Natural Ayurvedic Medicines For Weight Loss

The word Ayurveda is derived from the 2-Sanskrit name Ayur and Veda. Ayur refers to life and Veda refers to science. Therefore, Ayurveda means the science of life.

It is originated in India with more scientific research.

With many people around the world preferring and considering natural remedies for everything, including diseases, minor and serious, why should not we opt for one concept as a natural and effective way for weight loss with ayurvedic medicine?

Role of Ayurvedic Medicines for Weight Loss

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Weight loss ayurvedic medicines surely help to manage weight loss along with providing solutions for other health problems.

Furthermore, the primary base of Ayurveda lies in solving a health problem from its roots and not only externally. Ayurveda thought in correcting the Doshas, which are specific for every individual and work at the individual level. 

The herbal program in Ayurveda works at:

Peripheral level

Here, substances lower energy consumption by acting on the gastrointestinal system and affect processes like absorption and nutrient digestion.

Central level

At this level, the herbal elements affect the central nervous system and improve satiety value or completion feeling.

Therefore, it is indicated that weight loss ayurvedic medicine gives you a long-term and sustainable weight loss, which is usually absent in allopathic and other artificial types of weight loss medicines.

Does Ayurveda Benefit with Weight Loss?

Without any doubt, it does benefit weight loss or managing other health problems. Apart from that Ayurveda deals with knowing and curing the root cause of the problem, leading to a permanent solution.

Ayurveda has underlying ideas for every problem, with each ailment being classified under different body structures. There is no universal solution in Ayurveda, and its medicines are recommended based on one’s body structure, signs, problems, and different factors. There are many ayurvedic remedies for weight loss, which you can try.

It is necessary to remember Ayurveda is not a quick answer, rather, it is a slow method for assured results.

Important Rules To Follow During Weight Loss Using Ayurveda:

Before going into the medicines, make sure to follow rules to manage the ideal body during weight loss.

Sleep Early and Wakeup early

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It is necessary to sleep early and wake up early. The best time to sleep is 10 pm, at most 11 pm and waking up at 5 am or 6 am is a must. Our body functions in an organized way in line with nature and manages the natural cycle, work the best. The human body functions active during the day and takes rest at night. When we follow this routine, many health problems, including obesity are treated naturally.

Three Meals

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Eating 3-meals is ideal unless you have low blood sugar levels. Eating multiple meals is not recommended in Ayurveda, unlike what other health care professionals claim in the present world.

Instead, a healthy breakfast, heavy lunch, and light dinner are recommended. Our liver is at its best in the noontime, so your heavy meal should be at noontime. Like this, the body absorbs what is consumed. Also, for natural and healthy detoxification, the liver should have sufficient rest at night to detoxify the body. Therefore, dinner should be light.

Go Natural:

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Nature has everything humans need, though we hardly realize it. Seasonal veggies and fruits are for one reason. The body needs food depending on different seasons, and this how the body craves seasonal foods during those seasons. Besides staples like wheat, rice, and other veggies and fruits should be part of the diet during their respective seasons.


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Finally, drinking water directly after or before the meal is not advised. Water is best for overall health and weight loss. Drinking adequate water helps to reduce stomach acids, which will help digestion. It is the reason various obese are not able to absorb food properly. Collected toxins, abnormal digestion, and hormonal imbalance, etc. are some contributing factors of obesity and weight gain. For example, drinking water during the day, in specific, warm water is ideal and aids in detoxification and digestion.


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Mixing pepper with honey and lemon drink makes it more effective in reducing weight. Therefore, you can include a pinch of pepper with lemon and honey drink.

According to a study published in the Journal-of-Agricultural-and Food-Chemistry, it was shown that the synthesis called piperine can benefit weight loss and reduce the adipogenesis process. Therefore, it improves fat metabolism.

Use Spice

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The presence of spices in food helps in digestion and weight loss. Spices, such as pepper, turmeric, cumin, mustard can assist in weight loss with Ayurveda.

Whether it is capsaicin present in cayenne pepper or curcumin in turmeric or carvacrol present in oregano, all spices provide anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agents, which lower the inflammation and oxidants leading to obesity.

Use Ginger

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Ginger helps in fat burning mentioned by Ayurveda. According to studies, ginger has a synthesis called gingerol that affects inflammatory cells and manages obesity by reducing insulin resistance.

According to Annals-of-the-New-York-Academy-of Sciences, it was reviewed that ginger holds anti-obesity property because of its primary compound 6-gingerol, which lower fat synthesis by changing the activities of lipid synthesizing enzymes.

If you feel the ginger taste is bitter and unable to consumes, then mix it with honey for Ayurveda weight loss.

Do Fasting Once a Week

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Fasting once a week does miracles for your belly and improves energy in the digestive system. You can feed yourself with juices, water, teas, and light soups.

Foods That Aid Digestion

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According to Ayurveda science, improper digestion can cause weight gain. Therefore, eat food that provides the digestive fire in the body.

These foods also help with weight loss with ayurvedic medicines like papaya, ginger, garlic, bitter gourd, chili, and avocado.

Prepare Ayurvedic Concoction for Yourself

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Combine Picrorhiza Kurroa (Kutki), Plumbago Zeylonica (Chitrak), and equal proportions trikatu. Mix these and eat this half spoon with warm water.

These herbs are known to stimulate the digestive system with fat metabolism, detoxification, and healthy bile flow. Hence, improving the weight loss process.

You have to eat this mix once a day to reduce overweight and two times if you are obese.

Lemon & Honey

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Lemon with honey in lukewarm water is the most common remedy for weight loss. This weight loss ayurvedic medicine should be taken early in the morning for the best possible results.

This remedy helps to suppress your appetite and detoxify the whole body.

Eat Cabbage

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Cabbage consumption is the best way for weight loss and healthy skin. It contains 33 calories in one cup of cooked cabbage, and low fat, and provide high fiber.

Cabbage also benefits to keep skin look healthy, blemish-free, toned, and glowing. It also provides rich antioxidants such as beta-carotene and vitamin C.

Different health benefits are the same as broccoli. Cabbage consist of high beta-carotene, fiber, and vitamin C. Regular vitamin C consumption helps to remove toxins causing gout, arthritis, and skin problems. Also, cabbage lowers the risk of cancer formation, including colorectal cancers.

Curry Leaves

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Curry leaves, apart from an unavoidable part of different rich delicacies are not just spice or garnishing material. It has best important value in Ayurveda. Curry leaves consist of alkaloid synthesis called Mahanimbine, which has a hypocholesterolemic and antiobesity property.

Some of its functions like detoxification, digestion, and fat burning help the weight loss process.

Horse Gram

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Horse gram (Dolichos biflorus is one of the ayurvedic medicine for weight loss.  It is attributed to the high antioxidant capacity of this legume that removes the chances of obesity and complications occurred by oxidative stress and toxins-triggered inflammation.

Soak one cup of horse gram all night, and boil it the next morning. Include chopped onion and salt for taste. Take this for 45 days and noticeable difference. Follow this with one glass of buttermilk and see the fat burning.

Weight Loss Aloe Drink

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Mix two tablespoon of aloe juice with a pinch of cumin powder, turmeric powder, Terminalia Chebula powder, Tinospora Cordifolia powder in one glass of warm water to make an ayurvedic weight loss drink. Include one spoon of honey to enhance taste and drink it. Wait for one hour before eating anything. You can continue to drink it till you lose the desired weight.

Measurements To Make Aloe Punch:

  • Turmeric Powder: One pinch
  • Cumin Powder – One pinch
  • Aloe Vera Juice – 1 – 2 Tbsp
  • Tinospora-Cordifolia-Powder – One pinch
  • Terminalia-Chebula-Powder – One pinch

Digestive Tea

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Take some equal amounts of coriander seeds, cumin seeds, and fennel seeds. Around half-spoon should do for per person. Now, combine this in a bowl of water and bring to a boil. Close the top and boil for about five minutes. Transfer it into a flask and keep drinking throughout the day. This tea will assist in absorption and weight loss.


Six Tastes

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Foods are sorted based on their taste, such as sour, bitter, sour, sweet, salty, and spicy. It is necessary to make sure to get all these tastes every day for proper functions of the digestive system and weight management. Therefore, remember to add a variety of foodstuff to make sure you every taste.

Ayurveda teaches almost a vegan diet for staying healthy and fit. While they do not teach avoiding meat altogether, consumption is less. Besides, every processed food and fried and overcooked foods are to skipped.

Therefore, stop eating refined sugar and salt, instead find a healthy and natural substitute like honey, rock salt, and licorice extract.

OTC Ayurvedic Capsules For Weight Loss

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There are many ayurvedic supplements for weight loss in the form of capsules, tablets, and powder. While some of these products may benefit from weight loss and others may cause a reaction or side effects.

The National-Institutes-of-Health of-(NIH), suggests taking your doctor’s advice before trying the dietary supplement for weight loss.

Dietary supplements are not tested or regulated the same way as medications. Therefore, it can be hard to know the content of supplements. Supplements can interact with other medications.

Ayurvedic Diet Tips For Weight Loss

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Ayurveda experts at The-Chopra-Center many ayurvedic practices that can be beneficial as a part of the entire weight loss program.

Practice Mindfulness

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Including meditation in your routine life can lower the cortisol amount(stress hormone linked with weight gain) in the body. Another way to raise mindfulness is to consume quietly and slowly. Practice mindfulness during eating also, so the body signal mind about how much to eat and when to stop.

Eat your bigger meal during the day

Avoid eating large during night time and instead, eat in the day time. According to studies, large caloric consumption in day time can cause obesity.

Drink Warm Water with Lemon In The Morning

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Lemon water in the morning is a vital part of weight loss.


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Like eating habits, exercise is also important to stay active. Bothe ayurvedic experts and allopathic doctors agree with exercise as an important part of a weight loss plan. 

Sleep well

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According to Research, poor sleep also causes weight gain.

Is Ayurvedic medicine safe?

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The rules of Ayurvedic medicine have been used for a long time. An Ayurvedic diet contains whole foods and plenty of whole grains, vegetables, and lean proteins.

Ayurvedic diet focus on balance and mindful eating. Additionally, an Ayurvedic method to healthcare shows prevention, stress decrease, physical mobility, and balanced living. All of these principles need to follow healthily and safely.

Careful during Ayurvedic preparations as they are not regulated by the FDA. More research is required to be sure they are efficient and safe.

You should also research when deciding which Ayurvedic practitioners you need to consult.

Ayurvedic medicine is a prevention-oriented and holistic healthcare approach that was found in India about 5,000 years ago. Ayurvedic diets are commonly designed to support health in every three constitutions or doshas: Vata, Kapha, and pitta.

Certain exercises and food practices are advised for each dosha. There is no more research into diets with Ayurvedic doshas. Therefore, it is not clear whether they will help to lose weight.

More research is required for Ayurvedic weight loss additions. While some of them are good, many of the herbal products have not been studied sufficiently.

On the plus side, Ayurveda focuses on whole foods, workouts, healthy sleep, and stress decrease. There is a substantial body of data to support this training and its role in healthy appearance and weight loss.

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