Best Keto Subscription Boxes (Low Carb Monthly Boxes)

Whether you are following a keto or enjoy the benefits of a diet with low carbs, it is exciting to hear about the keto subscription box, but is it free or priced? We will know in this article.

What Is Keto Subscription Boxes?

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The keto subscription boxes have keto diet products which are strictly containing keto diet relevant foods, snacks, etc.

With regards to pursuing a keto subscription box, you should initially identify the item of each to guarantee you are getting what you need—possibly somewhat more. Being that the keto diet is wildly well known right now indicates the market for these subscription boxes is developing. If you want to follow the diet, then you will certainly need support from time to time. Regardless of whether you essentially need only a month to month token of your aims, we enthusiastically prescribe signing yourself up for one of these keto membership boxes.

Why You Need A Keto Subscription Box When You Can Buy It from The Store?

Well, not all keto products are available in physical stores. If you read below, you will get to know how keto products provide different keto snacks and foods in small batches. If you buy these products in the store, then you will have to pay extra costs linked with shipping and other charges. 

Best Keto Subscription Boxes

1.The Keto Box | Price: $40.00/month

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Shipping: The keto box is available for delivery in the USA and Canada at $15.99. This box is delivered on the 5th date of every month. There is no international shipping available.

The Ket Box has three different plans:

A month-to-month @ $40.00 every month

3-months prepaid box plan @ $114.00 ($6.00 savings)

6- months prepaid plan @ $216.00 ($24.00 savings)

The motivating thing is clear for you to go for the one which works out less expensive over a more drawn out period. If you are beginning, then it may be more secure to go for the month-to-month choice first, and afterward observe whether you are comfortable and happy to proceed. You are likewise ready to drop whenever, which adds some solace to testing this organization out.

Every box plan has a free meal plan of 28 days to help you with healthy eating planning and efforts. As a subscriber, you will get exclusive coupons monthly.

Each box contains 10+ keto snacks, and it would appear on their official site that they change snacks every month. You can see the image of previous boxes. The company presents very transparently to show their products.

There is a fact that the keto box does not specify the content of carb. They do not add the items in the subscription boxes with above 5g of net carbs as well as non-keto sweeteners.

Presently, the keto box does not offer customization options, but the customer can get the shipment feedback for future boxes. It ensures the choice of snacks, which are best for the diet. This keto box also provides a choice for buying a gift card, which is an amazing gift for loved ones for a healthy lifestyle.


  • You will get different options.
  • There is an option to cancel subscription anytime.
  • Customers get a high variation of snacks every month.
  • You will get a free meal plan for 28 days in every new subscription.
  • They provide exclusive coupons every month.
  • You get gift card options for friends and family.


  • No info of carb content
  • No international shipping out of the USA and Canada. 

2.Keto Delivered | Price: $39.99/month

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If you buy keto delivered box in retail stores, then it will cost around $40.00

This product is shipped via USPS primary mail to every US state between the date of 20-25ths every month. They provide delivery within 3-days. This product also does not have international shipping.

Keto Delivered places a high value on giving you distinctive items from private ventures over the USA that are created in a few batches. It implies you will get more uncommon and lesser-known items, then your common mass-delivered keto items, which can be found in the vast majority of the other keto membership box organization bundles.

The keto delivered decided to provide products source from small businesses. Every month you will get new brands that make you interested and look forward to receiving the next box. For example, the choice includes Empire mayonnaise sriracha and NYC Rooftop pepper sauce.

Every box contains 5-7 various keto products with an influence on ultra-low-carb products. These ketos delivered box does not give information about net carb levels.

Each box comprises of exclusive recipes from the keto delivered kitchen to manage some best recipes.


  • It is only available in large retailers in the USA.
  • You can cancel subscription anytime
  • This box offers different recipes to make your diet delicious and interesting.
  • It has an option to checkout for purchasing.


  • No info on carb content.
  • No option to customize the keto box.
  • International shipping not available. 

3.MY KETO SNACK BOX | Price: Starts at $38.00 (month-to-month box)

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Shipping: My keto snack box is shipped around the world from the U.S on the 7th date of every month.

My Keto Snack Box provides 4 different box plans:

  • A month-to-month @ $38.00 every month
  • 3-month prepaid subscription @ $114.00
  • 6-month prepaid subscription @ $222.00 (you will save $6.00)
  • A 12-month prepaid subscription @ $432.00 (you will save $24.00)

Like other keto boxes, this plan also has a low price when you subscribe for longer periods, which looks good for saving for the long run.

My Keto Snack Box is the best option for an easy low carb and keto diet lifestyle. This box offers 8-11 snacks. Some of the foods and snacks sourced from low carb and keto brands, while others are a conventional snack with low carbs. All the products have 5gm of net carb in every serving.

You can have the option to cancel the subscription anytime without any contract.

Unlike other keto boxes, this my keto snack box has international shipment. International shipping requires additional cost while US shipping is free.

This subscription box has interesting features that you can edit the account to skip a one-month subscription without canceling.  For example, you are on holiday and do not take the box, then skip it and continue next month.


  • All product contains 5gm net carbs every serving.
  • Cancel anytime
  • Skip option for one month
  • An international subscription is available.
  • Have 4 different plans for subscription boxes
  • Provide coupon codes for subscribers.


  • Cannot customize the boxes. 

4.SLEEK TREAT | Price: Starts at $34.99 every month

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Shipping: Available Only in the US

The sleek treat box is one of the top-rated keto subscription boxes. It provides sweet treats that are the best substitute for sugary food. You will have the option to choose from three different subscription boxes, such as gluten-free goodies, 3-9 low carb.

This box is marketed as a subscription box with low carb. It is one of the best keto-friendly boxes containing natural ingredients and nutritions. This subscription box also does not have carb content.

5.Sugar Smart Box | Price: $27.95 every month

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This keto subscription box contains more flavor and reduced sugar snacks. It is one of the best healthy and keto-friendly boxes. Every month box gives support to your goal with a low carb diet by giving seven or extra small-batch and artisanal snacks.

This box also includes smart cakes and hard candies prepared with approve sweeteners. This box also contains flavored nuts, snacks of necessary protein cheese, which are also fit for diabetics.

Shipping: This box shipping accessible worldwide from the US.

6.Stick in A Box | Price: $14.00 every month

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If they’re liberated from fillers and awful additives, hamburger sticks and jerky items make an incredible low-carb nibble alternative. Stick in a Box is here to fulfill even the pickiest of jerky fans, sending somewhere in the range of 2 to 21 packs of intense enhanced jerky items. Curated from the absolute best little bunch makers, you can appreciate excellent hickory-smoked, zesty jalapeno, or particularly enhanced jerky, similar to teriyaki or pho.

Shipping: Ships global from the U.S. on the 15th date of every month.

7.Keto Black | Price: $11.45 every month

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With KETO BLACK, unload everything from almond butter and pork skins to fat-stacked treats, nut blends, and pumpkin seed wafers. This box is perfect for fresh snacks, which are designed to be low-carb. Accessible in 2 one of a kind membership alternative, the Work Week box provides 5 treats a month legitimately, and the standard month to month box packs 10-12 tasty keto snacks.

Shipping: It is only shipped within the US and delivered 5th of each month.

8.Home Chef | $8 per week

This membership box is different. The principle reason being, you can customize this keto box as different to be excited to know what you get if that is the thing that you like. You can pick 16 meals from out of 18 choices every month while eventually you pay and allow you to follow ketosis. This one costs just $8 per week with a lot of healthy and effective nourishments and supplements accessible.

9.The ONNIT Box

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This keto subscription box is made by ONNIT, which is a popular fitness-focused firm founded in 2010. They offer different subscriptions for many diets. The ONNIT box is recommended for keto subscribers with things like tea, coffee, protein powder, and other nutritional supplements. It has the aim to help people to reach their health goal with different supplements like Real-ketones-Prime D+.

10.Louisville-Vegan-Jerky of the Month Club | $20.00 per month

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This keto subscription box cost around $20.00 per month. It is a suitable product box for keto dieters. You might have learned about the essential and suitable snacks and meals for the keto diet. Therefore, you may know protein is an essential part of a keto diet. This subscription box offers 3+ keto-friendly jerkies, which consist of protein to keep you healthy during fat burning.

11.BarHopperBox | $35.99 per month

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When you are hungry may look for a quick snack like protein bars, healthy nuts, granola, and cookies. You can also pack these snacks anywhere while going out. It is available at $35.99 per month. You will have options to choose from any 7-subscription on the keto diet. This BarHopper box off 12 full sizes of cookies or bars containing high proteins, which will keep you full for a long time and 100% satisfied. In a comparison of junk food carbs, these snacks are more satiated for the whole day.

12.The Keto Can | $59.99 per month

This keto Can contain high-fat snacks. It is one of the handy food of keto boxes available at CAD 59.99 per month. It is perfect for using in the beginning process of a keto diet. The KetoCan will have keto coffee creamer and black chia seeds with different varieties every month at affordable prices.

Keto Subscription Box: How to Sign Up?

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You need to visit for subscribing keto boxes. Start with registration on the website, provide your information and shipping information. Create a good profile with a good password. You will be responsible for adding or removing your registration information on the website pate.

Adding your email will help you get different promotional emails for special offers.

As a subscriber, you will receive your keto box every month. Make sure to choose the products you want to receive and remove the one you want to cancel.

As you can see the keto subscription boxes images on the website, it looks super exciting to follow a keto diet with interesting and healthy products.

Keep track of what you eat and how much. If you have the plan to follow with a subscription box, then follow it for effective results.

If anything is defective or missing or damaged after getting your box, you can have the option to return it, and they will send your new product again.

Membership Cancellations

If you are not fully happy with the keto box, you can also have the choice to cancel the subscription and stop monthly payment at any time. Make sure to withdraw the subscription before the 3rd day of the month, otherwise, you cannot get refunded.

What to Expect from Keto Box?

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Every month keto subscription box will provide different low carb and keto snacks. You will have different choices to make your diet interesting. Keto box normally has 8-11 products, which is a combination of savory and sweet snacks. It also has low carb condiments and plus drink mixes. As the products are different every month, keto box contains products with 5 gm of net carbs or low, which will not disrupt your ketosis.

Content of Keto Box

  • Cauli-rice
  • Low-carb Snickerdoodles
  • Dry roasted hemp seeds
  • Organic pork rinds
  • Tomato ketchup (Sugar-free)
  • Grass-fed beef sticks
  • Keto instant oatmeal
  • Sugar-free snack cakes
  • Roasted seaweed keto chips
  • Instant coffee with grass-fed butter
  • Coconut chips
  • MCT snack bar

Options For Keto Subscription Box

Keto subscription boxes are not found in stores. Instead, a keto member requires to sign up to get the subscription box. There are four different subscription levels to have options to receive the keto box. The monthly subscriptions have automatic renewal until you cancel or change the subscription.

The four subscriptions are:

  • Month-to-month (highly expensive choice)
  • 3-month prepaid (save $2 per month)
  • 6-month prepaid (save $4 per month)
  • 12-month prepaid (save $6 per month)

Subscribing the keto box is very easy. You can visit the keto website and choose your desired subscription option. Next, answer some simple survey questions, and then add the payment and your shipping address. The subscription boxes are generally dispatched on the 5th date of each month, and you should get your snacks within some business days after that particular date.

Keto box also provides gift cards that you can redeem while taking your subscription.

Additionally, your snacks will be sent free on the 28th day of the diet plan to helps your weight loss goal and health with different vouchers.

Keto Subscription Box: Benefits

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If you are keto expert and feel the sometimes diet is boring, then the keto subscription box is the best way to include variety in your diet. Trying new keto snacks can be interesting, and it will prevent boring feelings.

All the keto boxes also contain gift boxes. It is a great gift for friends and family members. You may find challenging for transition for keto diet by cutting the dependence on snack habits. Snack boxes are the best tool to help in the transition to easy keto with less stress.

The companies of keto subscriptions also filter the bad products. For example, it will not have products such as maltitol on the list of the ingredient because sweetener causes to increase blood glucose.

How 5-Gram Net Carb Help You?

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Generally, 5-gram is a limited quantity of carbohydrates, which available in starchy fruits, vegetables, and grains and highlight high protein and fat foods. Like every diet, the keto diet also has a certain restriction for carbs that is only 5-grams.

Low carb diets like keto diets are generally recommended for weight loss. Some low carb diets provide good health benefits such as preventing the risk of metabolic syndrome and type-2 diabetes.

Other Health Benefits

As the keto diet has low carbs, it helps to improve or regulate health conditions like diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular problems, and high blood pressures. Still, you need to check once with your doctor before following the keto diet. As the diets are one way to lose weight, it will automatically reduce the risk of serious health problems. It also improves blood sugar and cholesterol.

A low carb diet helps to promote high-density lipoprotein cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It may not improve because of low carb but low carb with healthy food choices in a keto diet. Lean protein like poultry, fish, and legumes, healthy fats: polyunsaturated and monounsaturated, Unprocessed carbs: legumes, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy products are commonly healthy foods.

Keto Subscription Boxes: Advantages

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You will not find every product of the keto subscription box. Therefore, the company itself provides the products every month, and you do not have to worry about healthy snacks and tasty treats.


Keto boxes have different types of snacks every month. While you may get some familiar snacks, most of them will be new. It offers the best opportunity to try a few snacks and follow your diet.


You do not need to check the info or nutrition chart of keto box products because it has customized products with 5gm of net carb every serving.

Diet Adherence

It can be tempting to skip hunger. It’s extremely enticing to grab any old bite, regardless of whether it isn’t keto-accommodating. It will ruin your eating regimen when you are hungry, and you forget about diet. With 8-11 snacks for each keto box, you ought to consistently have diet-endorsed snacks, which will make you stick with keto diet a lot easier.


The subscription box prices are more affordable than buying in a physical store. You can save more money after sign up for longer subscriptions.

Keto Subscription Boxes: Disadvantages


Not Enough Snacks

As you get only 8-11 snack types, it may not be enough products in the keto box for a month. Getting a large box would be helpful.

No Personalization Options

You will not have the option to customize your box. If you have allergy with nut, then do not consume meat. You can skip or change that subscription.

Not All Things Are Snacks

Every box of keto subscription contains some non-snack things like drink mixes and condiments.


If you drastically and suddenly change the carbs, you may suffer from temporary health problems including:

  • Fatigue
  • Skin rash
  • Bad breath
  • Weakness
  • Headache
  • Muscle cramps
  • Diarrhea or Constipation

Additionally, some diets restrict the carb intake massively for the long term causes mineral and vitamin deficiencies, gastrointestinal discomfort, bone loss, and increased risk of chronic diseases.

Also, a low carb diet is not for preteens and underage because they are still growing and need everything enough.

Since the keto diet has less than 20 grams of carbs each day may cause low energy because the body is using stored fats. In the beginning, it may have side effects like headaches, nausea, physical and mental fatigue.

Therefore, it is important to follow the keto diet with expert advice, complete knowledge of your health, previous health issues. Keto subscription boxes contain healthy foods and may work for weight loss. Make sure to follow strictly to get effective results. If you get any health issues, then do not force yourself and have health check-ups.

Keto subscription box is the best way for dieters who are busy in day to day life. It helps to provide many different low carb snacks each month. As you sign up for the keto box, it will have different subscription options.

Keto product content may be different every month. Therefore, you can have a different product, and it also enhances your taste buds.

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