patient. Stem cell analysis is still in its beginning stages of the treatment methods, including stem cells, which are not all apparent for use.

There is still some experiment perspective to any treatment with stem cells. In the case of induced pluripotent stem cells, the genetic modification of the cells can lead to reactions that were not found before.

Many fake practitioners may influence you by telling you about the advanced advantages of stem cell therapy. Please do not fall into this kind of trap. Not every stem cell therapy has been found safe for wide public use. There are several factors, which are still under research and confirmed similar organism treatment is available largely.

The utilization of stem cell treatment is appropriate to a modest bunch of sicknesses, including bone marrow malignancy. Using hematopoietic stem cells helps to the procedure for the blood creation, and insulin, corneal, and bone unite transfers.

What Research Say

A recent study has shown that stem cell therapy in spinal muscular regeneration and repair. However, every type of stem cell therapy other than the one told in the above are estimated experimentative.

We can always count the stem cell treatment once after any other treatment fails, but till then, it is highly desirable to keep away from these experimenting treatments to stay safe from side effects.

News about Stem Cell Therapy

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Worldwide Stem Cell Therapy Market to Grow at 10.52% Between 2018-2022

The worldwide stem cell therapy market is reported to grow at 10.52% between the time of 2018 to 2022, which will also benefit different people. However, the problem that picking the growth of this market was the cost of stem cell therapy.

Stem cell therapy treatment has been getting more awareness worldwide and more advances made in this field. The demand has been on the rise and will show high growth in the coming years.

The report concluded by saying that the main problem impacting stem cell therapy is the expensive treatment and this has a critical challenge to its growth.

Other Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

Treat Cardiovascular Diseases

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The cardiovascular ailment can strip the heart tissue of oxygen, leading to the formation of scar tissue, which changes blood flow or blood pressure. According to research, stem cells obtained from adult bone marrow can differentiate into those need to repair the blood vessels and heart because of various growth factors secretion.

Heal Wounds And Incisions

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Research has found that stem cell therapy can help to enhance the growth of new skin tissues. It also improves college production, stimulates hair growth after loss or incisions, and help substitute scar tissue with newly grown healthy diseases.

Treat Neurodegenerative Diseases

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Present progress in the treatment of ailments such as Huntington’s and Parkinson’s reveal that transplanted adult cells can work in the creation of cells, new brain neurons, and synapses after cognitive degeneration and brain injuries.

Orthopedic Conditions

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This therapy can promote those feeling the problem linked with orthopedic conditions, sports injuries, and spine diseases. At ASAP, they will show underlying sources of pain during a time of healing.

Autoimmune Diseases

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Stem cell therapy for autoimmune diseases is a new possibility for people living with debilitating and severe conditions, such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. Auto-immune disease happens when the immune system affects its own cells, tissues, and organs. Stem cell therapy is a type of minimally-invasive process that needs to support downtime to a point.

Stem Cell Hair Transplanting Recovery

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Some pain occurs after the procedure. It should subside within one week.

No recovery time is needed, though extra exercise should be skipped for one week. Some scarring can happen where the fat gets removed. You won’t be able to handle yourself after the procedure due to local anesthesia effects.

Side Effects of Stem Cell Hair Transplant

There is some little information found about the side effects of stem cell hair therapy. Regarding the medical procedure, there is always the risk of infection or bleeding at the part of injections.

Though, developments from a punch biopsy are noticed rarely.

There is a small risk of nerves or arteries damaged on the site. Liposuction can also cause similar problems and complications.

The Success Rate Of Stem Cell Hair Transplant

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The research found on the success rate of stem cell hair therapy is successful. According to Italian study results, a 29% increase in hair density 23-weeks after the last treatment. The clinics that currently provide stem cell hair treatment not approved by the FDA, so, do not make any guarantees about the success rate.

Cost Of Stem Cell Hair Transplant

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The cost has not been determined since stem cell hair therapy is under research. Some of the investigational stem cell hair therapies present by different clinics vary from nearly $3,000 to $10,000. The final cost depends on the variety and length of hair loss treatment.

The stem cell hair therapy treatment is under research are expected to be found to the public by 2020. Stem cell hair therapy provides options to people who are not candidates for hair loss therapy.

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