Star Gabourey Sidibe weight-loss secrets

Gabourey Sidibe is an actress from America, she born on May 6, 1983. After getting dominated her appearance, she struggled to lose weight naturally. Later in 2017, Gabourey Sidibe underwent laparoscopic bariatric surgery. She revealed her first biography that – This Is Just My Face — selected exclusively in the latest issue of PEOPLE.

PEOPLE is a magazine, and they had an interview with 33-year-old Oscar-nominated star that how she decided to have surgery. She revealed It was her decision after knowing her brother Ahmed (34) were diagnosed with type-2 diabetes.

Gabourey said she doesn’t want to worry about diabetes, but she feels anger about the things people say about her appearance. She only worries about losing her weight. The multiple award-winning movies, Precious (2009) star had weight around 300 pounds. She managed to lose around 150 pounds, and it was not only physical transformation. Losing heavyweight helped her to fight with depression, type 2 diabetes, anxiety, and bulimia.

You should read how Gabourey Sidibe struggled with weight. Because anyone can suffer from an unhealthy lifestyle, but you can win like her. Know more about how she lost weight.

How Did Gabourey Sidibe Fit Her Role in Precious?

While she was in City College of New York, she begins to pursue her passion for acting. Fortunately, she attended an audition Precious in 2007. This movie was previously named as Push depending on Novel written by Sapphire. He wrote about a young woman experiencing poverty and struggling with physical and sexual abuse.

The movie won much honor at the Sundance Film Festival and Cannes Film Festival. At the time, the movie didn’t have a publisher, but Oprah Winfrey supported with the movie promotion, and it was issued by Lionsgate Entertainment. The name was modified to stop confusion with the action drama, Push.

And later – People’s Choice Award, Oscar nominations and wins, and tremendous progress and honor. And with breakthrough came the influence of being “fit” to the world. But did Gabourey Sidibe decide to adapt for weight loss to look pretty? Find out what inspired her to drop so much weight in the next section.

Why Did Gabourey Sidibe Choose to Lose Weight?

Every woman is afraid to listen to the words “ugly” and “fat.” for her appearance. When a woman doesn’t have good shape and size, particularly the entertainment industry, she will be quickly discriminated and outcasted at different levels. Things are changing but at a snail’s speed.

A renowned actor once said to Gabourey Sidibe she should not be in the entertainment industry, as it is very image-conscious. Hearing such comments can be difficult for anybody. But she took it seriously after knowing of type 2 diabetes, and she decided to lose weight.

How Did Gabourey Sidibe Lose 150 Pounds?

After knowing Gabourey has type 2 diabetes, she took help from Dr. Bradley Schwack, a bariatric surgeon, chose to undergo weight loss surgery. During this surgery, the doctor removed extra fat of 80% from her stomach to lower its capacity. As a result, she was unable to eat the same amount of food she used to eat earlier.

Later, Gabourey validated that she underwent surgery, and it was not easy. She also mentioned that she was not cheating and was not able to lose without it. She also made efforts to complete expensive surgery successfully.

Gabourey Sidibe – Weight Loss Diet Secrets

Here are the secret tips of Gabourey Sidibe to lose excess flab.

Avoid Soda

While growing up, Gabourey Sidibe had a habit of drinking soda constantly and was eating fast foods like fries and burger. These unhealthy habit and poor eating alternatives were the beginning of gaining weight.

When Gabourey Sidibe decided to lose weight, the first thing she did is, completely she avoided soda and fast foods from her diet. Instead of soda consumption, she started drinking ice-cold water with lemon slices. It helped her to stay hydrated and removed all the toxins from her body.

The extra sugar found in regular soda cause buildup calories. These calories can make you full but don’t provide any nutrition. Consuming high sugar food also cause to impair high blood pressure and high triglyceride levels, which can contribute to heart disease.

The-American-Heart-Association suggests limiting all sugary food that is no more than 6-teaspoons every day if you are a woman and no more than 9 tsp for men.

She Removed Junk Food

The second thing Gabourey Sidibe adopted is, she removed junk foods from her weight loss diet. During her childhood, she was eating lots of junk foods such as fries and Oreos.  Skipping fast food like pizza, burgers, fries, and other processed foods helped her to reduce trans-fat and salt intake. She replaces all the fast foods with healthy snacks such as hummus, vegetable chips, and saltine crackers.

Even a zero amount of trans fat is not good for health. Consuming foods containing bad cholesterol effect and reduce good cholesterol, which is the main reason to increase the risk of type-2 diabetes and heart ailment.

Restaurants foods complicate the calorie counting issue.

Eats on Time

Making healthy food choice is important but eating at the right time also important. Gabourey Sidibe started to eat 6-7 meals every day with heavy breakfast, medium lunch, and light dinner. Drinking water before 20 minutes of every meal helps to prevent you from overeating and keep hydrated.

Most of the time, people try for weight loss, but they find it difficult to manage their diet on time. It will affect the ability to control weight and meals.

The food consuming timing provides a surprising effect on your weight loss goals.  A person can struggle to reduce pounds when eating too late or too early. You cannot realize how things are going wrong with your health.

Control Portion Size

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During weight loss, it is important to control food portion size. It does not matter how healthy food you eat every day but eating excess causes to gain weight. Therefore, Gabourey Sidibe took help from a nutritionist and kept a personal trainer. She started eating food in a right portion such as fruits, grains, veggies, healthy fats (avocado, olive oil, nuts, and seeds) and protein.

She Used A Smaller Plate

Using a smaller plate is the best way to lose more weight. When you eat food in a smaller plate, your brain thinks a large quantity of food on a small plate. As you will feel as if you are eating more when actually you are not.

According to evidence, plate, glasses, and spoons size can unconsciously affect the food someone eats.

For example, eating in bigger plates can make food look smaller, which end up in overeating.

A study shows that people eating in large bowl consume 77% more pasta than the people who used medium size bowl.

Another study tells, nutritional experts have given themselves 31% more ice cream in a large bowl and 14.5% more when given in larger serving spoons.

Interestingly, most people consumed more due to a large plate, and they were completely not knowing of the portion size change.

However, replacing your usual plate, serving spoon or bowl for smaller change can reduce the overeating.

She Reduced her Sugar and Salt Consumption

Gabourey Sidibe used to love cupcakes and Oreos. Since she found about diabetes, she made a strong decision to give up on salt and sugar. The food like cupcake and Oreos contain high sugar and salt, which can contribute to diabetes. It is important to limit sugar intake while having diabetes. She completely removed her favorite foods to improve her body appearance and treated type 2 diabetes.

Gabourey Sidibe’s not only focused on eating, but also, she adopted exercise habit.

Gabourey Sidibe’s Exercise Plan

After making a healthy eating habit, Gabourey Sidibe begins to feel more energetic and active. She thought to speed up the weight loss process and hired a professional trainer who can help her slowly to get in healthy body shape. Here is the exercise routine of Gabourey Sidibe.

She begins with low-impact exercises such as slow treadmill walks, Versaclimber, stair stepper to have reduced pressure on her joints. This cardio workout helped her to burn extra calories more effectively.

Then she did 30 minutes other exercises for three days every week including


Lunges is an unpopular workout for all time. Initially, this exercise may make you struggle, but it is worth doing. Although lunges output gets you pain, it is worth doing.  The best part of this workout is that it doesn’t need any equipment which is especially easy to learn and safe to perform. Performing lunges helps to strengthen the lower body and improve core strength, muscle tissue. It helps to shape up the perfect buttocks.

Leg press

Leg press workouts are the most important workout for weight loss. While this workout, an individual generally pushes their weight using legs. The workout leg presses also refer to the apparatus, and it is used for practice workout.

This leg workout good for obese people to perform pure size to legs. Performing leg press workout helps to engage major leg muscles. This workout doesn’t need any stabilizer muscles since you need to perform on the machine.

The leg press helps to stimulate strength while doing squat. It may not require to balance as squats. It is an easy workout to enhance leg muscles without stress.


Squats are one of the excellent exercise movement. Most of the fitness trainer suggest this workout as the first thing to do before doing anything. The combination of squats and deadlifts form the best compound workout combination that you can do in the gym. They not only strengthen target muscles but also work for muscles growth.

Barbell curls

Barbell curls are a basic workout for muscles of the front part of the upper arm. The muscles, primarily considered as biceps. It allows you to lift the heavy weight, which helps to build more muscles. As you lift more weight, it will help to grow muscles.

Gabourey Sidibe healthy meal plan


She included whole grain oatmeal with scrambled egg white in her breakfast.

She also consumed a weight loss green smoothie, which included amazingly healthy components to stimulate the metabolism and lose weight with speed.

Weight Loss Tea:

Another major part of Sidibe’s diet program was an efficient weight loss tea that added Matcha green tea, MCT oil, and cinnamon.

This was an unbelievable weight loss tea that served hugely for the actress, as it promotes burning calories while boosting metabolism and fat burning in the body.


The lunch of the actress normally comprises of slow-digesting carbs and lean protein.

The perfect blend in the mid-day meal especially helps Gabourey in managing the diet.

Following high protein nutrition with low sugar and normal carbs is surely a good way to drop excess pounds and prevent weight gain.

Gabourey Sidibe fans on social media constantly showering the motivational and inspiring message to her on her successful and notable weight loss.

The impossible weight loss goal of Gabourey Sidibe can possibly empower other overweight and obese individuals to get changes to their lifestyles and focus on weight loss.

The Gaboury Sidibe has become an outstanding example for many obese people who wish to target huge weight loss. She has set a record that achieving huge weight loss is possible in your real life.

At the starting weight loss program, she struggled to perform real heath managing goals but still didn’t lost weight.

As she received many admiring and motivational messages from her fans, she felt huge support.

Gaboury Sidibe is shining now with her recent appearance and a big smile that is totally showing her determination and hard work for a new transformation.

During the interview, Gaboury Sidibe spoke to people to not congratulate her for weight loss. It seems annoying because losing weight doesn’t need to congratulate. It’s about her body appearance and own business.

She made an important point that congratulating on weight loss seems a nice gesture, but it is complicated. When you try to celebrate weight loss, it may misguide the person that they are looking better, prettier, or thinner. That can be a false idea to continue.

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