VLCC Weight Loss Programmes And Their Costs

VLCC refers to Vandana Luthra Curls and Curves. It is a company widely known for its solutions for scientific weight loss. It has a therapeutic way for beauty treatments.

VLCC was established by Mrs. Vandana Luthra as a slimming and beauty center in 1989.  Presently, it is known for its extensive portfolio of wellness and beauty services and products. It has a wide level of trust from the consumer.

VLCC and Mrs. Vandana Luthra has gained ‘Asia’s Greatest-Brands-and-Leaders 2017’ grant. The ‘Asia’s-Greatest-Brands-and-Leaders 2017’ grant is a chief felicitation occasion, which praises the main 100 brands and pioneers from Asia. The honor occasion was arranged out by URS – AsiaOne magazine and UWG Media Consulting P.L. with a process survey done by PricewaterhouseCoopers P.L.

The VLCC Group’s activities presently range 330 areas in more than 150 urban communities and 14 nations across Asia and Africa, including India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Bangladesh, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Singapore.

Today, VLCC:

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Oversees perhaps the biggest chain of Slimming, Beauty, and Fitness focuses across Asia;

Works probably the biggest system of professional training foundations in Beauty and Nutrition Produces in Switzerland and the organization’s plants in India and Singapore, a complete scope of healthy skin, hair-care and body-care items just as nutraceuticals under the VLCC Natural Sciences™, SkinMTX™, Enavose™, BelleWave™, VLCC Shape Up™, VLCC Slimmer’s™, Specifix™ and VLCC Wellscience™ brands, which are retailed through more than 250,000 retail outlets and beauty salons across the world.


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It is a unique therapy that offers 3 in one solution, and it is most popular. It provides a different range of offers like weight loss, skin lightening, and body contouring. This program utilized its unique sources call The Patented Core-Technology which works gently warming the groups of elastin fibers and collagen under the skin layers. As a result, the skin fibers begin to shrink and restore the skin elasticity. Its primary method involves slowly heating subcutaneous tissues, which result in building layers around the collagen fibers that lead to the strong dermis. This dermis acts as a block against adipocytes and restores lipolysis to shrink fat cells size and boost blood circulation in affect parts.

Effective and fast treatments are possible as they also utilize vacuum therapy for effective cellulite treatment, skin lightening, and circumferential reduction.

VTRON CTS is an example of the most eminent outcomes in a less period since results are visible from the absolute first treatment. It is a straightforward, non-invasive treatment and is viewed as the most secure strategy as it utilizes – Patented CORE™ Technology with multi-channel RF using a Vacuum framework. It gives a one-stop answer for a wide scope of issues – molding, skin fixing, powerful cellulite decreases, body, and facial, circumferential decrease.

Turboslim Program

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Do you want to lose build-up fats around belly, thighs, and hips quickly? During this time, think of Turboslim, which is generated by individuals from extremely productive weight supervisory teams. It is uniquely created for quick weight loss. It not only helps to lower fat consumption at a quicker rate but also shapes up your body. Fat breakdown helps to improve the use of osmotic film and the lipolytic cream, which helps to promote fringe dissemination. It is effect after expanding the internal heat surface by using the FDS machine.

Belly and Waist Trim Treatment

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It is scientifically demonstrated that trunk boundary under 80 Cm in females and under 90 cm in men is essential to lead a sound and healthy lifestyle. This number fills in as a warning too numerous to quit putting on more weight, and the main method is, losing the undesired fat deposit from the midsection.

Abdomen and belly treatment practices got spotlights for helping obese and overweight customers with high midsection circumference. This treatment is an internationally acknowledged technique for ultrasonic induction; it is a lot of strategies utilizing belly and Waist cutting gel combined with rubbing the body with a body firmer to get desired outcomes.

Arm, Hip, Thigh Treatment

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A typical worry among individuals is the accumulation of undesirable fat everywhere throughout the body. It has its suggestions. It is seen that metabolic issue is significantly brought about by fat gathered around the midsection, and the fat around thighs prompts osteoarthritis; if in arms the outcome is the loss of movement and diminished adaptability. Standard routine estimation of upper arm’s circumference decides BP assessment among ladies experiencing hypersensitivity. Hips more extensive than the perfect midsection hip proportion brings about awful stance, lower limbs are along these lines troubled, which ends up being distress in your day by day life.

Affect part are decreased with this treatment from problem areas. Firming, toning, and muscles can be done from ultrasonic induction and help of firming and toning gel, which gives positive results.

Cellulite Management Therapies

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Toning muscles after losing weight is important, and therapy helps. The whole body or specific portion of the body requires treatment, which is processed with different anti-cellulite oils, gels, and creams along with the prescribed massage advised by the therapist to activate and rejuvenate pressure points. It will provide good connective tissue and remove toxins naturally by removing dead tissues. It also detoxifies your body and improve metabolism and boost glowing skin.

Body Firming

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Loose skin is one of the most common and unpleasant side effects of weight loss. It happens because of subcutaneous fat accumulated in the skin between muscles that are lost. Specially designed tools are used for firming and tightening the loose skin around the stomach, legs, buttock, thighs, and face. It will help to enhance your confidence.

BioEnergy Therapy

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This therapy is helpful for healing. It uses natural elements for energy. The process of treatment involves placing hot volcanic rocks over the particular body part, which is planned strategically. Later, it is used for massage, which helps to improve blood circulation and remove energy blocks. It helps to lower blood pressure and promote your metabolism and prevent water retention. Bioenergy therapy work wonders in relaxation and decreases stress.

Analgesic Therapy for Restrict Regions

Recovering pain is the principle thought process of this treatment. It helps to lower the discomfort from the treatment. Individuals experiencing joint pain and variation from the norm are exceptionally benefited by this treatment; by a decrease of pain, individuals can move around, more and accordingly, it encourages an active lifestyle, which is an absolute necessity for weight reduction. This treatment is a result of heat therapy, interferential therapy-TENS flows, and ultrasonic treatment.

Neuro Muscular Therapy

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It is one of the awesome techniques that involve static pressure utilizing hands over-influenced focuses, which function as relief from discomfort. At the point when an individual experiences injury or trauma, postural bending, and stress will happen. It will prompt quick transmission in nerves and result in body harmony obstacle the body turns out to be progressively painful and cause dysfunction. This technique gives the flexibility of the whole body as well as advances adaptability as it adjusts to delicate tissues, for example, connective tissue, ligaments, muscles, which critical to adjust the sensory system.

Integrative Massage Therapy

This therapy helps to benefits from massage and stimulate muscle by using a unique machine call G5 massager. For a stimulating massage from G5 massager, you need to move it in a circular motion.

It provides a lot of benefits such as tightening and toning of the skin and improve flexibility.

VLCC helps to reduce fats from certain therapies and provide good body shape.

Cost of VLCC Weight Loss Programs (www.vlccwellness.com)

The exact program cost depends on the individual’s requirement and everyone has different needs according to their health. It may get personalized when you contact an expert. Here is the general cost of weight loss programs.


2kg Weight Loss in 2 Week

from ₹999.00

2kg Weight Loss Offer


Body Therapy Trial

from ₹999.00

Body Therapy Trial Offer


Ayurveda- Udwartanam

from ₹999.00

Ayurveda Udwartanam Offer


5kg Weight Loss

from ₹4,999.00

5kg Weight Loss Offer


Ayurveda – Abhyangam

from ₹999.00

Ayurveda Abhyangam Offer


VLCC- Double Chin – Jawline Sculpting

Rs. 2222/m


VLCC- CurveXpert

3 in 1 advantage

Weight loss up to 600 gms

Spot Reduction 4-6 cms

Full body cm loss 10-15 cm


Trial Offer – Rs.1499 (MRP- 2999)


Top 10 Skin Care Products From VLCC

VLCC provides amazing products at an affordable price. These products contain natural ingredients. Find out more.

Here are the top skincare products of VLCC

VLCC Daily-Protect Anti-Pollution-Lotion

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VLCC Weight Loss Programmes And Their Costs 10

It is a mild lotion for your body to help in the winter and summer season. It provides SPF 15, which protects you from sun damage. This product also keeps your skin moisturized for a long time and available at affordable prices. This product is not greasy or sticky and also suitable for oily skin.

VLCC Pomegranate and Aloe Vera-Gentle-Exfoliating Scrub

Exfoliating is essential for all types of skin. It helps to remove dead skin and prevent skin problems. This VLCC scrub of aloe vera and pomegranate work best for the skin. It also has a fruity fragrance and good for people with smell sensitivity. It also helps to moisturize the skin and prevent dryness and stretchy feeling.

VLCC Natural Sciences-Insta-Fair and Glow-Clear Skin 2 in 1 Scrub

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This VLCC scrub helps to soften skin and prevent oil. It also works best for oily complexion at affordable prices. It also helps to lighten the blemishes and acne marks. Women with sensitive skin also feel good as it prevents the irritation of the skin.

VLCC Clear-Tan-Fruit-Face Pack

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VLCC Weight Loss Programmes And Their Costs 12

It is a tan removing product for daily use. The clear tan face pack is an amazing face pack for all types of skins, and it harmless. It has a sour type of fragrance but gives results. You can also use it on your hands and feet to prevent a tan.

VLCC Anti-Tan-Skin-Lightening-Face Wash

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This face wash contains herbal ingredients, which helps to clean the face effectively. Using this product regularly helps to bring skin tone and remove the skin tan. Some products claim the effectiveness of skin lightening. Since this product contains herbal ingredients, it will not have side effects. It also lightens the mark of pigmentation.

VLCC Pediglow-Pedicure Kit

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If you don’t want to go to the parlor, then the VLCC pedicure kit is for you. This kit provides foot scrub, foot cleanser, foot spray, and foot cream. The quantity is more, and you can use 8-9 times. It is also available at affordable prices. Using a pillow makes you feel moisturized and softer.

VLCC Papaya-Fruit-Facial Kit

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This VLCC kit provides cucumber gel, orange tan pack, peach cream, and green apple lotion. Follow the instructions given on the pack to get effective results. It helps to brighten your face, and the result will be visible in 3 days. It also comprises of all-natural and harmless ingredients. The fragrance of this facial kit is amazing and refreshing.

VLCC Fair Skin-Saffron-Massage Gel

The gel includes saffron and Burberry, which light up and promote complexion. You can see the difference in just 15 days. It is loaded up with natural ingredients, and that won’t harm your pocket too. It’s appropriate for all skin types, and there will be no reaction.

VLCC Surya Sandal-Sun-Block Lotion

It is important to protect your body from sun damage. Therefore, the VLCC sunscreen helps to protect you from the sun. It has SPF 30 and natural ingredients. It is not advisable for oily skin as it makes oily complexion. But it suits best for dry skin.

VLCC Skin-Défense-Sandal-Cleansing-Milk

Everybody ought to follow the healthy skin routine – cleansing, moisturizing, toning, conditioning. However, that you’re looking for a decent chemical, you can try VLCC cleansing milk as it expels all the shades of cosmetics from your face. It has a helpful container at a generally excellent cast. It has an exceptionally satisfying sandalwood fragrance. The packaging is firm, and it’s not oily.

VLCC Products For Weight Loss

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VLCC items are Ayurvedic and herbal. They are extremely compelling, and subsequently, cherished by all. The VLCC individual consideration line has more than 100 healthy skin, body care, and hair care items that give dependable answers for your necessities. These items are specially made by mixing herbal extracts, fragrant oils, and different supplements. Individuals have more confidence in VLCC items as they work from the cell to the surface.

Shape Up Slimming Oil

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ShapeUp-Slimming Oil from VLCC is specially created for lowering cellulite. It helps to promote firmness and elasticity in the skin. This oil is a unique blend of pomegranate and lemon, which reduce stubborn fats and decrease the flab and boost toned and smooth body.

Shape Up-Waist and Tummy Trim Gel

This gel is clinically proven for trimming and shaping your tummy and waist. It is created using different herbal ingredients such as Cyprus oil, black pepper oil, geranium oil, rosemary oil, lemon peel oil, and pomegranate oil, which helps in breaking down and releasing the cellular fat into consumable energy. It also removes the extra water and helps to strengthen your skin surface for toning and slimming your body.

Shape Up Arms, Hips, Thighs Shaping Gel

This gel is made with Cyprus oil, vegetable extracts, and sesame oil. This gel helps to lower the cellulite in women. It not only decreases undesired fat but also promotes skin elasticity by toning and firming your skin.

Shape Up Chin and Neck-Firming Cream

This cream is created for youthful and firmer-looking facial contours. It is prepared with white horn-poppy, Cyprus, orange peel, horse-chestnut, wheat-germ, and olive, which helps to reduce fats in the jaw, neckline, and cheeks.

Body Firming – Shower Gel

This shower gel helps to firm and tone the body shape. It will perform the deep cleansing of pores and boost your skin elasticity. Regular use of shower gel offers toned and slimmer body shape.

Slimmer’s Honey

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VLCC Slimmer’s Honey is a natural and Ayurvedic answer for weight reduction. This one of the VLCC thinning items is uncommonly made for the individuals who are happy to get more fit. It is enhanced with miniaturized scale supplement fortifiers that function admirably towards making your body slimmer and increasingly toned.

Slimmer’s Isabgol Lemon

VLCC Slimmer’s Isabgol Lemon is a special dietary fiber which is advanced with the integrity of Lemon and Psyllium husk, and different herbs like Indian senna, sweet fennel, and licorice which improve the stomach related problems of the body while advancing weight reduction.

Slimmer’s Isabgol Pineapple

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This product is another type of Slimmer’s Isabgol. It contains dietary fiber with low calories and prepared with a combination of Psyllium husk, pineapple, and other herbs that make your body slimmer and fit.

Shape Up-Bust-Firming-Cream

This cream is unique and helps to tighten your skin tissues. It also promotes a firm bust. It improves the contours of the bust and improves skin texture and tone.

Shape Up Momz-Post-Natal Oil

It is an oil created from wheat germ oil with avocado oil. This oil helps to lower the stretch marks and restore the elasticity to make the skin firm.

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