Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight on Keto

Many people opt for a weight loss diet with keto. They expect to lose the flabby pound quickly. But suddenly when you complete the diet and doesn’t reach your goal, then it can be very frustrating to continue with diet. However, the keto diet works when you do it properly. You will need to find mistakes, and quick fix those everyday routines for promoting the fat burning process.

What is a keto diet?

Keto refers to a ketogenic diet which means low-carb diet to assist the fat burning process in the body. Ketogenic refers to the small fuel particles describe as ketones. It is an optional fuel source for your body and utilized by the body when you have low blood glucose supply.

Eating a few carbs causes to produce ketones, and it is instantly broken down into blood sugar. Also, a limited number of excess protein gets transformed into blood sugar.

The liver is responsible for producing ketones from stored fat. These ketones are vital to a fuel source for the body, particularly for your brain. As the brain is an active organ, it requires lots of energy for continues functioning.

Types of Ketogenic Diets

There are different types of keto diet which include:

The standard ketogenic diet

This diet plan contains little carb, a moderate amount of protein and high fat. It has 20% of protein, 75% of fats and 5% carbs.

The cyclical ketogenic diet – CKD

This diet contains higher carbs including five ketogenic days with two high carb days.

The targeted ketogenic diet – TKD

This diet involves carbs and workouts.

A ketogenic diet with High-protein

The keto diet is similar to a standard keto diet, but it has added protein. The ratio of diet is around 35% protein, 60% fat, and 5% carbs.

However, only high protein and standard keto diets have studied largely. The targeted keto diet plans are more advanced programs and principally recommended for athletes and bodybuilders.

Here are the important reasons you are not losing weight on Keto.

You are Eating more carbs

Cutting carbs is a necessary part of a keto diet plan during weight loss. Reduced carb intake helps the body to reach ketosis which is a kind of metabolic state where the body burn stored fat for fuel rather than carbs. Make an aim for nearly 30-50 grams of net carbs every day to balance the ketosis and increase potential weight loss diet of keto.

You can subtract the total fiber grams to calculate your net carb in your food. You can have excellent high fiber keto food choices such as veggies that keep your carb consumption decreased while extracting minerals and vitamins for better health.

You may be consuming more Protein

Just like reducing carb consumption in the keto diet, eating a moderate amount of protein intake is important. Overeating protein can cause the body to convert the protein into glucose and hit the ketosis and prevent progress.

Normally, 20% of your daily calories need to come from good quality protein foods such as eggs, poultry, and seafood.

You might be eating too much fiber

The suggested amount of daily consumption of fiber is 25 gram every day for women and 38 grams for men. According to the research of some expert, some of the population of 95% unable to absorb the more fiber.

While people are unable to get the recommended fiber amount and possibly consume too much fiber which affects negatively and have the symptoms including

  • bloating
  • flatulence
  • abdominal pain
  • irregular weight gain
  • loose stools
  • diarrhea
  • constipation
  • intestinal blockage

Some people suffer from constipation while on low-carbohydrate and keto diet.

Eating too much

Consuming too many calories can cause to affect on your keto weight loss diet. Eating more will interfere in the fat burning process. If you are eating a frequent snack with high calories and high fat between your meals, then there are high chances of reducing the potential effectiveness of a keto diet.

You can enjoy the high-calorie snack such as butter, nuts, seeds, and avocado but in a moderate way and it should be paired with low-calorie foods such as hard-boiled eggs, raw vegetables, raspberries.

You are not eating properly

Calorie reduction is an important part of weight loss but reducing too many calories can hinder your weight loss goal during a keto diet. When you stick stop calorie consumption, then it will make your body to enter in a starvation mode and begin to store the calories. It causes to affect your metabolism and slow down it quickly. It makes your weight loss plan impossible to reach the goal and prevent the body to absorb the essential nutrients.

Make sure to eat lots of nutrient-rich foods and increase your keto diet and good weight loss results.

You have not reached Ketosis

It is a tricky thing to reach the ketosis while you are a beginner for the ketogenic diet. Many people think that they have met the ketosis level, but they will end up with frustration to see the negative result.

The easy way to find out wheatear you are reaching ketosis is to have ketones test through blood, urine or breath which are fatty acid byproducts and its breakdown to indicate the ketosis level.

If you have not reached ketosis, then it is time to reduce the carb intake some more by limiting your total net carb consumption to 30-50 grams every day.

Additionally, you can add some MCT oil in your everyday routine to promote fat consumption and begin ketosis.

How to know if You’re in Ketosis?

It is important to the ketosis level by testing yourself and the fat loss. There are different ways to test the ketosis level.

Ketone Strips

Using the ketone strip is a quick way to test your ketosis. It is a urine test strip which measures the total number of excreted Keynes in the urine.

However, as they are fast, they can be different at different times. Sometimes, drinking more water causes to dilute the ketosis result.

Breath Meters

Breath meter for Jerome helps to measure the total number of acetone in the breath. It indicates the burned Keynes. This test is often considered more reliable than urine strips tests.

Blood meters

Your bloodstream can also help to show you ketosis level. You can do the home test on your finger with the help of a test kit. The blood meter can be expensive.

Your sleep is insufficient


During keto diet of weight loss, several factors play an important role in losing weight including your sleep cycle. According to research, sleep deprivation causes to affect ghrelin which is the important hormones, and these hormones are responsible for stimulating the hunger feelings.

According to the study of obesity, getting enough sleep of seven hours helps to promote the healthy process of weight loss by 33% in women.

While practicing weight loss plan, everyone should get at least 7 to 9 hours of complete sleep to reduce frequent hunger and ease of weight loss process.

You are not doing Exercise

Keto diet for weight loss needs proper exercise on a daily basis to maintain regular physical activity. You should perform good exercise at the same time of the day to have proper metabolism maintenance. Exercise helps to burn more calories and strengthen muscles to assist the weight loss process. Regular physical workout helps to increase the lifespan and decrease the risk of chronic health problem.

It is usually suggested to perform at least20 to 40 minutes of exercise every day and 150 to 300 minutes every week. You will require to perform activities such as swimming, running, walking and biking to effectively boost the fat burning process and overall health.

You Have Unreliable Expectations

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Many people begin with a ketogenic diet and expect quickly loss of pounds. While you are on a keto diet for weight loss, then you should have realistic expectations with your results of losing weight.

You may wonder how fast you can be able to lose weight on keto exercise. Keto weight loss is different for every person. Reducing 1-2 pounds every week is a practical and healthy plan for long term goal.

You have medical problems

If you have good food combination of keto diet for reducing weight with regular physical workout and still not getting results, then there could be other things which prevent your weight loss process.

For example, hypothyroidism causes to imbalance the hormone production and results in weight gain.

PCOS-Polycystic ovary syndrome, depression and insulin resistance like conditions contribute to weight gain problem.

If you find there is any health condition, then contact your doctor for further assistance.

You might be eating the wrong dietary fat

Bottled olive oil

The keto diet is known for an extensive amount of fats to produce ketones for metabolic processes. Olives oil is one of the healthy fats because all fats are created differently.

Healthy fats are also described as saturated fats, and healthy fats are easy to produce like olive oil to produce olive oil. Unhealthy fats are described as hydrogenated fats which are difficult to produce.

For example:

For making canola oil, you will need different chemical processes. It may not help to reproduce without scientific equipment.

Another difference between healthy oils and unhealthy fats is that healthy fats contain anti-inflammatory power. The unhealthy fats cause to induce inflammation in your body. As your body goes under an inflammatory response, it will feel foreign attack. Whenever the body feels stress, it will prevent weight loss.

For better weight loss while on keto, look out for hydrogenated fats and replace your pantry’s vegetable oil with saturated fats.

You are Eating more dairy

Eating more dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, milk, a cream containing rich protein may quickly get converted into glucose by gluconeogenesis which is a metabolic pathway. It causes to spike up the insulin levels and makes your body insulin resistant which makes glucose molecules to stay in the blood and unable to get absorbed by the body. Eventually, it will limit the weight loss. Whenever you add dairy products, you will need to balance it with non-diary sources to prevent consuming high calories.

Your macros percentage is imbalanced

During the low carb diet, you will require to stay focused on macros percentage.  The keto diet is planned to trigger the ketosis in your body and use the stored fat for energy in place of glucose which can be taken from carbs, sugar, and protein. If you don’t follow the proper carb diet, then you will not get the desired results. So, stick with your diet chart and its timing to see the desired results.

Your food is not enough nutritious

Do you consume lower carb, processed foods? It can also be a reason that you are not losing weight during a keto diet. You will need to eat foods such as nuts, fish, green veggies, and eggs in a moderate way for healthy nourishment of your body. The processed low carb intake works only if you combine it with healthy foods.

If you don’t consume sufficient nutrients, your body thinks that you are in a kind of environment and makes you eat few calories. The human body needs energy and nutrients for proper functioning and preventing diseases. When we consume a low diet, then the metabolism gets a signal to slow down and stored everything possible.

For example, Salad with a side dressing

Some people think that eating nauseating fats can increase weight loss during a keto diet. If you strictly following macros angle with a keto diet, then you will miss the essential micronutrients which are important for your body to function properly. The human body requires plenty of nutrition for nourishing organs, muscles, cells, and tissues. However, every nutrient is important for your body but in a calculated way to support weight loss.

Add rich nutrient to your keto diet to compensate for poor nutrients. Add plenty of fresh leafy green vegetables in your diet and chew fatty foods to reach your macros. Consuming more chewable fats such as nuts and fatty fish provide healthy nutrients to the body.

What foods should include in ketogenic diet?

  • Avocado
  • Low carb vegetables
  • Cheese
  • Seafood
  • Eggs
  • Meat
  • Plain yogurt
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Berries
  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Dark Chocolate

You are cheating more in your diet

Having a cheat day in a strict diet is important to give a break to your body. Every weight loss regime requires a strong will power to reach that healthy weight and body shape. Many people often cheat during the diet and sometimes it happens when you are not aware.

The best way to prevent more cheating in your diet is to note down all the foods you are eating. You should write down every small intake of anything. Calculating your calorie intake will help weight loss during a keto diet.

You are eating more fruits

Fruits are important for a healthy body, but they contain sugar. Fruits such as grapes, mango, and watermelon contain a high glycaemic index, and its causes to raise the blood sugar.

Eating more fruit also cause to limit your weight loss during a keto diet. You need to eat fruits in a controlled portion to prevent more sugar consumption. Even you can choose low-Gl fruits such as kiwi, apple, orange, blueberry, grapefruits, and strawberry during a low carb diet.

Other’s diet plan might be not working for you

It happens, you see your friend or a family member losing weight with some diet, and you wish to follow the same diet plan. However, every weight loss diet plan works differently for different people.

It can make you huge disappointed to see your friend is losing weight, but you are not. It happens because every person has a different metabolic rate, different medical factors such as age, Hight, and activity levels.

Take help from a professional dietitian to know about your body requirement and your need for calorie consumption to have effective keto diet. Dietitian will help to tell you the macro ratio according to your health and body.

You may be more inactive

Sitting for long hours can create problems for body and limit weight loss during a keto diet. Being inactive by sitting long hours in restaurant, office, travel can quickly begin to add up the flab and create more risk dangerous diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and cancer.

Sedentary lifestyles cause to raise early mortality. It will double the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, colon cancer, high blood pressure, lipid disorders, anxiety, and depression.

Try to maintain an active lifestyle to support your keto weight loss diet.

You are taking more stressed

Stress is a slow problem which kills you with time. It is a kind of poison for your mind and body. Taking stress causes more cortisol production which a stress hormone is, and it results in a fat gain, inflammation, insomnia, and improper digestion.

Do meditation and yoga for reducing stress. You can also do moderate running and jogging in the morning during keto diet to lose weight.

The people who experience chronic stress will develop leptin resistance. Leptin is a hormone which signals your brain about when your stomach is full.

However, taking too much stress doesn’t allow your brain to get the signals which make you overeat because your brain is not getting signal that you are full and still hunger hormones are on the way. Automatically, overeating causes to consume extra calories. It will drastically interrupt the keto diet and limit weight loss.

Food sensitivity or intolerance

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Some people are sensitive to certain foods such as avocados or nuts. Sometimes you are not aware you have got an allergy from certain food and suffering. It will be silently increasing until you have tests from an expert.

The food intolerance or sensitivity can be the reason to prevent weight loss while you are on keto. Food sensitivity creates inflammation and imbalance the good bacteria in the gut area which drastically impact of weight loss.

If you doubt that you are getting food intolerance from some foods such as shellfish, or eggs, then make sure to have a test and check-up from a doctor. You can replace the sensitivity causing food with others.

You are not drinking sufficient water

Staying hydrated is important during keto diet but many people with keto diet mention they made it while they started. The big part of the weight loss diet is to drop pounds of water. If that water doesn’t get renewed, it may cause constipation and create discomforting feeling describe as keto flu.

The main purpose of electrolyte depletion on a keto diet is extra water excretion and low water retention. Drink sufficient water and electrolyte consumption to prevent imbalance issues. Your water consumption depends on the daily activity levels and the climate of your city. It may also depend on the foods the amount of water it contains.

Everyone knows drinking eight glasses of water every day is a healthy routine, but it’s not for all. Water intake totally depends on different health.

Leptin Resistant

Leptine is a hunger hormone produced from saved fat cells in your body, and it transfers signals to your brain that you are satiated. It also describes as a satiety hormone. Leptine is vital for transmitting the signal to your brain to stop the eating because the stomach is full.

Individuals with high body fat also have high leptin levels because this is the place where leptin is created. On the other side, individuals with low body fat have reduced leptin levels. When this function properly, then leptin sends signals to your brain which tells to stop eating, and fat storage is completed.

However, this system gets disturbed from different factors such as overeating, sleeplessness, and chronic stress.

When your leptin mode doesn’t function accurately, you will shift leptin resistant, and your brain doesn’t get any sign to stop or start the eating. It will result in starving, and you will consume more food. These irregularities prevent your weight loss on a keto diet.

Changing gut health can help to solve this problem.

How to stick with a ketogenic diet

  • To have good results from the keto diet, you need to follow the basic rules.
  • Reduce carbs by making an aim of 30 grams or lesser than that every day.
  • Add staples food: Buy and store cheese, meat, nuts, whole eggs, oils, oily fish, avocado.
  • Eat regular veggies: Consume low carb veggies which helps to keep you fuller.
  • Experiment: A ketogenic diet can be tasty and interesting. Even you can have ketogenic bread, pasta, brownies, muffins, ice cream, and puddings.
  • Make a plan: It can be difficult to get low carb food during diet so making a proper plan of food list and storing it will help to go with the plan.
  • Track your diet: Keep track of your measurements and check your weight after every three to four weeks. If you don’t do any progress, then slightly reduce your portion size.
  • Substitute your mineral during ketosis diet to balance your mineral and fluid.
  • Add supplement: To promote the keto process, you can add keton salt as a supplement, coconut oil, MCT oil – 5 to 10 grams every day two times.
  • Be consistent: Maintain consistency to get the desired result.

How ketogenic diets support weight loss?

There is influential evidence that keto diets work effectively for reducing weight. It helps to cut down the fat and maintain muscle mass by improving diseases. Many studies had a comparison with a low-fat diet and keto diet for losing weight. They discovered that a ketogenic diet is a super advance when compared to total calorie consumption.

According to the study, the ketogenic diet helps to lose more weight than those diet of low fat and low calories. During the keto diet, they found improvement in HDL cholesterol and Triglyceride.

According to one more study of low-carb diet from Diabetes-UK-dietary guidelines discovered that the group of low carbs lost 6.9 kg (15.2 lbs), while the group of low-fat were able to lose 2.1 kg (4.6 lbs). In three months, the low-carb diet proved three times more successful for weight loss.

The other studies of keto found that people can lose fat when their food intake is not limited. Keto diet is an amazing option for peoples who don’t like to count the calories. You will only require to remove certain high-calorie foods from your diet and balance all nutritions.

Keto diet can work effectively for weight loss along with a healthy lifestyle. Make sure to understand the above mistakes which hinder your weight loss.

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