Types of Aerobic Dances and Their Benefits

Everyone desires to stay fit and healthy, but regular and complex exercise schedule end up as a boring session. Doing aerobic dance exercise helps to improve the blood circulation in the body, rejuvenate your inner and outer body, and increase your confidence.

Adding aerobic dance in your workout schedule helps to increase blood circulation in the body and restore your system. Every age group can perform this workout no matter whether they are aged, obese, or overweight.

What Is Aerobics?

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Aerobic dance refers to jazz, ballet, and Zumba, and much more. They are generally called low impact workouts because they are performed at a slow pace in comparison to other aerobic workouts. These exercises are the best option for obese, pregnant, and elderly people.

However, an aerobic workout doesn’t need to be of low impact. You can also get free aerobics videos, which boost high intensity and healthy exercise for the body.

Here are the best aerobic dances and their benefits.


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Zumba is the most interesting type of aerobic dance exercise. It is the best fitness program, which combines international, Latin, and salsa music with some interesting and fun-filled dance moves. You will get resistance training, interval training, and strength training. There will be fast and slow rhythms changing throughout to burn calories.

Zumba is not only for people who dance, but anybody can dance. The steps are simple but heart promoting and fun. Not only will you have fun with the workout but also reduce the weight.

Tips For Zumba Dance Workout Beginners

Wear Comfortable Cloth

It is essential to wear a comfortable outfit to move easily. Choose clothes with lightweight and sweat absorbing. Do not forget to keep a towel and one water bottle with you during the Zumba class.

Choose Shoes with Low Tread

You will need low tread shoes because they will help in easy moves and support your every move. You can also wear sneakers and cross-trainers.

Try to Aim For 2-3 Classes Every Week

Your body requires to develop stamina and strength for Zumba. Therefore, 2-3 classes every week are recommended for beginners. You can slowly increase the class numbers after the first week as you feel comfortable.

Eat A Light Snack Before Starting Your Zumba Class

You need to consume like fruits or nuts before starting your Zumba session. It is good to charge your body for a good workout. You can also eat a meal before two hours of Zumba class.

Drink Enough Water Before 20 Minutes of Zumba Class

It is important to hydrate yourself, but do not over consume the water before class. Drink water at least 20 minutes before starting the class.

Have a medical check-up

It is important to take your doctor’s advice and medical check-up to know your health completely. You will get to know if you are suffering from any hidden medical condition. If you have asthma, then carry your medicine to your class.

Mistakes happen

As a beginner, it is common to mistake with moves in Zumba classes. Therefore, do not worry about it and keep practicing. As you do regular practice, your moves will get perfect.

Benefits of Zumba Dance Exercise

It’s Fun

Zumba class is filled with so much fun that one can ever enjoy. As you enjoy the exercise routine, it will make you excited to continue. Most of the people have so much fun from dancing that they forget every stress, even the exercise.

Best for Weight Loss

Zumba is the best exercise with 6000-1000 calories burns in one hour.

Tone Whole Body

You will feel sore in some parts of the body because Zumba exercises target different groups of muscles at once and tone your whole body.

Boosts Heart Health

Aerobic Zumba workout benefits to increase heart rate and maintain the cardiovascular and respiratory system.

Prevent Stress

Zumba dancing changes your attention from other worries and relieve stress. According to studies, exercise is very effective for lowering fatigue, concentration, alertness, and improve entire cognitive function.

Boost Coordination

While performing Zumba your legs, and arms move in different directions, which require more coordination. Regular practice helps to increase coordination and body movement.

Happy Feeling

Whenever you perform Zumba exercise, you will release the endorphins, which induce positive feelings in the whole body.

Best for All Ages

Zumba workout is best for all ages people. You can do it in groups. Even you can perform Zumba with your partner or friend. It burns fat and also increases bonding.


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Jazzercise is an aerobic dance introduced by Judi Sheppard Missett in 1969 in California, United States. This exercise combines strength, dance, and resistance training with music for total body workout.

The Jazzercise gives a workout to the large sections of your body and helps to reach fitness goals. It is famous since 1970 and popular as an effective workout for cardio resistance training and increasing heart rate.

There are more than 78, 000 Jazzercise instructors throughout the world.

Jazzercise Beginners Tips

What to wear?

Wear suitable clothes, which can help to move easily throughout the workout. Therefore, your clothes should be adjustable and supportive. You can also wear cropped leggings, tank tops, sports bra, and sneakers. You will see a full range of outfits for this workout.

What to carry?

You can carry water to your workout class. Some people also carry their weights, mats, towels, and extra cushion. You can occasionally choose exercise balls and resistance bands.

Can You Add Weights to This Workout?

If you are familiar with weight exercises, then you can add weights. If you are a complete beginner, then start with 3-pounds weights and then increase after one week up to 5-pounds.

Is Every Class Have Different Moves?

Yes, every class offers different moves with different music, which benefits to increase cardio and strength.

Is It Matter If You Don’t Know Dance?

Anyone can do the Jazzercise. One should not be a dancer to do this exercise. This workout provides overall coordination. You will learn every routine is choreographed to give a workout to a specific part of the body with a different exercise. The happy environment helps to make you happy and comfortable.

Can I Do the Jazzercise With Injury History?

Yes, you can do this exercise to improve injury parts. Inform your instructor to provide low impact options.

How Many Calories Does Jazzercise Burn?

Wear a calorie-burning tracker to track your burnings. This exercise will burn around 450-550 calories in each class.

How to Get Started with Jazzercise?

Once you join the class, you have to pay for 3-months, 6-months, and 12-months. You will get a joining card, which will be necessary to bring in every class. It also tracks your class attendance. You will get information about your goal after 25, 50, 75, or 100 classes. In this present time, you will also get apps to keep every information.

Benefits of Jazzercise

Lower the Heart Disease Risk

Jazzercise benefit to lower the heart disease risk. Every class will take 60 minutes and burn calories.

Provide Energy

Jazzercise helps to provide energy in the body and make you feel energetic. When you spend one hour in Jazzercise class, you are not only sweat but improve your performance.

Good for Everyone

Jazzercise is the best workout for everyone to get fitness.  Whether you are a young adult or teenager, you are allowed to practice Jazzercise.

Give Total Body Workout

Jazzercise regular practice also gives a workout to every muscle of the body, including glutes, abs, inner thighs, arms, and tone your body.

Get You Happy Feeling

Jazzercise also makes you happy. It reduces your stress levels and keeps your mind relaxed.

3.Ballroom Dancing

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Ballroom dancing is not a strenuous aerobic dance workout and provides full benefits. It is a type of moderate activity and famous across the world. This dance workout needs a partner. Doing this workout with a partner makes you get a good experience.

How Ballroom Dancing Came into Existence?

The term ballroom refers to the Latin word Ballare, meaning to dance. Ballroom dancing was first recorded in 1588. It is originally used by privileged and royalty. In the early 20th century the ballroom dancing became a famous pastime for royalty and also got media attention in famous dancers like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

What Type of Cloth Suitable for Ballroom Dancing?

There are some important factors when choosing specific cloths while doing ballroom dance. The first essential factor is to be comfortable in clothes and shoes. It is recommended to choose low heel shoes for beginner to prevent ankle twist injury.

Try to avoid backless shoes as they are not suitable for dancing and slip your feet frequently.

Beginners are advised to skin wearing open toes sandals. Latin dances prefer strappy  shoes, closed-toe, and move with confidence.

Regarding clothing, choose comfortable because tight clothes restrict the movements. Therefore, choose cotton T-shirts, polo shirts with light pants.

Remember, the expensive clothes attracting you will not be as comfortable as needed.

Another important factor is that clothes should be breathable. Dancing for one hour or more makes sweat and hot. Wearing stiff material prevents the skin from breathing.  Choose light material cloth.

Change of Shoes

For ballroom dancing, it’s typically directed to wear shoes that have a delicate sole, which means you can coast along with the wooden floors. These (normally softened cowhide) soles shouldn’t be worn outside, as they’ll destroy.

Along these lines, pack a couple of flip-flops or sliders to fly on as you’re hopping in the vehicle – to abstain from removing your (costly) shoes each other week!


Ballroom dancing is giving work to the cardiovascular system, which can make you dehydrated. Whether you do a slow impact or high impact, you will sweat and dehydrated if not taken enough fluid. Therefore, it’s important to drink enough water.


In case you’re somebody that gets sticky and hot more quickly than others, best to bring a little face towel to pat yourself down in case you’re getting hot.

A Notebook

Generally, it is extremely helpful to carry a little journal to a dance class, so that you can note down new series of dance movements and later practice with YouTube.

Which Steps Will You Learn?

It depends on the dance style that you are doing, and it will be different in different classes. Here are some steps to learn:

The Foxtrot

The Foxtrot segments the key developments into both male and female motions so you can get familiar with the part you need, and if you have a partner at home, practice the steps together.

The Waltz

The waltz makes you learn the basic box step, which will be greatly useful to learn before starting the class as it is one of the most popular base steps.


This step you can learn from YouTube. It is for both males and females to practice together.

Do You Need to Be A Dancer for Ballroom Dancing?

It is not necessary to be a dancer to perform this ballroom dance exercise. Dancing is for all, its sociable and best exercise to have fun.

Be Social, Do Not Be Shy

Dance classes are involved and moves and steps. You can bring your friend to help you with this.

Do You Need A Private Class?

Choosing a private class can be your personal preference. If you feel shy in a public class, then sign up for a one-on-one session. Private dance classes are available for specific dance for an event like a wedding. The best thing about the private class is that you can get tailored dance experiences and different music choices.

Regarding the group, classes are cheaper than private classes and more sociable.  It is also the best option for dance exercise.

Benefits of Ballroom Dance Exercise

Tones Your Muscles

Ballroom dancing exercises also benefit like other aerobic exercises for muscle toning. It will help to lose body fat more quickly from legs, hands, shoulders in regular performance.

Burns Calories

Ballroom dance help to burn more calories within 30 minutes, around 200-400 calories. It also depends on the severity of your workout. If fat loss is your principal aim, then attend these dance workouts four times a week. The fat gets melt from your body and get in body shape faster.

Makes You Confident

Ballroom dancing increases your confidence and makes you feel happier. As you begin to do the exercise, it will remove your stress, increase energy, and fun.

Great for Bones

According to many experts, ballroom dancing exercise helps to increase bone density and flexibility. It will make you feel fit and stronger with regular practice.

4.Belly Dancing

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Belly dancing is an exotic and beautiful form of aerobic dance. It cames into existence from Arabic countries such as Turkey and Egypt from many decades ago. It has a western name, but it is a solo dance form. Belly dancing also has different types and unique styles.

Tips for Belly Dance

Keep Breathing and Feel the Moment

Breathe in entire movement and focus on your feet, your pelvis, belly, and breath. Stay in the movement and live in the present movement. Keep sensing your breath from alternate nostrils and mouth.

Relax Your Lips

Separate your lips sensually and avoid clenching mouth and jaw. Stay relaxed while breathing out from the mouth and your nose by making bigger exhalation from the mouth and deeper inhalation. Keep your tongue connected to your upper part of the mouth. Also, keep the energy flowing upward.

Relieve Tension

Think relaxed and watch your body in stressful situations. If you don’t enjoy the class, then you will miss all fund. Stress may make you tense and prevent your body from enjoying all the fun. Therefore, leave tension out of dance class and have fun to enjoy everything.

Watch Your Mind

Being a challenging thing to stop the negative self-talk. It is key to open up a door to true beauty.

Create A Community

Avoid isolating yourself and make friends. Join different communities and clubs to have more dancing fun.

Dress up

Buy affordable jewellery, hip scarf, flowing gypsy skirt with good colors to increase interest in dancing. It is important to wear skirts to tuck them into the waistband to see your feet and knees during movements.

Ask questions

Do not afraid to ask your doubts to your instructor. It always helps and remembers you are paying for your class.

Jump in Arabic music

Buy some Arabic music CDs and listen to them weekly. As a beginner, begin with slow rhythms and increase at faster tracks.

Benefits of Belly Dance Exercise

Help Your Spirit

Belly dancing benefits to bring excitement and color in your life. It will bring a bright and exotic dance form to you.

Improves Fitness Level

Belly dance also increases your fitness level and strength. It will make you learn patience while stepping and moving.

Best Workout for Stomach

Belly dancing is the best exercise for the stomach. If you are irritated by a flat on the midsection, then try belly dance to melt some belly fat.

5.Hip-Hop Aerobics

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If you have an interest in dance, then try hip-hop, which is a type of aerobic dance. Some essential benefits of hip-hop aerobics help to improve oxygen absorption, reduce stress, and anxiety, boost energy and mood, burn fats, improve injury, and enhance stamina. It also boosts self-confidence and self-esteem.

Tips for Beginners


Use 8-count to break down the music structure. It is a kind of map to understand when to move. If the choreographer tells to move on the “5”, then you are going to count with music like 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 to move.

Challenge Yourself

While doing snapping and clapping exercises, you may notice that there is a pattern of noises to hear with beats, take note of these sounds. For example, there is a lure on every 4th count or a bass.

Body Awareness

Like yoga, this hip-hop exercise requires to live in present by body and mind. In this workout, you will get together physically and mentally present. Your brain is the part, which knows the music, and the intention behind the movement and the body is the main tool for movement.

Focus of moves

Focus refers to the movement and direction of facing during the dance. A focused facial move can break or make the piece. Whichever pose you hold, you move through, your focus should be straight toward the mirror, but it is important to watch yourself.


Posture is important for mood and style of dance. Your shoulder and torso should be more relaxed to perform different movements. Try to have good postures relating to body language. Interpersonal communication depends on body language. Likewise, your posture for one piece will fix the tone for every movement in the choreography.

Speed Control

Learn to manage your speed and dynamic shifting of the body. Try to pretend your arms will hit a wall to do the practice. Instead of stopping to this wall, that will be your checkpoint to change the speed. Try from hard and fast hitting. This speed variance will help to switch up the textures and mood pieces.

Which Hip Hop Dance Exercise Class Would It Be Advisable for You to Take?

When you’ve made sure about where you’ll be taking your move class, you have to choose which class to take. You need to ensure you feel great jumping into your first move class, and that it will profit you, as opposed to leaving you feeling overcome.

How to Prepare for Hip Hop Dance Class?

Once you decide about the dance move you wish to perform, choose your outfit, which should comfortable, and loose. Feel confident and follow your latest dance fashion trends. There will be different classes timing at the studio, so choose the class best suitable for you and the choreographer. You can do stretching till your class start and don’t feel nervous.

Benefits of Hip-Hop Dance

Physical Health

The best advantage of hip-hop dance is physical health. A dance class of 60 minutes makes you sweat at high intensity. It promotes your cardiovascular health and strengthens your muscles of legs, arms, and core. It also boosts your joint and bone health.

Mental Health

Hip-hop dance exercises also provide mental health and make you happy. This exercise relieves stress and reduces depression and anxiety. Combining dance and music create a therapeutic and fun way to decompress. Additionally, it increases muscle memory while dancing.

Social Benefits

Dance classes are generally taught in groups, which means that you have the opportunity to meet new people and make a social circle.

Cognitive Benefits

Hip-hop dance classes help to improve cognitive skills. It also improves cognitive skills and certain social skills in people. In children, it is helpful to benefit education.

Cardio Benefits

Hip hop dance exercise increase your oxygen flow and keep you moving. It is the best type of aerobic dance exercise. It is the best exercise for fat burning and weight loss by relieving stress and blood pressure, which are important for increasing energy.

Other Aerobic Dance Exercises

Many people don’t get time to attend a dance fitness class every day. Therefore, need not worry because here are some other forms of aerobic dance workout which can be done at home.

Pump It Up:

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Pump It Up is a best and exciting aerobic dance exercise, which introduced by Deanne Berry. This exercise takes one hour and 15 minutes. You can start with warm-up and dance for 20 minutes.

Break Free Dance of Bipasha Basu

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Many people love to break free dance of Bipasha Basu as she only looks so fit with these exercises that admire everyone to follow that. It is a great way to bust stress and shape your body. Perform this workout six times a week to get effective results. The workout helps to improve the stamina, strength, endurance, and energy levels.

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