Oolong Tea For Weight Loss

Oolong tea serves only 2% of the world’s tea but is worth of findings. It is a combination of green and dark teas, making it interesting for many health benefits.

Oolong tea is a traditional tea from China. It is made from Camellia Sinesis plant leaves, the same plant utilized to produce black tea and green tea. The difference between these both teas is how it is processed. All tea leaves consist of enzymes, which create a chemical reaction named oxidation. Oxidation is what changes the green tea leaves into a dark black color.

Green tea is not permitted to oxidize much, but black tea is permitted to oxidize till it becomes black. Oolong tea is somewhere in between these two, so it is partly oxidized. This partial oxidation is responsible for the color of Oolong tea and taste.

However, a different brand can have different leaves color ranging from green to dark brown.

Oolong Tea: Nutrients

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A cup of brewed tea will include approximately:

  • Niacin: 1% of the RDI.
  • Fluoride: 5–24% of the RDI.
  • Potassium: 1% of the RDI.
  • Manganese: 26% of the RDI.
  • Caffeine: 36 mg.
  • Sodium: 1% of the RDI.
  • Magnesium: 1% of the RDI.

The main antioxidants present in Oolong tea are called tea polyphenols such as EGCG, Thearubigins, and theaflavins. These are responsible for several health benefits.

Oolong Tea For Weight Loss

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You might feel disappointed and low self-confidence over repeated failed attempts to lose weight. Do you want to lose weight but cannot leave your favorite food? Here is the Oolong diet to help you lose weight. Some studies have discovered that even people with a high-fat diet can lower the weight if they eat Oolong tea regularly.

Oolong tea possesses qualities that can reduce lipid and fight against obesity. It acts by managing metabolism, improves fat mobilization, maintains weight loss, and prevents fat cell proliferation. It also helps to increase immunity from its antioxidant content than green tea.

Why Oolong Tea help with Weight loss?

Green tea and Oolong tea are both taken from Camellia Sinesis. But the difference between the two teams is the fact that Oolong tea after being taken from the strong Sun is partly oxidized before being twisted or curled.

As Oolong tea is partially oxidized, it helps to restore the antioxidant and lipid-reducing properties. The antioxidants help to prevent harmful free radicals. Free oxygen radicals can cause weight gain by interrupting normal cell metabolism and functions.

There are also interesting scientific studies that were carried to confirm the weight loss effects from Oolong tea. It was discovered that the caffeine present in Oolong tea triggers fat mobilization and raises pancreatic lipase that is fat breakdown activity. It led scientists to the thought that Oolong tea can be used as a drug for treating fatty liver and obesity. Another study of Chinese scientists on human subjects indicates that Oolong tea helped fat metabolism and limit obesity.

How Oolong Tea Helps Weight Loss?

The polyphenols found in Oolong tea helps to trigger weight loss and provide anti-inflammatory effects.

It promotes metabolism by 10% and burns belly and upper arm fat. Oolong tea consists of Epigallo Catechins and caffeine and both work together to reduce fat oxidation. This tea also manages blood sugar levels, boosts satiety, and blocks fat and carbohydrates absorption.

Oolong tea helps to reduce bad cholesterol in the body as compared to black or green tea by upregulating LDL receptors in the liver.

Regular Oolong tea consumption can also prevent diabetes by lowering alpha-glucosidase, the enzyme responsible for glucose absorption in the small intestine.

Regular eating of Oolong tea can also limit diabetes by decreasing alpha-glucosidase, the enzyme accountable for glucose intake in the small intestine.

Weight loss is about extending the energy that you eat in the form of modified foods. Oolong tea has been found to promote the energy of the body further promoting weight loss.

Oolong tea helps to adjust the pH levels of the digestive area, thereby encouraging better digestion and blocking ulcers in the stomach, acid reflux, and bacterial infection.

Besides, it is also a recognized fact that is necessary for a healthy digestive system for weight loss.

Oolong tea is of calorie-free drink and allows various flavors.

Therefore, you can utilize it without having to care about consuming calories.

How To Make Oolong Tea For Weight Loss?

Simply make it easy Oolong tea. You need to purchase good quality Oolong tea. Here are some methods of making it for weight loss.

Oolong Tea Leaves

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  • 1 teaspoon Oolong tea leaves
  • 1 cup water

How To Prepare

Boil one cup of water and add Oolong tea leave and cover the lid.

Steep it for 5 minutes and strain the tea into one cup before drinking.


Oolong Tea And Lemon Juice

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  • 1 teaspoon Oolong tea leaves
  • One tablespoon lemon juice
  • 1 cup water

How To Prepare

Take one cup of hot water and let it steep for 5-7 minutes.

Strain the tea and include lemon juice.

Stir well before drinking it.


Green Tea & Oolong Tea

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  • 1 teaspoon green tea leaves
  • One teaspoon Oolong tea leaves
  • 1 cup water

How To Prepare

Boil 1-cup of water and switch off the flame.

Combine green tea and Oolong tea.

Wait till it steeps for 3 and half minutes.

Strain it before drinking.


Oolong Tea & Cinnamon

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  • 1-Oolong tea leaves
  • 1-cup water
  • 2-inch Ceylon cinnamon stick

How To Prepare

Dip a cinnamon stick in 1-cup of water all night.

The next morning boil the water with the cinnamon stick.

Wait till the water level gets decreased to half.

Extract from the flame and add the Oolong tea leaves with a strainer.

Let it steep for 2-3 minutes.

Discard the cinnamon stick and the tea leaves in the filter before consuming.

These smart techniques of making Oolong tea are good ways to drink it for weight loss. But now the precise question is when to consume Oolong tea for great results? Here is the answer:


When to take Oolong Tea for weight loss?

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Drink Oolong tea in the morning breakfast.

This tea can also be taken 30-minutes before your lunch or dinner.

It can be used in evening snacks also.


How Much Oolong Tea Should Be Taken To Lose Weight?

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You can consume this calorie-free drink 2-3 times a day. Do not over consume it in the weight loss journey. Oolong tea overdose can lead to problems like dehydration, anxiety, depression, increased heart rate, insomnia, upset stomach, frequent urination, nausea, skeletal fluorosis, headaches, kidney stones, glaucoma, anemia, and allergy. You should also consume the following point to consider before consuming Oolong tea for weight loss.

How Is Oolong Tea Changed from Green Tea in Helping Weight Loss?

Oolong tea vs. Green tea

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The contrast between Oolong tea and green tea is processing. All tea is green when taken from a plant. Green tea is steamed to limit the natural oxidation (enzymatic reaction) of the leaf. Once dried, green tea leaves are then moved to break the cell structure.

Oolong tea leaves a used and kept under controlled carefully and allowed oxidation. These leaves are intentionally broken, leaving most of the cell structure intact. These processing variations make each section of tea beneficially changed even though they come from a related plant. Oolong tea is more beneficial in aiding weight loss because EGCG and caffeine consist much more important in green tea in opposite to oolong tea.

Benefits Of Oolong Tea For Weight Loss

Help Weight Loss

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Oolong tea is popular for weight loss. According to a study, oolong tea help to lower high-fat diet triggered weight gain, white adipose tissue, and hepatic lipids. Oolong tea may prevent obesity also. It may even help without any extra intensive workout or additional efforts. Chinese study about 102 overweight and obese patients indicated 70% of patients lost one kg in six weeks and 70% of obese people lost one kg in six weeks from everyday oolong tea consumption. Furthermore, almost 1-quarter of patients, 22%, lost up to 3-kg. These studies showed that consuming oolong tea may boost fat oxidation and energy expenditure by 12%.

Boosts Your Metabolism

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Oolong tea helps to burn fat at a faster rate by speeding your metabolism for up to 2-hours after drinking it. This tea also consists of polyphenols that can reduce enzymes that increase fat. It means Oolong tea help to lose weight as you do not load with artificial sweeteners and refined sugar. If you like sweet tea, then choose a little amount of maple syrup, raw honey, or agave syrup all of which are sugars low over the glycemic index.

Boost Mental Alertness

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This restorative cup of hot oolong tea is known to repair mental performance and readiness, naturally, because it consists of caffeine. Be cautious if you are susceptible to caffeine and decrease consumption to one lightly steeped cup a day or satisfy sometimes a week.

Aids digestion

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Oolong can benefit digestion for those not sensitive to caffeine. The tea alkalizes the digestive tract, lowers inflammation in those acid reflux and ulcer problems. Because it is lightly antiseptic, Oolong tea can clear bad bacteria from your stomach. Its smooth flavor can help to soothe the stomach when taken hot.

Promotes healthy hair

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Because a high level of antioxidants present in oolong tea can help to prevent hair loss if you make tea rinse from the leaves. Not only that, but the hair will get shinier and thicker. Oolong softens and includes luster to hair.

Improving sleep

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According to research, GABA with L-theanine might be cause or less or more sleep. Oolong consist of both of them. Regular oolong tea provides 0.25 mg of GABA per 200 ml, while the levels in GABA-filled tea contain 2 mg per 200 ml.

Promote Skin Condition

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Eczema often occurs in combination with sensitivities and diseases. Oolong tea can take that allergic response because it diminishes free radicals, which is a medicinal part of an antioxidant. Also, the antioxidants present in oolong are important for vibrant and youthful skin. Drinking oolong can considerably slow down the process of aging, so it is the most excellent anti-aging tool.

Stabilizes blood sugar

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When you suffer from type-2 diabetes, the blood glucose levels increase. Studies have shown that those with diabetes could help from consuming oolong which, in research, has lowered blood glucose to a healthy level. The antioxidants present in oolong, which come from polyphenols, do help for metabolizing sugar.

Prevents Tooth Decay

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Both green tea and oolong tea helps to protect teeth from acid produced by different bacteria.

The acid production and the bacteria growth are both lower by oolong tea, which means it is very effective in reducing tooth decay and developing plaque.

Prevents osteoporosis

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Oolong can help to protect your bones and limit osteoporosis. Those who constantly consume oolong tea are less likely to reduce their bone density of minerals, benefit retain minerals from healthy food you eat. It has been shown that oolong consists of calcium and magnesium in its leaves.

Promote immune system

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Oolong tea is also known for its properties of anti-cancer and maintaining a healthy immune system. It also prevents cellular damage from its antioxidant flavonoids. Drinking oolong tea help to produce anti-bacterial protein and make the immune system strong during infection.

Lower Cholesterol

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Oolong also helps to lower cholesterol and promote heart health. Because oolong tea is semi-oxidized, it produces a well-sized polyphenol molecule that can excite the enzyme lipase, which is known to melt body fat.

Prevent Cancers

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Scientists think the antioxidant in green, black, and oolong teas may prevent cell mutations that can cause cancer in the body.

Tea polyphenols might also lower the cancer cell division rate.

According to one review reports that regular tea consumers may cause a 15% less risk of increasing oral cancer.

Other reviews report protective effects for esophageal, lung, pancreatic, colorectal cancers, and liver.

However, most research reports that tea has a little or non-existent effect on ovarian, breast, and bladder cancers.

Additionally, most research in this field targets the effects of black teas or green teas with the high effects noted for green teas.

Where to Purchase Oolong tea?

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It is a reduced grown mix that provides a fragrant, gentle experience and is taken from a single estate in the Galle-District-in-Sri Lanka. Like all favorite teas, our Ceylon-Oolong blend is filled with antioxidants, giving it good for both you and the environment. The making method of this tea demands care and precision in each step, as it is semi-fermented. It is mild and fresh in quality and orange in color. It has liquor, aroma, and leaf.

Oolong can be available in most grocery stores. You can also get them from Amazon.com. Good brand tea bags cost around 20-30 cents. If you are looking for good gourmet packages that offer better leaf than others, it may cost more than 40 cents for every cup.

For loose complete leaf artisan-crafted teas, it costs 25-40 cents each cup for most good grade teas.

Oolong tea recommendations:

  • monkey picked
  • Nonpareil Taiwan Li Shan,
  • Guang dong phoenix dan cong
  • Dong ding
  • Chinese

Some other varieties

  • Amber
  • Jade oolong
  • Dancing oolong
  • Tie guan yin
  • High mountain oolong
  • Darjeeling oolong
  • Se chug oolong
  • Zhejiang
  • Oriental beauty
  • Sichuan

Safety and Side Effects

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Oolong tea has been taken for centuries and is generally considered to be safe. It consists of caffeine, which can be harmful if consumed in excess. This caffeine at a moderate level can treat insomnia, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, headaches, and anxiety.

Additionally, eating high polyphenol antioxidants can cause them to act as pro-oxidants, which are not good for health. Excess intake may happen from consuming polyphenol supplements, but this is not from just tea.

The flavonoids in tea can likewise predicament the iron found in plant food varieties, limiting assimilation from the stomach-related framework by 15–67%.

Those with low iron levels ought to try not to drink tea with dinners and consider eating nutrient C-rich food sources to help increase iron intake.

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