How Many Calories Do You Burn Lifting Weights?

The word calories offer a lot of weight. Whether you are trying to gain lean muscles or improve weight, you need to know the many calories you are eating or burning. Yet, it is easy to count calories in the diet, it is hard to discover how many calories you are burning in the gym.

If you wish to truly achieve your goals, you need to know how many calories you are burning in every session. Like this, you will understand if you are doing light or more. Unluckily, what your cardio machine tells is not always accurate.

Several cardio machines boost calorie burning. Why? because they commonly take into account your age and your weight only, instead of also including added factors like body composition and fitness level.

According to a study from the University-of-California-San Francisco found:

Exercise Over-estimated Calories burned (%)
Stationary Biking 7%
Treadmills 13%
Stair Climbing 12%
Elliptical 42%

When it comes to fat loss or weight loss, such an individual’s first attention is calorie burning. It is a long-held thought that forms a calorie deficit, where you burn extra calories than you take in, which can assist to drop some weights or sizes.

While cardio exercises, like walking or running, are often seen as a good way to do this, it sets out weight lifting can boost.

Aerobic vs. Anaerobic

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To know the link between calories and weights, you need to understand the difference between anaerobic and aerobic exercise.

Maintained aerobic workout, like steady cycling or jogging, is low intensity and can thus be performed for a longer time. Your body gets sufficient oxygen to make sure that you can continue.

Strength training is not much aerobic workout, so many people think that it is not the best way to burn fat.

Anaerobic workout may be short-lived, but it is calorie-burning effects are not.

Instantly following a strength training session, the body requires to replace the energy drained and restore the muscle damage that has been caused. The restore process uses aerobic energy for many hours. In other words, more intense workout such as strength and weight training helps to burn calories and fat for more time post-workout than lower intensity aerobic workouts.

Workout That Burns the Most Calories

According to March 2017, Harvard-Health-Publishing released data on the abundance of general movements and their calories burned in 20-minutes for people of varying weights.

Here are some of the good in no specific order:

  • Swimming
  • Stationary biking
  • Running on the treadmill
  • Vigorous weight lifting
  • Circuit training


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Running can burn more calories. Running at an 11.30-mile pace, you will burn 270-400 calories in 30-minutes. Adding inclined to jog or treadmill on a hilly trail help to burn more.

Even better, if you mix cardio with high-intensity interval training, then you will burn extra calories. The low-intensity point of HIIT commonly burns 9-13 calories every minute, while the high-intensity portion burns 12-17. You will also burn calories well after you complete with this method because of the after-burn effect.

Stationary Bike

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Even stationary biking burns around 210-311 calories every 30 minutes. Vigorous riding like in an intense spin class help to burns 315-466 calories.


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It is an excellent cardio exercise, which helps to burns 300-444 calories per 30-minute session. It is easy for your joints. Therefore, if you find other workouts wreak havoc on your knees, shoulders, etc, jump in the pool for the best exercise.

Vigorous Weight Lifting

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If you reach the weights, you possibly burn 90-133 calories in every 30-minutes floor session. But remember the more muscle you develop, the more energy your body burns during rest. That is why lifting weights to develop lean muscle should be at the top of your routine list, regardless of your physique goals.

Circuit Training

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It is the type of training that mix resistance workout with intense cardio by moving from your strength workout with low rest. In 30-minutes, the common person burns between 240-355 calories.

Additional Benefits of Strength Training

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The best exercise plan is one that adds both aerobic and anaerobic workout but included that weight lifting can offer some additional benefits. The muscles will grow and raise in strength or force production. It is this muscle growth that leads to an added beneficial side effect of boosting metabolism.

One pound of muscle needs 6-10 calories every day to manage itself. Therefore, a routine of weight lifting will raise metabolism and calories will burn.

Which Workout Burn the Most Calories?

The weightlifting move that using multiple muscles are the ones that increase most muscle. Here are five moves to add to the weight lifting regimen, such as deadlifts, squats, lunges, push-ups, pull-ups.

Does Weight Lifting Weights Burn Fat?

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You possibly know it increase muscle. If your goal is to decrease body fat and your present cardio-heavy exercise is not cutting it, strength exercise can be a whole situation changer.

Weight lifting excites the growth of muscle and expands its size. As you have more muscle growth, your metabolism boost because muscle burns additional calories during rest than the fat.

Additionally, weight lifting is high intensity and energy-demanding that need extra oxygen to restore post-workout.

When a workout is combined with a healthy diet, the metabolism boost from weight lifting and builds lean muscle.

So, How Many Calories Can Burn from Lifting Weights?

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Burning calories depend on how hard your body is working, which scientists count as METs or metabolic equivalents. During rest like watching your favorite series, your body is workout at 1 MET, the equal burning to one calorie per kg of body weight per hour. When lifting weight, your body works at 3 METs if you are doing in a light effort to 6 METs. For a 150-pound person, that is anywhere between 200-400 calories every hour. You can gauge your number of calories burned by switching in weight, estimated effort level in METs, and workout time into this online calculator.)

Of course, everyone has different health and body. Several factors including how much you have weight and how many muscles – all impact how many calories you are burning during weight lifting. One person may burn more than 100 calories more or less than someone else while a 30-minute weights reduction.

One approach to check your calorie consumption during a strength-preparing exercise is to wear a wellness tracker that screens your pulse. Most trackers utilize your pulse, stature, weight, and age to gauge your consumption.

Work factors that impact how many calories you burn during weight lifting. Your body and weight composition aside, several workouts can affect how many calories you burn while lifting weights.

Rest Intervals

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It depends on how long you sit on the bench checking your social media impacts your complete calorie-burning weight lifting. The body burns extra calories with short rest time or no rest at all. The minimal downtime means your body requires work difficult for you to keep working out. It also needs to work harder to restore after a workout, burning calories all time.

In fact, not tracking your rest intervals or resting more is the biggest mistake for gym-goers to make while trying to burn calories.

How Heavy You Lift

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Like how much you take rest or do not rest, how heavy things your lift also determines the complete intensity of the workout, which influences how many calories you burn through weight lifting. Your hard work will create more energy in the body.

Moderate weights are most often utilized to burn calories. But heavy weight lifting for some reps needs more power and energy also burn high calories. Focus on your sets around 10 reps or less by using more heavyweight while maintaining proper form.

Which muscles you use

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Think performing biceps curls burn more calories than doing squats? Not that much. The more muscle recruited and more use of muscle groups in lifting sessions will help to burn more calories. A workout that uses your larger muscles and a compound workout that engage multiple groups of muscles need more energy to perform and burn extra calories.

Type of Workout You Choose

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Though several HIIT style or boot camp workout sessions add weights, your body reacts to them differently than a straight-up lifting weight workout.

A boot camp exercise that adds cardio keeps your heart rate raised, which raises your whole calorie burn. Working at a faster pace and more intensity even if you are using lighter weights than you would in a cardio-free session, make sure your body keeps burning calories after a workout to restore.

Note: These types of sessions commonly use light weights, they do not help o increase muscle mass or strength as quickly. So, while these exercises benefit to burn all calories in the short term, they do not do anything more to increase your daily calorie burning of the body like a strength training exercise.

How to Burn More Calories by Lifting Weights?

Remembering these all factors, you can easily change your next weightlifting session to burn extra calories if that is your exercise goal.


Use weight extra heavy that you can only do 10 or fewer quality reps of workout at a time. Target your exercise on the compound or complete body workouts like pull-ups or deadlifts. Add supersets, in which you will do two different moves back-to-back before resting-swap-machine movements for standing workout that balance and activate the core.

The Benefits of Lifting Weights

Burn Calories and weight loss.

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While cardio can benefit to reduce belly fat. Weight lifting helps to build more muscle, which can also benefit to burn more calories. That is because muscles get metabolically active, which means they burn calories even when you are not working out. Muscle tissue helps to burn -10 calories each pound every day, while fat burns only 2-3 calories per pound.

According to a 2017 study about Obesity recommend that weight training and a healthy low-calorie diet can help to increase lean muscle mass that is lost from aerobic exercise. When weight loss happens in the absence of strength training, all facets of the body composition are lost.

You will lose some weight from fat, muscle, and bone and it is not favorable to weight loss for bone and muscles. This is the reason strength training is very important.

Protect your bones

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As you age, your bones become extra weaker, and brittle, especially if you are post-menopausal, which is because of low estrogen levels, which are the hormone responsible for balancing bone mass. But weightlifting can help to increase bone mineral density. It also increases bone response to forces that are kept on it.

In other words, creating pressure over joints from weight-bearing workouts can help to healthier and stronger bones.

Strength training has muscles contracting opposite to the bones they are surrounding. This force added to the bone benefit to improve bone density with time.

According to a 2017 study from the Journal-of-Bone- and Mineral research shows that high-intensity resistance training workouts, like overhead presses, deadlifts, and back squats can help to increase bone mineral density in a female with osteoporosis and osteopenia.

Boost Mood and Manage Stress

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Lifting weight also benefits to release tension and enhance your mood by releasing good feel hormone called endorphins.

Recent research also recommends that workouts, including weight training, may help prevent Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Research from Columbia-University Irving-Medical-Center found that the hormone irisin, which is produced during a workout, may help to boost neuronal growth in the hippocampus, which is the brain part responsible for memory and learning.

Reduce back pain

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Back pain may occur because of no reason, but muscular imbalances like unstable core, weak knees can lead to back pain. Most people think pain is because of strains, but sometimes, it is a result of unstable biomechanics. Your muscles work between a kinetic chain, so if there is a weak link, it can often manifest into a more problem in a different part of the body. But by developing complete body strength, you can avoid most injuries.

For example, if your hip flexors are weak, it also indicates your glutes are weak to their competitive muscles. Usually, these muscles don’t get weak evenly, so it will stress the pelvis and change gait. As tight and weak muscles stretch and pull, they can lead to illness and imbalance, which is your body indicating that something is wrong.

Improve brain health

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According to a 2016 review from the British-Journal-of-Sports-Medicine indicate that physical activity can help to delay or prevent the cognitive decline in individuals over 50, regardless of their present neurological state. When you are moving, your body pumps more oxygen with blood to the brain, and boosts neuroplasticity, and produces the new ability of the brain’s neural connections. It will adjust with environmental changes. By promoting neuroplasticity, you can better handle a stressful situation that comes with life and stay active.

Indeed, the American-College-of-Sports Medicine has issued many studies investigating the positive effects of different kinds of exercise over cognitive performance in elder people, and they agree that it is a part of research worthy of further race.

Tune body

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There is nothing like weightlifting to tune your body when you do the workout. Whether you are doing a plank row or overhead press or goblet squats, lifting weights creates more awareness around using the breath to help you get the most from each rep. Additionally, doing complex moves can test your cognitive and listening skills. It creates brainpower to process a trainer’s cues and perform move properly.


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Training with more weights indicates improving your self-confidence. Weight training can also lower anxiety, reduce depression, and improve happiness. While it might be difficult to get motivated to go to the gym, the benefits will struggle initially.

Get Stronger

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Lifting heavy weight boost strength and power of muscles without specifically including size, build, especially for female. It means that everyday physical tasks get easier, and regular training will boost the amount of weight you can lift. You will look stronger also. Strength training with more weight increases definition and muscle mass.

Cut the Fat

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Everyone knows that workout helps to burn extra calories, but said by Mayo Clinic, a regular strength training program can also help to burn extra calories when you do not go to the gym. You get post-workout burn, where your body continues to use extra calories in the hours after a workout. Additionally, that, strength training develops muscle. That larger muscle mass raises the calories you burn every day without a workout.

Just like a chocolate chip double brownie, heavy strength training provides a double benefit when burning calories.

Prevent Injury

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Resistance training using high weight and free weights helps to strengthen more than only muscles. It also strengthens connective tissue and bones. It includes stability and strength to prevent injuries and manage a strong body. Lifting weight can also lower symptoms of different conditions like arthritis, back pain, chronic pain, and fibromyalgia. In this case, the game lowers the pain and strengthens training.

Improve Endurance

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It seems faulty, but strength training has been shown to improve your endurance, running, and speed. It increases the amount of energy and effort to do like a five-minute mile. According to a recent study indicate that lifting more weights enhances the economy more than lighter weights. That extra weight on the bar will manage during the next run or spin class.

Fight aging

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Inactive adults can have muscle mass loss of 3-8% per decade. You might regret the loss of your rock-hard arms or abs, but even worse, muscle weakness relates to an increased likelihood of death in males. Heavy resistance training can help to fight and restore muscle mass loss. It also strengthens bones and skips osteoporosis, especially in postmenopausal females.

Move With Ease

It is important to aware of obtaining proper tissues in the correct progression for safety in daily life. When you try to get out of the car there is a pattern in which the muscles get selected for correct posture, stimulate midsection, twist the trunk, get legs out of the car, then fire hamstrings instead of glutes then stand up. Performing a squat in the gym center benefits learning how to do those movements accurately, rather than doing what most individuals do, which keeps stress on their quads and toes with no core stability.

Be Better at Your Sport

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Whether you are into baseball or basketball, weight training in the gym will change into better performance. A soccer player does not sit in the center of the squat and field, but if he can do a high rep squat with 200 pounds over his back, he is in a high-intensity position where he is pushing his limits, then those muscles will be able to push at a high-intensity on the soccer field. Weightlifting also enhances dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and endurance, all of which help you get through.

Lower Your Diabetes Risk

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The World-Health-Organization states that nearly 350-million individuals have diabetes in the whole world and believe that by 2030, the disease will be the 7th foremost cause of death. You probably know that living a healthy lifestyle including controlling weight, normal workout, healthy diet, and withdrawing tobacco use can help to limit becoming statistic, but you may not be aware of weightlifting, especially, plays a role in decreasing risk. According to a study funded by the National-Institutes-of-Health-and-published in The Archives-of-Internal-Medicine discovered that men who raised weights for 150 minutes every week around five 30-minute sessions had a 34% reduced diabetes risk. Including regular cardiovascular workout reduce 59% risk.

 Better Heart Health

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Keeping your iron level can help from weightlifting, says a study led by researchers at the College-of-Health-Sciences’-Department-of-Health, Exercise Science and Leisure at Appalachian-State-University. The study looked at what happens to blood flow and arteries after 45 minutes of moderate-intensity strength training and discovered that there was up to 20% reduction in blood pressure, a benefit equal to or exceeding that of taking anti-hypertensive drugs. The exercise resistance effects on the blood flow improvement persisted for 30-minutes after the end of a training session and keep for as longs as 24 hours in individuals who get regular training for 30-45 minutes sometimes a week.

Control Blood Sugar

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If you are undergoing diabetes or its risk factors, weight lifting can help to control blood glucose, according to research published on the Nature-Medicine site in April 2013.

Researchers of the research report that weight workout develops the growth of white muscle, which helps in decreasing blood glucose because it uses glucose for power.

Mammals, like turkey, have several colors of muscle ranging from white to red. Red muscle, which uses fat oxidation to provide energy, is more common in endurance athletes like marathon runners during white muscle is overflowing in sprinters and weightlifters.

Prevents Back Pain

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If you are an office worker, you know that sitting at a work desk for a long time, can affect lower back pain and lead to pain and stiffness.

Weightlifting may help to strengthen the core muscles those which help your spine to lower the discomfort and undo some of the damage that occurred by sitting all day.

But what is the best workout?

Squatting, step-ups and hip extensions are some examples. Begin with your body weight and then include resistance to boost the challenge. Abdominal workouts like planking also beneficial.

Improved Balance

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Apart from major muscle groups, like your hamstrings and pecs, your body has different smaller muscles called balancing muscles. These muscles do specifically you would think: They help to balance you. Although you might do weight lifting to flatter your bending muscles, each time you workout you are diffusely those little muscles that help to keep you straight and take care of everyday tasks like balancing on one foot to reach the high level to prevent falling.


Make sure to take your doctor’s opinion before beginning with heavy weightlifting, particularly if have any vessel disease or high blood pressure.

It is very essential to use the proper type anytime you are doing weightlifting, but it is even more necessary when you are lifting heavy.

Take expert trainer help if you are a beginner or if you have never done weightlifting. Take advice on how to lift weight safely.

Make sure to see your body and try to lift as needed to skip injury.

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